Recently, misinformation concerning P3s has surfaced in various media channels, and whilst this is nothing new, AIAI would like to take a moment to highlight the apparent public misconceptions and share some key points for more successful, positive P3 dialog.

America's infrastructure, crowded roads, crumbling bridges, and inadequate rail systems are all testimony to the inability of government to keep up with the growing needs of a nation. This is harming America's competitiveness, impacting our economy, and is readily apparent in the homes of Americans as they endure long commutes and loss of jobs as companies move out of regions due to the lack of modern infrastructure.

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Public Works FinancingRobert W. Poole, Jr.

A timely response to the Washington Post article, aiming at tackling some of the confusion surrounding the P3 model. At AIAI we appreciated the accuracy of Bob's piece, and the endeavor to provide clarification.

Improving infrastructure can open up all sorts of possibilities for local business such as entrepreneurship, franchising, local business expansion, partnerships, job creation, and overall enhanced commerce.

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