NEWSLETTER                                                                                Second Quarter,  2015
Highlights from the Americas Second Quarter Conference & the APAC Spring Conference

"IntegriDi - Combat Grey Market & Counterfeit Sales By Restoring Integrity to Distribution"

 Presenter:  Greg DiTullio - CEO and Founder, IntetriDi 

Diversion and counterfeiting cost manufacturers billions of dollars annually.  IntegriDi presented information on the effects of grey market sales, how big the problem is, who is (more) 

"Recent Developments In Preliminary Relief In Counterfeiting Cases - Seizures, Injunction And Other Forms Of Relief"

Presenter:  Milton Springut - Partner, Springut Law 

Mr. Springut shared various court cases involving counterfeiting cases with the AGMA audience.  While products were from the luxury goods industry, member companies can apply legal concepts (more) 

"The Future of Anti-Piracy: It's All in the Data"

Presenter: Anita Phillips - Senior Solution Manager Microsoft Genuine & Secure, Microsoft


Ms. Phillips outlined the problems involved in anti-Piracy technology, and suggested a course of action to combat piracy and fraud in the future. She advocated proactive and reactive solutions, and encouraged AGMA members to (more)


"Integrating  intellectual Property (IP) Protection into Supply Chain Risk Management"  
Presenter: Craig Moss - Chief Operating Officer, CREATe


Companies need to enhance their current way of protecting IP by embedding it in business operations. Today most companies take a strictly legal approach to IP protection through patent and trademark filing, contracts,  (more) 


"Update: How Seagate Handles Warranty Fraud"

Presenter: Gana Kularasah - Director of Operations-Service Supply Chain, Seagate   


Seagate had rolled out successfully many different programs to detect and prevent fraud products from being returned to Seagate. This has resulted in reduction in number of (more)
AGMA Projects
Statute 2320 Revision Update 
AGMA member Milton Springut has been working with members to draft language which would change Statute 2320 to include, in the definition of a counterfeit mark, instances where false goods are used in genuine packaging, product identifiers have been remarked and materially altered on either goods or packaging, or where goods have been materially altered, even if the trademark was initially affixed by the brand owner   Please see the latest version here.  You may contact Mr. Springut at (212)813-1600 with questions, comments or suggestions.

Subject Matter Experts
AGMA has created a members helping members system within the Members Only section of the website.  The goal is to provide a forum for members to get answers to questions, and in turn, volunteer to help another member by answering their questions.  We encourage you to take advantage of this valuable resource.  Here's the link .  And while you're there, don't forget to volunteer!  Everyone has something to contribute.


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