December 6, 2016

As we hustle and bustle through the holiday season and toward the end of the year, we look toward 2017 with excitement and optimism. We look forward to the January launch of Sights on Success 2.0 - our ARE Prep program that can help Kentucky's emerging professionals pursue licensure in the coming year. Plus, the Board of Directors and their appointed committees will be working on some new initiatives that support and enhance our Strategic Plan. As a result, you can expect to see a renewed energy in our government affairs, academic engagement and community outreach in the months ahead. Read on for more about what's been happening and what's in store!
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2016 AIA KY Officers
Jeffrey C. Stivers, AIA
Randall C. Vaughn, AIA
John C. Robertson, AIA
W. Mark Powell, AIA
Charles C. Cash, AIA
Past President



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November Highlights
AIA Kentucky's Board of Directors held their annual fall planning meeting at Woodford Reserve on November 11.
Members of AIA Kentucky's 2017 Executive Committee enjoyed the beautiful grounds. Pictured: Ed Krebs, AIA, Jeff Stivers, AIA, John Robertson, AIA and Randall Vaughn, AIA.
The fall planning meeting was followed by a distillery tour and tasting.
AIA KY Executive VP, Janet Pike, Hon. AIA collected a rare, small batch sample.
AIA NKS Director, Ray Mack, AIA was invited to lead an SDAT for the revitalization of Oakland, Maryland.
AIA CKC held their annual meeting in conjunction with Louisville's newly-restored Edison Center.
AIA CKC saw a great turnout of both architects and allied members for the meeting and tour.
16 of AIA KY's Emerging Professionals attended the 2016 AIA Leadership Institute in Indianapolis.
NKS members toured renovations underway for the Lincoln Grant Scholar House in Covington on November 30.
AIA Benefit of the Month
The new AIA contract documents website launched November 21. It is designed to provide a better user experience that includes easy-to-use search and filter functionality, integration of document reference material, and a more streamlined purchase process.
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AIA OVR Convention
Sep t. 27-29, 2017
Indianapolis, IN
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A Message From Your President

Dear AIA Kentucky Members,

We thought it was important to affirm with everyone our commitment to you and to our community, as 2016 comes to a close and the new year awaits. As you may know, concern and criticism has recently been expressed by some AIA members about our CEO Robert Ivy's initial press release regarding the national election, and the subsequent explanation and apology. Let me state unequivocally our belief that members of all political leanings and party affiliations must feel welcomed, respected, and valued within AIA Kentucky.

We are a community of architects who come together to accomplish what no single architect can do alone. Our strength is based on a set of shared values: public health, safety, and welfare of the built environment; design excellence; diversity; equity; sustainability; and resiliency. We need every member to help advocate, educate, and reinforce the positions that our profession supports. We depend on you to advance the profession of architecture (our MISSION) by inspiring leadership through the creation of quality places and spaces (our VISION).

AIA Kentucky is committed to being your informed voice as we navigate the new political landscape. This means a continued strong presence in Frankfort, as sweeping changes in legislative leadership will bring new opportunities and new challenges. As architects we need to work harder to try and bridge the rural/urban divide in how the value of design and the work that we do is perceived. We will do so through increasing our own understanding of our role in communities throughout the state in which we work, solidifying our relationships with both urban and rural legislators whose communities are enhanced by our projects, and educating the decision makers about our role as partners providing value through what we do.

Owning your role as a "citizen architect" is more important now than ever, during this time when clarity is needed and new solutions will be proposed. If any of you have relationships with newly-elected or returning legislators, or see an opportunity to develop those relationships, please reach out to our Legislative Chair Eric Steva, AIA or our lobbyist Greg Brotzge.

In closing, let me say it has been a privilege to serve as your President this year. The experience has given me more in return than I could ever offer, and made me a better architect. I am grateful to my fellow Board Members for their commitment to advancing our Strategic Plan by expressing our core values through the initiatives we undertake. AIA Kentucky is in excellent hands with your 2017 President Randall Vaughn, AIA and I know you join me in offering him your full support.

Best wishes to all for a safe and happy holiday season, and a healthy and prosperous new year!

Jeffrey C. Stivers, AIA
President, AIA Kentucky Board of Directors

Sights on Success 2.0
Are you making a resolution to complete the ARE in the coming year? AIA Kentucky wants to help you reach your goal! Our 'Sights on Success' program with ARE Prep, Powered by Black Spectacles will return for two sessions in 2017. We have room for 25 participants in each session PLUS we are looking for volunteers to host/lead our various Q&A sessions. For additional information about this exciting program, click here, or contact Member Outreach Coordinator Kelly Ives, AIA.

Renew and Win!
In the business of the season, don't forget to renew your membership for 2017!  Holidays have you on a tight budget? No worries! You can sign up for AIA's extended payment plan and still renew this month - which you will want to do because all members who renew by December 31 will be entered to win one of several grand prizes, including FREE 2018 membership dues and free online software subscriptions for Black Spectacles!
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Take the Kentucky Entrepreneur Network (KEN) Online Survey
The Kentucky Entrepreneur Network (KEN) has launched a statewide online survey of entrepreneurs and small business owners with fewer than 100 employees. AIA Kentucky has been asked, along with other trade and professional associations, to participate in the "Entrepreneurial Climate Study." This important study has been scientifically designed to gauge the entrepreneurial environment in Kentucky as viewed by active entrepreneurs. If you are a firm owner, please take just a few minutes to participate and provide your valuable feedback. The data collected will be used to improve the entrepreneurial climate in Kentucky, and your individual responses will not be shared with anyone. Those who complete the survey before December 31, 2016 will be entered into a drawing to win a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and other services. Please click here to take the survey.
Eight Building Industry Boards Consolidated
As part of his Red Tape Reduction Initiative, Gov. Matt Bevin announced November 29 the reorganization of eight boards under the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction into a single committee representing all sectors of the industry. The new committee will serve as an advisory body for the department, recommending regulatory and enforcement mechanisms for department implementation.

The committee will be comprised of 17 members, including the State Fire Marshal, the Director of Building Code Enforcement, and the Commissioner of the Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction (HBC) who will serve as the Chairman of the Board. The governor's executive order also mandates the appointment of seven citizen members with experience in the diverse cross-sections of the building industry. As a representative for the architectural profession, Jimmy Piper, AIA of GRW in Lexington has been appointed for a term ending November 30, 2017.

New Overtime Rule Delayed
The US Department of Labor's new overtime rule, which was scheduled to take effect December 1, was blocked in an emergency motion filed by a court in Eastern Texas on November 22. For more information on the proposed rule and current ruling, click here.

Member News
Employment/Retirement News 
After 36 years of dedicated service at GBBN Architects, Joseph Schwab, AIA has announced his retirement. See Press Release

Through the years, Joe has led many of GBBN's largest and most complicated projects. He has also been active in AIA Kentucky through his entire career, serving as both AIA Kentucky President and President of the Northern Kentucky Chapter. A firm believer in the organization's importance to the profession, he states "I think it is important for architects to take whatever opportunity they can to learn, experience, and grow. One of the things that helped me tremendously was being a member of AIA and being able to attend various events and conferences."

Congratulations and best wishes, Joe! 

Ray J. Vaske, Assoc. AIA recently joined the team at Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects. Ray J is a graduate of the UK College of Design with 15 years of experience in architecture and he will be working in the firm's K-12 Architecture Studio. Best of luck, Ray J!
Welcome New and Returning Members:
(since November 1, 2016) 
  • Jay Copley, AIA, nectō | architecture, Lexington
  • Oliver P. Johnson, AIA, Denham Blythe Co., Bowling Green
  • Guy W. Simmons, AIA, Ayoroa Simmons PLLC, Lexington
... and congratulations to Jason Skidmore, AIA, of LMH Architecture, on his recent upgrade from Associate to Architect member status! 

Calendar of Events
AIA Kentucky and local chapter events are consolidated on a single calendar accessible via the  AIA Kentucky website. We'll post information about conferences, chapter events and other "happenings" of interest to the architectural community. A sampling of upcoming items to check out on the calendar:
View the latest edition of the   AIA Central KY Chapter E-News  for information about the following:
  • CKC/CSI Holiday Party
  • 2017 Associate Grant Applications
  • Upcoming Programs and Events
For information on AIA Central Kentucky Chapter events and other regional architecture-related activities, Follow CKC on Facebook or Twitter.

View the latest edition of the AIA East KY Chapter E-News  for information about the following:
  • 2016 EKC Holiday Party
  • Volunteer Opportnities
  • UK CoD and AIAS News
For information on AIA East Kentucky Chapter events and other regional architecture-related activities, Follow EKC on Facebook or Twitter.

View the latest edition of the AIA Northern KY E-News  for information about the following:
  • AIA NKY Apparel
  • Lincoln Grant Tour
  • NKY Holiday Party
Other recent announcements:
  • AIA NKY has a director position to fill on the AIA KY Board. All interested members are welcome. If you are interested in this position or want to learn more about the responsibilities, please email aiankc@aiaky.org
  •  Northern Kentucky Leader, Ray Mack, AIA traveled from Covington to Maryland November 2-4 to participate as an SDAT team leader for the Oakland, MD Revitalization Project. View SDAT Slideshow
  • Ideas for 2017 NKY events? Email your suggestions to aiankc@aiaky.org so plans can be made accordingly for the 2017 budget and calendar of events.
Do you have questions about transitioning to and preparing for the new ARE 5.0? Check out NCARB's Test Prep Video Series where you can get familiar with the new exam divisions, explore exam strategies and experience the new exam navigation tools.

Ready to start studying? The NCARB website contains many study resources, including an ARE 5.0 Demo Exam. Pair all of this with AIA Kentucky's Sights on Success program and you're sure to achieve registration in 2017!

Prometric Updates Security Process
In mid-October, Prometric test centers across the U.S. began closely inspecting eyeglasses, jewelry, and other accessories - a new security measure that will impact all Prometric customers, including ARE candidates, and will help prevent small recording devices from entering the exam room. Learn More about what to expect. 
AIA National News
Speak Up! 
The American Institute of Architects is seeking member input to develop their legislative agenda for the coming year. All members of AIA Kentucky are encouraged to take this quick survey and let them know what issues matter to you!

Investments in Infrastructure 
Results from the first-ever AIA survey of American attitudes toward essential community buildings were made public November 29 at the AIA Build America Summit. In its major findings, 83 percent of respondents agreed that investment in public buildings is just as important as investment in roads and bridges. Seven in 10 said they want their public buildings renovated, and almost three-quarters of Americans consider public schools in good condition a "must have" in the communities in which they live. Read the full article and view the survey results here.

AIA Knowledge Communities - Your Resource!
AIA Knowledge Communities are a great way for members to access their peers and AIA learning opportunities. Here's a sampling of what's coming up:
  • The COTE (Committee on the Environment) Top Ten Awards competition opens November 14. A December 9 webinar details how the program has been revamped and how these changes affect your application. Submissions due: January 18, 2017, 5pm ET.
  • Register for the AAH webinar Case Study: UCLA Outpatient Surgery and Cancer Center on December 13, 2-3 pm EDT. Earn 1.0 AIA LU/HSW.
  • Join us in Tampa, Florida, January 26-27, 2017 for ACTIVE CITY, a multidisciplinary exchange of ideas on how the intersection of health and urban design is shaping communities.
  • Historic Resources Committee's Taliesin Colloquium: A New Paradigm for Architecture: The Convergence of Preservation, Environment, and Design. February 10-12, 2017, Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona. Register by December 23 for best rates.
A full list of Knowledge Community events is always available at network.aia.org/RoundUp 
The Last Word
The month of December is often bittersweet for me as I reflect on our successes and challenges while feeling excitement for what the new year will bring. I want to extend my sincere thanks to 2016 President Jeff Stivers, AIA, who has been an outstanding leader for all of you. I am grateful for the extraordinary time and talent Jeff has given to AIA Kentucky, and I appreciate the unwavering support and counsel he has given me and Kelly as we work to deliver a great AIA experience to our members. Jeff has been attentive, thoughtful, forward-thinking and inspiring, especially in his commitment to enhancing member value and utilizing our strategic plan to guide us.
I'm equally grateful for the promise of excellent leadership by 2017 President Randall Vaughn, AIA. Randall and Jeff have worked closely together this year, so the transition will be a smooth one. I am impressed with Randall's enthusiasm for supporting the next generation of architects and for strengthening AIA Kentucky's relationship with the UK College of Design, two of our key goals for next year. He is well-prepared on issues relative to practice and small business, and I am confident he will be a strong voice for Kentucky architects in the advocacy arena. Randall's commitment is strong and he knows how to get things done - a perfect combination!
I also want to express how blessed we are to have Lobbyist Greg Brotzge and Member Outreach Coordinator Kelly Ives, AIA as part of the AIA team. They both are good at what they do, and I must take this opportunity to thank them for their contributions to our success.
I wish all AIA Kentucky members the very happiest of holidays and look forward to working with you and for you in 2017.

Janet D. Pike, Hon. AIA
Executive Vice President