July 24, 2017 

APF Fellows Program Finalists in Pakistan
APF Fellows in Islamabad, Pakistan with Salma Khalid, Head of Gender and Development at NRSP

The American Pakistan Foundation is proud to introduce the finalists of the APF Fellows Program. This summer, the six Fellows are working with the  Rural Support Program Network  (RSPN), the largest development network in Pakistan, to contribute to positive socioeconomic change in the country.  Last week, the APF Fellows completed orientation at their placement with the  National Rural Support Program   ( NRSP)   headquarters in Islamabad, Pakistan, which works with more than 3.17 million impoverished households that are organized into a network of 197,479 community organizations.

Meet the APF Fellows

Noor Sheikh
Staten Island, New York
Having grown up on Staten Island in New York City, Noor   strongly identifies with her birth place of Pakistan. Her connection to the nation, and more broadly with South Asia, helped to develop her interest in international human rights. To pursue this passion, she is studying human right s  at   the Roosevelt Institute at Hunter College.  Alongside human rights, Noor is also studying psychology at the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College. She is passionate about youth empowerment and spends her Fridays teaching health education in under served NYC public schools with Peer Health Exchange. When she isn't in the classroom or studying, Noor can be found volunteering at the Bellevue Hospital emergency room or working in a behavioral psychology laboratory.

The APF Fellows Program provides Noor with the unique opportunity to complement her human rights studies with a humanitarian focused fellowship in P akistan.  She hopes the experience will enable her to develop a career-path that allows her to serve the South Asian community in New York City and abroad.

Imran Saeed
Kenner, Louisiana
Imran has over 10 years of experience in the field of public health. His work has focused on health, social development, and capacity building projects domestically and internationally in Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Russia, and beyond. This focus on development continues into his volunteer work, where he is active in local nonprofits, on boards, and with health-related activities including teaching nutrition and English as a second language. Imran holds a Bachelors of Arts and Sciences degree in sociology with minors in chemistry and Spanish from Loyola University and a Masters of Public Health-Global Health Policy from the School of Public Health and Health Services at George Washington University.  In his free time, he enjoys traveling and reading.

Naveen Shoaib
Long Island, New York
Naveen is a  public health  Masters degree candidate at New York University with a concentration in health policy and management. She is on the board for the health and human rights organization on campus as the chair of finance. She completed her undergraduate degree from Stony Brook University in health science, with a concentration in environmental health and safety, while serving on the Stony Brook ecotoxicology research team. 

Her future career goal is what she is most passionate about - to implement policies which will aid to enforce basic human rights in developing countries. Through APF, Naveen plans on taking her passion, dedication, and experience gained in the healthcare field to help execute and promote awareness about public health.
Muhammad Muizz Akhtar Houston, Texas
Muizz  is an  international studies in politics and diplomacy  B.A. candidate at Texas A&M University.  He has a focus on the Asia Pacific region, as well as a minor in Chinese studies. He has interned at the U.S. China Innovation Alliance in Houston and IQI Holdings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Muizz has always been deeply invested in social justice and cultural issues, which motivates his involvement with Feminists for Reproductive Equity and Education and his university's Chinese language and culture club.  He is fascinated by various topics related to humanities, such as race, gender, and foreign languages, with a current focus on honing his Mandarin Chinese language skills.

Mir inisa Stewart-Tengco
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Mirinisa  is a recent graduate of Mount Holyoke College with a B.A. in mathematics and Arabic, a life-long dancer, and violin player. Her interests span the bhangra dance team, which she co-captained for two years in college; wildlife research, rescue, and education; and tutoring for physics and computer science. She hopes her time in Pakistan with the National Rural Support Program will help her give back to a society which has shown her incredible hospitality and warmth. She thanks the American Pakistan Foundation for helping her explore a possible future in humanitarian work.

Abdul Wasay Shahid
Torrance, California
Abdul is an undergraduate  political science student  at the University of California, Berkeley. He has interned with two non-profit organizations, where he worked on domestic violence issues within the South Asian community. He aspires to be a family lawyer and take on pro-bono cases regarding domestic violence.  His motivation for joining the APF Fellows Program stems from his mother, who told him from a very young age to make a change in the world.