Presentations for
AMAP's 17th Annual Conference & Workshop are now online on AMAP's Technical Library.

PDF Files
Access to the 2016 presentation PDF files and the remainder of AMAP's technical library is restricted to AMAP members. AMAP members who need a login and password should contact us.

We also provide courtesy access to our technical library to public agencies and academic institutions; let us know if you qualify and we will provide a courtesy password.

Recorded Videos 
We simultaneously recorded the audio during the presentations at this year's conference for the first time. We're pleased to include the presentation audio with each presentation slide in these streaming videos.

Click any video link to launch the video in YouTube.

Matt Corrigan
Federal Highway Administration
Navneet Garg
Federal Aviation Administration
Chris Williams
Iowa State University

Ken Hobson
Oklahoma DOT
Mike Anderson
Asphalt Institute
Brad Neitzke
FHWA/Western Federal Lands
Buzz Powell
National Center for Asphalt Technology
Peter Grass
Asphalt Institute
Chris Lubbers
Kraton Polymers
Amy Epps Martin
Texas A&M University
James Moulthrop
Lyndi Blackburn
Alabama DOT
Joe DeVol
Washington State DOT
Thank you!

Jim Sattler
Executive Director, Association of Modified Asphalt Producers

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