Dear APPNA Members,

Georgia APPNA today extended its generosity by adopting the in-house Pharmacy at the Clarkston Community Health Center (CCHC), a unique 501c3 where several of its members have served selflessly since its doors opened in February 2015.  Their donation will provide free Prescriptions for a full year to over 2000 patients (and increasing) who qualify for free medical, dental, mental services and prescriptions.  CCHC situated in the city of Clarkston, a favorite hub for the refugee population, where more than 60 languages are spoken and is considered the most diverse square mile of the USA. Mayor Ted Terry said at the opening ceremony that the City of Clarkston was blessed to have this unique clinic for its citizens.  CCHC is a 501c3 and all contributions are 100% tax deductible.  The goal of CCHC is to close the gap so that the mayor can be the first in the USA to say that every person in his district has access to Health Care.

CCHC is a safety net and a life saver for many of its residents, where 25% of Clarkston is unemployed and lives below the poverty line.

APPNA is well represented on the CCHC Board by its members Drs. Yaseen Abubaker, Rahim Gul,  Ghazala Khalid and Gulshan Harjee.

In a ceremony at the CCHC, the past president of GA APPNA and in-coming president Dr. Asher Niazi presented a check for $7,500 to the board chair of CCHC, Jim Andersen, who has served since the establishment of CCHC and president Dr. Saeed Raees.

Farid Qazi, MD
APPNA Georgia, President

M. Nasar Qureshi, MD
President, APPNA 2016
Ghazala Khalid, MD
Chair, Georgia APPNA Free Clinic

Coordination Committee:
Gulshan Harjee, MD
Yaseen Abubaker, MD
Asher Niazi, MD
Ghazal Khalid, MD
Waheed Malik, MD 
Association of Physicians of Pakistani-descent of North America (APPNA)
M. Nasar Qureshi, MD
Sajid Chaudhary, MD
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