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ALDA Inc. Members Campaign 2013
April 9, 2013
Association of Late-Deafened Adults (ALDA, Inc)
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April 2013


Hello ALDAns!


ALDA's 2013 Members Campaign is kicking off right now and we need your help!!


This year marks ALDA's 25th birthday. Your donation of any amount would be a great way to celebrate! Financial support comes primarily from donations and membership dues. Although corporate sponsorship and profits from ALDAcon also help, it is not always enough. We are makin' it easy. There are no games, no prizes, and we are not giving out any fancy shmancy envelopes. We are just graciously asking you to send your money straight to ALDA.


How's that for cutting to the chase? Let's take a glimpse of all ALDA has done over the years for our members and friends affected by hearing loss.


Are you utilizing TV captioning? Telephone services for the hearing impaired? CART services in church, a doctor's office, meeting, or workplace? Have you been to the movies lately and checked out ways that they now are serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals? None of it is perfect...yet, but ALDA has worked diligently with state and federal governments in promoting these types of opportunities. We need your help to continue doing so.


Our quarterly ALDA newsletter is full of humbling, heroic, and sometimes witty articles written by our members and friends. Each year we publish the "ALDA Reader" which also contains your personal stories, artwork, poetry, photos, etc... These are distributed at the annual ALDA conference. We need your help to continue providing this.

ALDA began as a tee-tiny group in Chicago in 1987. Today we have over 400 members around the country and around the world. As we mark our 25th birthday this year and our friends at TDI mark their 45th, we are teaming up for the first ever ALDA-TDI joint conference. This will take place October 17-20 in Albuquerque, New Mexico! We need your help to keep on growing!


In order to continue providing the services our members have come to expect, we need you! Please pass the word along to your friends, family, co-workers, hairdresser, your dogs Veterinarian even J ... Brag, do a cheer, make us sound as good as we are!! Tell 'em how ALDA has impacted your life personally! Let's do this! Let's rock and roll like never before!


ALDA Cheers & Thanks,

YOUR vivacious 2013 Finance Committee 



P.S. You can send your donation via our Website, just go to the donation link HERE or you can mail your donation to the ALDA address at the top of the page. 


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