Dear ALIVE Rescue friends,
Hello, friends!
It's me, Meatloaf. They let me do the Pupdate this month 'cause I wanted to make sure you know that in addition to pups, ALIVE Rescue has cats, and there are so many cat cuties right now!
What's my story? I arrived at ALIVE Rescue through the CRISP Program, and now I'm looking for my new forever home. I'm a little shy at first, but I love getting chin scratches. Once I get to know you, I have a very sweet and patient disposition, not to toot my own horn. Want to know more about what's going on? Read on!

Congratulations to Karen Smilie on being chosen as ALIVE Rescue's July Volunteer of the Month.  We have truly enjoyed the time you have spent helping the team and will miss you when you move!  Thank you for taking pups on field trips, donating to our Art Dart, transporting a baby duck for ALIVE Rescue, showering all the animals at the Barn with love, and spreading the word about ALIVE Rescue.  We are so grateful you were a part of the family, even for a short time.  

From Karen: Thank you so much!   The pleasure was all mine. I truly loved the time I spent there and will miss everyone-dogs and people alike! 

Interested in trying to achieve that level of compassion?  We have all sorts of roles, from  adoption event  coordinators to grant writers to Little Barn volunteers Our next orientation to be a Little Barn volunteer is Wednesday, July 26 at 7pm!  Let us know if you'd like to sign up for an orientation or help out with all of our fun special fundraising or adoption events or our amazing Reach Out Days . We always need volunteers!

My pal Goat (pictured left) wanted to let you know about all the ways you can support ALIVE Rescue!

Join us for the Kenway Charity Golf Outing  on September 9 and save the date for  the 7th Annual Ride ALIVE on S eptember 17!
Looking for a fun night out? Check out this fun event at Fitzgerald's. Tony
 Fitzpatrick will be signing his poster "This Child of God" (pictured below right) and Anna Fermin will be performing! A portion of the proceeds of the poster will be donated to ALIVE Rescue!

We are always looking for sponsors for upcoming events. Please contact Bianca.  All sponsorships are tax deductible. 

Our next fundraising meeting is Tuesday, July 25 at 7pm (Location TBD.)   Let Bianca know  if you are interested in being on the team! Support ALIVE Rescue while shopping, too! Love running and animals? The  ALIVE and Running team  is looking for you, too!

Fostering and Foster of the Month
Fostering is free, flexible, and saves lives. Yes, we really do provide everything! Thanks so much to Sasha Armstrong, our July Foster of the Month. We are so grateful for all you do for our pups!

Sasha has gone above and beyond for Jupiter and we don't know what we would do without her help.  We know he's happy and loves Sasha dearly.  He's so lucky to have her in his corner! 

Thank you, Sasha! We are so happy to have you in our foster family!

Looking for a temporary roommate?
Look no further!
Here are a few of our friends that could use
 a short-term chill pad!

Pay it Paw-ward
Sponsor of the Month
Thank you so much to Christopher Caya, our Sponsor of the Month!

Chris was looking for a way to consistently and directly contribute to an animal's welfare. ALIVE's Pay It Paw-ward  program seemed like the perfect fit. He began sponsoring on behalf of his mom, as a gift. She loves the monthly updates on Lily and won't let him forget to forward them on to her! What Chris likes best about being a sponsor is the constant reminder that there is always something more he can be doing in life to make a positive impact on the life of a dog, cat, or any animal in need. He has a 4 year old pit-mix named Fletch and a cancer-surviving three-legged cat named Irene. What Chris thought was just a sprain in Irene's right forelimb turned out to be bone cancer. Luckily, it was isolated to just her limb and with surgery she would be okay. After an adjustment period of two years, it's like she never missed a step. She's as playful and affectionate as ever. Oddly enough, she's taken to eating her dry food by scooping it out a piece at a time with her one front paw (a very fun feat to watch). 

Thank you, Chris, for being an ALIVE Rescue Pay It Paw-ward Sponsor!

Got more money than time? Put it toward a good cause and help these pups! Then go get a treat, 'cause life is ruff and you've earned it. Sponsor our pals!

Other ways to support us:

Alive and Running
The Ruth Fund
Chicago Community Pet Coalition
Thank you!
Thank you to so many people!
Thanks to Green Street Music Fest sponsored by Canine Crews.
Thanks to Wintrust Marketing Branch and Courtney Garcia.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to Art Dart. Thanks to Beyond Design for the wonderful space and thank you to all artists, our artist committee, volunteers and guests!
Thanks to food and alcohol sponsors Crafthouse Cocktails, Temperance Beer Company, Begyle Brewing, Sunda, Sushi X,  The Chicago Diner,  Alice & Friends' Vegan Kitchen, and Goddess and Grocer!

Thanks to everyone who attended the Axe Throw for the Animals at Thunderbolt. Special thanks to Thunderbolt Axe Throw, Papa John's Pizza Logan Square for food, and Alex Bobbit for organizing and throwing a great event!

In June, ALIVE Rescue made a Reach Out visit to Park View Rehab Center, a residential facility in Chicago that provides skilled nursing and rehab services.  Everyone had a fun time and the residents enjoyed meeting our volunteers and their pups.  Thanks to volunteers Kara, Brittany, Megan and Melissa, and dogs Archie, Butter and Coach for making this a special day for the residents of Park View!

As well, congratulations to Woodstock, Renoir, Reese, Pickles, Riggs, Chiclets, Cornell, Mango, Parker, and their new families!

Tell your friends in Memphis about my pal, Belle! She's a lovely lady and still looking for love! And don't forget to tell your Chicago friends about me!

p.s. Check out these woof-worthy deals from our friends!

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