December 2017 issue

Space closing:  November 13, 2017
Materials due: November 20, 2017
COVER FEATURE: Challenging cataract cases: In the face of ocular comorbidities
Complications of cataract surgery in AMD patients
Age-related macular degeneration can complicate cataract surgery in several key ways
Cataract surgery in the diabetic patient
Diabetic patients should be identified and managed prior to cataract surgery
Managing cataract cases with advance glaucoma
Devising a treatment strategy to lower IOP in glaucoma that has progressed to moderate and advanced stages in eyes with cataract now includes MIGS as a standard option
Ensure optimal corneal health before cataract surgery
When needed, plan timing of endothelial surgery, cataract surgery depending on endothelial health
Special considerations for cataract surgery in patients with dementia
From extra preop prep to anesthesia to target refraction, surgeons explain how they modify their care to best suit these patients
SECONDARY FEATURE: Update on crosslinking
Seeing clearer with CXL
Where the U.S. market stands now, what approaches could be used in the future
Patient selection for crosslinking
Experts discuss ideal patients and factors to consider with crosslinking
Corneal collagen crosslinking: Is epi-off or epi-on best for patients?
Surgeons continue to debate this issue because there are pros and cons to both techniques
Corneal crosslinking: Fast and furious versus low and slow
Is using the standard low intensity protocol for corneal crosslinking still the best way to go?
Refractive opportunities for crosslinking
A look at applications for crosslinking beyond keratoconus
Behavioral impacts on crosslinking
Patient behaviors to watch for when providing crosslinking treatments
The latest on intracameral antibiotics
David F. Chang, MD, presented new information on intracameral antibiotics at the 2017 ASCRS/ASOA Symposium & Congress
Toric IOLs: When do we enhance?
Guidelines to help manage postop outcomes and meet patients' expectations
The basics of pupil management
From mydriatics to pupil expanders, how and when to use them
Don't write off manual toric marking just yet
Surgeons still prefer to back up digital, automated measurements with manual markings
Spoiled for choice with toric presbyopic IOLs
Toric presbyopic IOLs combine best of modern IOL technologies to correct astigmatism, presbyopia
Femto vs. phaco: Friend vs. foe
Summary of 2017 APACRS LIM Lecturer Chee Soon Phaik, MD's, comprehensive survey of currently available data comparing the competing, perhaps complementary, technologies
Accommodating IOLs in the pipeline
A glance at promising lenses in the works
Update on pupil dilating devices
Both devices and pharmacologic agents should be in a physician's armamentarium
Glaucoma medications update
Experts discuss new drops

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