Deadline: Sunday, June 18, 2017 

APF Fellows Program - Summer 2017

Last Chance to Apply!

The American Pakistan Foundation is launching a fellowship program for U.S. based students and professionals who are committed to creating positive socioeconomic change in Pakistan.  Applicants must have U.S. citizenship or permanent residency (be a green card holder) and live in the U.S.

Rural Support Program Network  (RSPN), the largest development network in Pakistan  is comprised of eleven Rural Support Programmes (RSPs).  They  espouse a common approach to rural development: social mobilization centered on the belief that impoverished people have the innate potential to help themselves by better managing their limited resources if they organize and are provided with social, technical, and financial support.

APF Fellows will be placed at the National Rural Support Program ( NRSP) in Islamabad, Pakistan. NRSP works with over two million rural households, 150,000 community organizations, and 500 local support organizations in Azad Kashmir, Punjab, Sindh, and Baluchistan. 

Details and Application

APF Fellows will work closely with NRSP staff in Islamabad on one of the six projects listed in the APF Fellows Program launch email.  The program covers accommodation, food, and transportation within Pakistan.  There are scholarships for airfare, the visa, and travel insurance available.  Participants are expected to cover miscellaneous expenses.  The duration is 6 weeks, commencing in mid to late July depending on visa approvals and candidates must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

Apply  - Two Step Process

1. Complete the fellowship application:
2. Send your resume as an attachment and your answers to the application questions below in the body of the email to with the subject line "APF Fellows Program" by June 18.  Only select candidates will be contacted for an interview and references.

Application Questions
1. What motivates you to join the APF Fellows Program?
2.  What do you see as your greatest strength and weakness?

National Rural Support Program (NRSP) Projects

1. Marketing and Social Media: Fellows will spearhead the creation, design, and coordination of key social media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and beyond.  Fellows will work on content curation, monitoring, and analysis. Fellows should have a good knowledge of NRSP's key message and focus areas (social mobilization, micro-finance, community based physical infrastructure, vocational and technical skills, health, education, and more). 
2. WISE Program: Fellows will work to improve NRSP's Water, Immunization, Sanitation, and Education (WISE) program and will work alongside Local Support Organizations (LSOs) and Community Resource Persons (CRPs). 
3. Punjab Education Foundation: Fellows will help Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) leaders manage community schools through the New School Program (NSP). 
4. Naya Qadam Limbs Project: Fellows will help provide artificial limbs to disabled persons free of cost. This program includes a mobile workshop that goes in different areas of Pakistan to provide limbs to community members that cannot access the project center. 
5. Southern Punjab Poverty Alleviation Project: Fellows will work on community mobilization, asset creation and training, and physical infrastructure measures. 
6. Karobari Sarmaya Project: Fellows will assist managers of this micro equity initiative by offering business and technical support to apprentices working in different local businesses.