Dear ALIVE Rescue friends,
Hiya! I'm Kenway! I was a part of the first round of the Special Isolation Shelter Initiative and now I'm ready for my forever home! I'm an introvert, so I need to be the only dog in the home, but my adoption fee is sponsored as well as one free training session! The volunteers love me, and maybe you will, too!

By the way, we're also just a few days away from the 8th Annual Shelter Shiver and we need your support more than ever! Sign up today! Or get your staff together! It's our biggest fundraiser of the year!
The Little Barn
Special Isolation Center

As many of you know, in early 2015 Chicago was hit hard by the Canine Influenza (CI). It made it impossible to rescue animals from Chicago open access shelters and bring them to The Little Barn. Due to the highly contagious nature of CI, we have had to reconsider how we do rescue work. Though many amazing folks stepped up to be ISO fosters (homes with no dogs or dogs that have already been exposed) the need is far greater.

In September, we transformed The Little Barn into a Special Isolation Center (SIC) for dogs exposed to canine influenza.   The dogs remain at the Barn for a minimum of 21 days while we provide them with emergency care, medication, vetting and the love they need to get healthy and ready for adoption.  From here, they go into foster homes if they are not already adopted in order to make room for more CI infected dogs that urgently need to be rescued. Over 30 animals have been rescued through the SIC!

You can help in so many ways:

Congratulations to long-time  volunteer, Hanna Smith, on being chosen as ALIVE Rescue's January Volunteer of the Month! Hanna has done an amazing job organizing our adoption events, which are so important for showcasing our pups. It takes a lot of behind the scenes work to organize each event, communicating with fosters, volunteers, and local businesses, coordinating transportation, and managing various pups and their needs. She does this all with a great deal of positivity and joy. Thank you, Hanna!

From Hanna:
Volunteering with ALIVE Rescue has been a privilege, as I get to work with so many passionate people and experience the amazing growth that occurs along an animal's journey from rescue to adoption.  It is an honor to receive this recognition, and I am grateful to be part of such an inspiring community. Thank you and I look forward to what ALIVE Rescue will achieve in 2017!

Interested in trying to achieve that level of compassion?  We have all sorts of roles, from  adoption event  coordinators to grant writers to Little Barn volunteers Our next orientation to be a Little Barn volunteer is Wednesday, January 25 at 7 PM!  Let us know if you'd like to sign up for an orientation or help out with all of our fun special fundraising or adoption events or our amazing Reach Out Days . We always need volunteers!


Dasha (pictured left) says don't get cold feet! Sign up for the 8th Annual Shelter Shiver! This is our biggest event of the year, so take the plunge today!

Join us for the Forget Me Not Gala, an evening to celebrate the success of the Chicagoland Rescue Intervention & Support Program, co-hosted by ALIVE Rescue. Support the amazing impact of CRISP!

What else is coming up? Our friends at BarkHappy are back with another fun event at Barkley's on  January 29 that benefits ALIVE Rescue! And it's almost February, which means our 6th annual  Grrrrrl's Night Out, hosted by Joy District this year, is right around the corner. You do not want to miss it!

Did you know that you can support me while doing all your holiday shopping?   Start helping today! We have many great businesses supporting us!

Our next fundraising meeting is Tuesday, January 31 at 7pm.  Let Bianca know if you are interested in being on the team!
P.S. Are you a runner and love animals? The ALIVE and Running team is looking for you!


Foster of the Month

Fostering is free, flexible, and saves lives. Yes, we really do provide everything!


Don't hesitate to raise a paw to Erin Reilly for providing an amazing foster home to our pups. Congrats on being our January Foster of the Month!

A word from Erin about why she fosters: I became a foster because I believe every dog, when given the proper loving environment,  can become its best self and truly find a place to call home.  I love watching the transformation that takes place as they go from timid to really blossoming with vibrant personality. It truly is rewarding to know that you've played an instrumental role in ensuring each dog has a really happy life.  Despite its challenges, I just couldn't imagine not helping these lovable pets. 
Thank you for being a part of our foster family, Erin!

Looking for a temporary roommate?
Look no further!
These are some of our friends that could use 
a short-term chill pad!

Sponsor of the Month

Our Pay It Paw-ward program is a great way to contribute if you don't have a lot of time. You can get regular updates of the animal you sponsor and know what a difference you are making! Thank you to Melissa McCord for being our January Sponsor of the Month.

Melissa loves being able to give back to her community - locally and nationally.  If she could, she would adopt all of the animals in need of a home!  Donating to an animal charity that is trying to stretch their ability to help as many as possible and has a "no kill" home for life policy is very important to her.

Melissa adopted brother and sister kittens 15 years ago and, sadly, Maru passed away in July.  However, Yoshimi, his sister, is still sassy and ruling the roost.  She also adopted Luca Spaghetti, a Black Lab/Border Collie, about 3 years ago and he's the love of her life.  Melissa and her animals live in Seattle in a one bedroom apartment and once they "move up" in life she would like to become a foster parent of both dogs and cats.

 In addition to Una's story, Melissa is inspired by   Special Needs Josh the Pitbull and Lt.  Dan from Bialy's Wellness Foundation.  They give her hope that there are good people in the world and hopefully they outweigh the "bad" ones.    All animals deserve a happy ending!

Thank you for being a part of our sponsor family,
Pay it Paw-ward
Got more money than time? Put it toward a good cause and help these pups! Then go get a treat, 'cause life is ruff and you've earned it. Sponsor our pals!

Other ways to support us:

Alive and Running
The Ruth Fund
Chicago Community Pet Coalition
Thank you!!!
Thank you to everyone who made our holiday season a huge success including:

*Photos with Santa at Doggy Style Pet Shop

*SoulCycle Southport

*Urban Pooch Agility Center hosting our alumni reunion

*All who donated to our holiday craft fair and the Live Like Roo Foundation for hosting.

Thank you all!

As always, we can  always use more goodies from our  wish list if you are so inclined! Congrats to Cindy Loo, Grover, Sammy, Schmilco, Ina, Pie, Star, Maddox, Maggie, Munster, Bristol, Mr. Bangles, Honey Bee, Barney, and Leila on their adoptions in December. Special shout out to my friend, Coconut, at ALIVE Rescue Memphis! Good luck to you!

p.s. Check out these woof-worthy deals from our friends!

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