March 2010
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Native Sounds: Joy Harjo
AIROS Audio to Broadcast the 2010 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow
NS-NV April Fool's Day Show
Top Five AIROS Audio Downloads
NAPT Staff Picks
Native Sounds: Joy Harjo
Joy Harjo (Mvskoke)
Joy Harjo
Joy Harjo (Mvskoke) is an award-winning musician, poet, writer and playwright. A saxophone player, Harjo performs solo, as a duo
and with her group The Arrow Dynamics Band. Her performances have taken her around the world.
In 2009, she won the Native American Music Award for Best Female Artist of the Year for her album Winding Through the Milky Way.

Recently, NAPT Production Assistant Ben Kreimer talked with Joy about her music and many talents.

Listen to the Interview l List of Our Favorite Joy Harjo Songs | Joy Harjo's Web Site | Subscribe to the Native Sounds Podcast
AIROS Audio to Broadcast the 2010 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow
Archive photo, Gathering of Nations Pow Wow, 2004.
Image Courtesy of NAPT.
Gathering of Nations
On April 23 & 24, AIROS Audio will be broadcasting the evening sessions from 8 p.m.-1 a.m. ET, putting you next to the MCs, drummers, dancers, musicians and pageantry of The Gathering of Nations Pow Wow.

If you can't make the trip this year, you can enjoy the Pow Wow from the comfort of your private dwelling. For anyone who has not experienced The Gathering of Nations Pow Wow yet, this year is sure to be a good one, and you have the opportunity to listen to the broadcast on This is most definitely a Pow Wow that should be on your calendar of things to do for the year.

Produced by Southwest Stages and distributed by Native Voice One.

Listen on

Check air times and dates
Native Sounds-Native Voices (NSNV) Hosting an April Fool's Day Native American Comedy Show, Aayeeeee!
Comedian Drew Lacapa (Apache, Hopi, Tewa)
Drew Lacapa
This year NS-NV will feature a show about Native comedy, skits and other silly material in favor of April 1--Commonly known as April Fool's Day.

Tune-in to hear "Coyote Bites Back: Indian Humor." This is a program that defies stereotypes that Indians are silent mascots, stoic and are not humorous. In fact, Native people do have a good sense of humor and this show makes that point. So tune-in on to listen to the April Fool's Day edition of NS-NV.
Top Five AIROS Audio Downloads
Staff Picks

Tobias's Pick: RSBK - "Doing it Right"

Justin's Pick: Wayne Lavallee - "Trail of Tears"

Alex's Pick: David & Steve Gordon - "Path with a Heart"

Jess's Pick: Jana Mahonee - "The Enlightened Times (We Are All One Tribe)"

Missy's Pick: Native Roots - "Fry Bread"

Jwelda's Pick: Blackfire - "Overwhelming"

Shirley's Pick: Louie Gonnie - "Of Air and Wind"

Producer Profile

Julianna Brannum
Julianna Brannum (Comanche)

Julianna Brannum is a veteran in the world of Native American documentary filmmaking. With two NAPT Producer Profile interviews already to her name, Brannum is back with her latest production, LaDonna Harris: Indian 101, a film exploring the life and achievements of one of Native America's most influential female activists.

Read the article.
Listen to the interview.

You can also listen to the interview on the AIROS livestream. Check out our web site for broadcast times.

Subscribe to the producer profile.
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