We are offering $100.00 value coupons for $60.00
These coupons are for purchasing videos at the AMHA World Championship Show.
You should be receiving an e-mail soon about this or go to our FACBOOK Page:
Video Horse World Productions.
2012 AMHA  
World Championship Show

Video Horse World Productions will be providing the Video and Streaming services for this years Championship.

The price list for the classes are listed on our web page:

We will be offering "Custom Taping"  of the all classes.  This is where one of our cameras  will be following just your horse during the class.  This type of taping is very important if you want to use the video on your web page, Facebook, or YouTube.  The cost of a "Custom" is $60.00.  The number of cameras  are limited, so please contact us before the show if you are interested or want to book a class.
Contact : Mike  

Internet Streaming
Video Horse World Will be providing the streaming of this show.  We will be offering display ads on the streaming page.  These ads will be on the left or right side of the live feed and will rotate with other ads.  The ads will begin appearing on September 27 through the end of the show.

 We will also offer a "Banner" ad across the top and bottom of the streaming page.  There will only be 2 ads sold.  They will not be rotating and visible at all times on the streaming page.  But if the viewer enlarges it to full screen, all ads will not be visible.

For more information contact: Mike Garner