March 2017 issue

Space closing:  February 22, 2017
Materials due: March 1, 2017
Bonus distribution: 30th APACRS annual meeting, Hangzhou, 1-3 June 2017
COVER FEATURE: All about IOL calculations
Everything you wanted to know about IOL calculations 
Perfecting IOL power predictions
Experts provide their thoughts on how to get as close to target as possible
How previous refractive surgery affects IOL power choice
Surgeons weigh in on how prior surgery might impact calculations
Advanced technology sharpens astigmatic outcomes after cataract surgery
5 tips to maximize technology use
Tips for selecting the best keratometry values for IOLs
Pearls for improving the selection of keratometry values when determining IOL calculations and astigmatism management
SECONDARY FEATURE: Glaucoma and the cataract patient
Managing glaucoma medication after cataract surgery
Balancing possible risks while maintaining safe IOP control
Treating ocular surface problems in glaucoma patients
Experts discuss how ocular surface disease may be a factor when choosing a treatment plan in glaucoma patients
Debating the benefits of lens extraction in PACG
Contrasting perspectives prevail despite new evidence in the handling of angle-closure glaucoma
Experts discuss 2016 ASCRS antibiotics survey
ASCRS members asked about antibiotic practices
MSICS and ECCE in the developed world
Should surgeons still be trained and maintain skills in these procedures despite the prevalence of phacoemulsification?
Eyeing IOL power accuracy
Effect viscoelastic can have on intraoperative aberrometry
Research drills down into efficacy of crosslinking protocols for thin corneas
Study further establishes essential role of oxygen for efficient biomechanical strengthening
5 refractive surgery mistakes no surgeon should make
Top refractive surgeon warns against the most common and potentially damaging pitfalls in refractive surgery
Trifocals outperforming other premium lenses
Still not available in the U.S., European surgeons are beginning to prefer the technology over other premium lenses
Diagnosing dry eye
Newer diagnostic tests help clinicians identify dry eye patients
Facing dryness
Improving the ocular surface before cataract surgery
PLUS: Meeting highlights of the 30th APACRS annual meeting

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