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March 2018
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Dates & Deadlines
March 9 - 10, 2018
AERC Convention
March 10 - 11, 2018
AHYA Board of Directors Meeting, Aurora, Colo. 
March 31, 2018
Halter Futurities (Re-Nominations Only) Due
April 5 - 8, 2018
Equine Canada Convention, Brookstreet Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario
April 6 - 8, 2018
Annual Darley Awards, Hollywood, Calif.

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Employee Spotlight
Every month, the AHA Insider showcases one of our employees. We want to give our readers an insight as to who works for AHA and what they do for the association. 

Brittney Kaiser

My name is Brittney Kaiser, and I have worked at AHA for about a year-and-a-half as the National Events Coordinator for Youth and Sport Horse Nationals. My involvement with AHA has gone back many years, as I was the Region 8 Youth Director and also competed at Youth Nationals. 
As an exhibitor I never realized how much time, effort and dedication was involved in coordinating a horse show. Now, in my position I am involved in every aspect of the show to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible for the exhibitors, trainers, owners and horses. This has given me a completely new view on horse shows, and a greater appreciation for all who are involved.   
On my weekends I like to spend my time outdoors whether that be skiing, hiking, camping, or riding my 23-year-old Arabian gelding that I showed in Western Pleasure and Horsemanship. I try to travel as much as possible, and explore the world!

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History Was Made at the Marquise Invitational Auction at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show
Last night, Friday, February 23, was a night for the history books at the  Marquise Auction during the  Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. Legend is a fiberglass horse that was painted by the well-known artist Suzanne Economopoulos and is a part of the Arabian Horses for Humanity project. Legend was purchased for an impressive $75,000.00 by Dan Grossman with an additional $25,000.00 donated by Arabian Soul for a grand total of $100,000.00. The proceeds of this purchase will go to benefit  Warrior Horses for Warrior Kids.

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2018 Convention Updates

On behalf of the Arabian Horse Association (AHA), I am pleased to invite you to our Annual Convention. The 2018 AHA Convention will be held at the   Hyatt Regency in Tulsa, Okla., November 14-17. You are now able to go online and book your room on the Convention web page
Please keep a lookout for other updates to come and we will see you in Tulsa!
For any questions or concerns please see Uriah Quezada at

Members' Tales
One Little Arabian Mare

One of the greatest gifts we can receive from an Arabian horse is the bond. They are some of our greatest companions without ever saying one word. This is a story of how one little Arabian mare changed a girl's outlook for the better going forward.

JJ and Atalaaya
"Arabians, I have discovered, bond with their owners on a deeper level than any other breed I have encountered. I can say that because a little Arabian mare did just that with our 11-year-old daughter," Angie Campbell said.
Angie adopted her daughter, Jenna (JJ), from a neglectful, abusive situation at a young age, and later adopted her younger brother born later on. After a mistake made by the Department of Social Services, he returned back to their care. A week later, Angie's mother passed away battling breast cancer. In response, JJ experienced a whirlwind of emotions.
"We have been blessed to maintain contact with her older brother and sister with the family that adopted them. However, even this contact did not help JJ, as she became withdrawn, scared, unsure and very reserved. JJ, prior to loss, was a vivacious little girl, but soon retreated into herself," Angie said.
It wasn't long after these events that Angie discovered JJ's love for horses and helped her pursue riding lessons. Angie decided to buy JJ her own horse after seeing her commitment and dedication to riding and horse care. Angie was reluctant to look at Atalaaya-a purebred Arabian mare out of Mostly Padron-at first, but the horse's personality fit perfectly with JJ.
"I will be honest, due to my past experience with an Arabian who was very hot, I was very reluctant to even entertain this horse as an equine choice. However, the person selling her, Liz Lawrence, assured me that the mare was a sweet mare, but had been overlooked due to petite size," Angie said. "We decided to purchase Atalaaya and that began the journey of a lifetime for my daughter, and for us as well."

JJ has shown Atalaaya (Atty) in halter, Dressage, Hunter in Open and in rated and regional shows and has worked extensively with her for the past two years, and counting.
"JJ absolutely loves showing and has become an ambassador for Arabians, and shares her love with them with others. During the past two years, Atalaaya finally found and bonded with her forever owner," Angie said. "Atty restored JJ's confidence, bravery, strength and belief in herself. JJ is no longer afraid or withdrawn, but has come into her own a brave equestrian."
Angie says she and JJ are very blessed to have met Liz Lawrence at Legacy Farms who sold them Atalaaya and also helped JJ with her showing.
"You could say that Atty, along with Liz, restored my faith in Arabians, and I can honestly say that I would not own another breed. One only has to spend five minutes with my daughter before she talks about her breeding plans," Angie said. "I felt that I needed to pay if forward and be the voice for what one little purebred Arabian mare did for our family."

If you or another AHA member has a story that you would like to share in the AHA Insider, please email Alleynah Cofas at  with the subject line: Member's Tale Story.