THE LAST BIG PUSH:  Critical Deadlines are looming for House action—or else even good bills will die.  Here are deadlines—and some bills that could use a phone call from you to help them get to the House floor for a vote!

May 8th:    Last Day for House Committees to report out House bills
May 9th:    Last Day for House bills to be placed on House Daily Calendar
May 10th:  Last day for House Bills to be placed on House Local & Consent Calendar May 12th:  Last Day for passage of House Bills  


Children & Youth
  • HB 4168 (requiring Life Skills assessments for youth aging out of foster car)—THIS IS A ONE VOICE-AUTHORED BILL THAT COULD USE A PUSH! 
Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault & Human Trafficking                                                               
  • HB 142 (creation of offense of Indecent Assault & makes grounds for Protective Order)
  • HB 1357 (adds cruelty to animals to definition of family violence IF animal belongs to family and is used to threaten or coerce someone)
  • HB 1431 (adds coercion to the definition of sexual assault)
  • HB 2727 (allowing writ instead of order for DV victims to have Peace Officer enter residence to retrieve belongings)
  • HB 3978 (adds to definition of sexual assault if perpetrator KNOWs that victim is unaware sex act is happening or is incapable of appraising)
  • SB 256 (address confidentiality for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or abuse, human trafficking or stalking)
  Basic Needs & Housing
  • HB 3081 (invalidates local payday lending ordinances by giving state exclusive right to regulate).  ASK TO NOT PUT ON CALENDAR
  • HB 3324 (establish Grocery Access Investment Fund Program to provide grants to construct, rehabilitate or expand grocery stores, farmers markets, etc. in food deserts)
  Integrated Healthcare
  • HB 2036 (premium and maintenance tax credits relating to fees that insurers pay under ACA)
  • HB 2135 (mandating that post-partum depression is covered under Medicaid and CHIP)
  • HB 2604 (requiring HHSC to develop five-year strategy plan for access to care for post-partum depression)
  • HB 4142 (allows County Commissions to establish a Mental Health Public Defenders Office)
Chair: Rep. Todd Hunter, 512-463-0673
V ice-Chair: Rep. Donna Howard, 512-463-0631  

Members: Rep. Roberto Alonzo, 512-463-0408
Rep. Trent Ashby, 512-463-0508
Rep. Byron Cook, 512-463-0730
Rep. Sarah Davis, 512-463-0389
Rep. Charlie Geren, 512-463-0610
Rep. Helen Giddings, 512-463-0953
Rep. Kyle Kacal, 512-463-0412
Rep. Ken King, 512-463-0736
Rep. Linda Koop, 512-463-0454
Rep. Poncho Nevarez, 512-463-0566
Rep. Chris Paddie, 512-463-0556
Rep. Dade Phelan, 512-463-0706
Rep. Toni Rose, 512-463-0664