Welcome to the inaugural installment of the Alumni E-newsletter from Archbishop Carroll High School, a new means of communication from the office of Alumni to represent, engage, and connect with current and future Carroll Alumni. The objective will be to share news from the Carroll alumni community, including our experiences, achievements, announcements, and much more! Whether it’s been four or 40 years since you’ve walked the campus on Matsonford Road, we are looking to reunite you with your fellow alumni through this online medium. This project is being spearheaded by Brittany Alba and Chris Serpentine , who are taking on the long overdue challenge to contact, connect, and keep informed, our Carroll Alumni Family

Brittany reached out to me to introduce this first issue because of my close ties to Archbishop Carroll. Being the last of four of my siblings to graduate, and then to fast forward 30+ years, to enjoy watching my own four children attend and graduate in ‘10, ’12, ‘14, I’ve had the opportunity to witness my kids appreciate the same experiences and camaraderie as I did back in the early years. The lifelong friendships and memories that I enjoy today, they are just starting to possess. Our experiences at ABC ~ the daily rituals of walking the halls, the incredible theatre productions, the championship sports teams, the social events, and Christian way of life, is what made my family, and hopefully most of you, who we are today. We have all seen what has happened across the area with the closing of many parochial schools. However, due to the commitment of alumni, parents, staff and faculty, and the students who still walk these halls (even those freshman looking for the 5th floor pool) Archbishop Carroll has continued to reinvent itself and remain one of premier Catholic high schools in the entire region.

So, how can you contribute? Carroll would love to hear from you. Let us know what you are doing - provide alumni announcements to alumni@jcarroll.org, In a few weeks you will receive a survey which will help plan future alumni events – please take a few minutes to complete and send back, and in the meantime (and the future) please feel free to offer creative ideas for features/articles in upcoming newsletters – just send your ideas to alumni@jcarroll.org.

That’s it for now. Enjoy your read, and if by chance you are in the Radnor neighborhood, stop by Carroll – you’d be amazed at the changes.

Mike Santoleri ‘79
Marita Coffey Finley '86
Mother of Gabrielle Finley ‘14, Katherine Finley ‘15, Danny Finley ‘17 and Joey Finley ‘19
As my 30th reunion approaches, it is hard not to reflect and feel very nostalgic. So many happy and incredibly funny memories come flooding back.  A group of my fellow '86 alums just recently got together and we shared great memories and laughed into the night. Archbishop Carroll will always be close to my heart for so many reasons.  I received a solid well-rounded Catholic education, which prepared me for college and after, my faith was nourished, and I made wonderful life long friendships.
As I have had four children go through Carroll, including two graduates, it is very clear that some things are different from my era.  The most obvious is that Carroll was not coed, but rather co-institutional; two separate schools side by side. You saw the boys in the chapel, the library, outside or not at all, depending on how good a hair day you were having.  I'm sure this was true for the boys also.  

James McGuckin, Jr., M.D. ‘79
CEO and Founder, Vascular Access Centers
Co-Founder and R&D Director, Rex Medical
Dr. James McGuckin, Jr. ’79, was the keynote speaker for Carroll’s Career Day on Apr. 1. Career Day is an event hosted by the National Honor Society that provides an opportunity for students to get a feel for various professions and fields as they work towards their futures. This year, Dr. McGuckin graciously shared his career path with current Carroll students and gave them the following advice, “You determine your future, so think before you speak, look before you leap, make every moment count and respectfully question authority.”
READ MORE about Dr. McGuckin’s journey at Carroll and beyond! 

If you are interested in participating in our next Career Day, email us at  alumni@jcarroll.org

  NHS Ceremony: George Rafferty ’79, Brother James & James McGuckin ‘79
Dr. McGuckin '79 with  students on Career Day    
Alumni gather to reconnect, reminisce and renew their commitment to Carroll football program 
On Wednesday, Apr. 27, 40 football alumni, Board Members, supporters and staff gathered at Overbrook Golf Club for a Meet & Greet reception with new head football coach, Dan Connor. Guests reconnected with fellow alumni, reminisced about winning city championships under Coach McNichol and renewed their commitment to the Carroll football program.

Special thanks to everyone who joined us at Overbook and we look forward to seeing many additional alumni at a home game this coming season! GO PATRIOTS!    

Congratulations to Andrew Shaw '12, who sang the national anthem and alma mater at Temple University's 129th Commencement Exercises on Friday, May 6. Andrew is a 2016 graduate of Temple's Boyer College of Music and Dance.

Did you get married? Have a baby? Complete your degree? Get a new job? We want to know!

Our alumni are important to us, and we would love to share information about your milestones and achievements in our alumni newsletter. Please send your news to alumni@jcarroll.org. Be sure to include your name (including maiden name, if applicable) and class year in your announcement.
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