New York City Mayoral Service Recognition Ceremony

The New York City Mayor's Office recognized 41 American Pakistan Foundation team members at the Mayoral Service Recognition Ceremony. From those 41 team members, Professor Ameena M. Zia and Hassan Saeed were among the top 5% of honorees and were invited to a special recognition ceremony for their contribution of 1,000 hours to APF's mission. 

Left to Right:  Chief Service Officer Paula Gavin, 
First Lady of New York City Chirlane McCray

Chief Service Officer Paula Gavin addressed honorees and stressed the importance of service in New York City, stating, "it is your greatness that helps our city," and that, "this year, we had 32,000 people nominated who had served 100 hours or more, and of that, 150 served at least 1000 hours or more."
First Lady of New York City Chirlane McCray also addressed the honorees, and stated that "every act of service is worthwhile." First Lady McCray also thanked volunteers for sharing their most valuable resource--themselves and their time--with the people of New York City.
The American Pakistan Foundation is honored to have a team of dedicated, passionate community leaders.

Professor Ameena Zia ( pictured left was among the 150 volunteers honored for serving at least 1000 hours or more. Professor Zia has spearheaded the creation of the American Pakistan Foundation United Nations platform, in partnership with FESF. She grew the platform by actively engaging with community members, including the youth and members of the press.  Zia believes that "APF sets itself apart from other diaspora organizations in that it provides a platform for first generation American Pakistanis to take ownership of development initiatives between the two countries." As such, Professor Zia has worked with APF and several Pakistani civil society organizations to secure and strengthen US-Pakistan relations. She believes in investing in and empowering development initiatives-- whether through the use of medicine, advanced technologies, or education--and fully dedicates her efforts to these causes. 

Osman Khan ( pictured left) has been a part of APF' s United Nations initiative since 2015. He has advocated for socio-economic and cultural development in Pakistan at conferences and events throughout New  York City, where he also works to build APF's brand through pursuing partnership opportunities. Osman is also the co-leader of Pakathon NYC, a non-profit se ed fund that mentors and invests in people launching social ventures from NYC to Pakistan. In addition to his work with Pakathon and APF, Osman has also w orked as a pro bono consultant for local businesses and has volunteered as a SAT tutor for high school students. He is a firm believer in c ommunity engagement and empowerment, and encourages everyone to make an impact in their local communities. He is currently leading the APF Fellows Program, which will send six APF Fellows to Islamabad, Pakistan, this summer. APF Fe llows will work with  the  National Rural Support Program  ( NRSP), a development organization in Pakistan. 
Muhammad Talal Javed  (pictured above, right) received his Bachelors degree from CUNY Macaulay Honors College-Baruch College, and his Masters in Public Health from the University of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He is an entrepreneur and has worked to expand his family's real estate and construction businesses. Because of his experience with vision loss, he has a strong passion for serving and advocating for people with disabilities. As such, he is involved with several nonprofit organizations, including the American Pakistan Foundation, Friends of LRBT USA and Going Blind Going Forward. He aspires to be a life-long learner and to contribute to the world in as many ways as he can.

Left to Right: Honorees Mr. Jafri, Abiha Jafri, and Aleeza Ali

Aleeza Ali, a recipient of the Mayoral Service Award, and a student at George Mason University, stated, "I've had the pleasure of engaging with such a talented group of people at APF and cannot thank them enough for providing such a collaborative and energetic atmosphere. My experience at APF has allowed me to foster skill sets to better serve the American Pakistani community."

APF Board Chair Riaz Siddiqi  Receives 
Intersections International Award for Community Advancement

American Pakistan Foundation Board member Riaz Siddiqi was honored at the Intersections International's 10th Anniversary Gala Celebration at Cipriani, New York, New York, where he received the Intersections Award for Community Advancement for his dedicated public service to economic justice and human development across lines of faith and national borders. 

"I'm here to be a voice of a constituency that we speak of in passing," and one which "generally does not get heard," said Mr. Siddiqi. "It would be an understatement to say that Riaz is a driving force in not only the work we do at Intersections, but in the broader world of promoting inter-religious dialogue, of uplifting the American-Muslim voice for peace, tolerance, inclusion, and compassion," said award-presenter and colleague Imtashal Tariq. 

APF Board Chair Riaz Siddiqi Honored at 
Safeer-e-Pakistan Awards Night and Gala

American Pakistan Foundation Board member Riaz Siddiqi was also honored at the 11th Safeer-e-Pakistan Awards Night and Gala Dinner on April 30th, 2017, in Anaheim, California. Pakistani Americans and nationals attended the event to recognize the achievements of over 25 men and women with backgrounds in varying professions. Notable attendees included Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States, His Excellency Aizaz A. Choudhry, Consul General Abdul Jabbar Memon, Senator Tony Mendoza, and Mayor of Artesia, Ali Sajjad Taj.