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President's Message: 

Dear APPNA members,

Every year hundreds of young Pakistani physicians strive to acquire residency in USA and each year it
has been an uphill battle for new comers due to many variables such expenses related to taking exams, travel to USA and, competing with US graduates to obtain some US based clinical experience so that they can successfully match. However, since 9/11 the number of IMGs getting into residency training programs has steadily declined due to visa and security delay issues. This year, there are an alarming number of refusals of B-1 visa for physicians who need to take Clinical skills exam, or do a rotation in USA. It seems to have a direct co-relation to the changes in immigration and visa policies by the current administration. This is a serious concern as now our matched physicians are also applying for their respective J-1 and H-1 B visa and we hope that a similar pattern is not seen in those cases.
Moreover, there appears to be an increased level of vetting for citizens traveling abroad and 2 such examples were seen recently when a group of APPNA members travelled back to USA from an international trip. It was a devastating experience for this law abiding and respectable members of physician community who were detained for questioning at the airport, an ordeal that none of us should have to go through. It raises the concern about sanctity of civil liberties and has created apprehension among fellow citizens, many of whom are now reluctant to travel outside of USA.
This year APPNA's "DAY ON THE Hill" will focus on these two issues:
  • 1. Civil liberties.
  • 2. Visa issuance and clearance for young IMGs.

On the same day, a team of APPNA leaders will also meet with key personnel in the state department in regards to the visa clearance for J-1 and H-1B visas and discuss speedy expedition of the visas.


I urge all of you to join us on May 16th to raise your concern with the legislators and advocate to safe guard our rights as well as help young physicians. Please contact Jennifer Wozniak at appnajennifer@gmail.com to register for the event. I hope to see most of you at the Capitol Hill.

Sajid Chaudhary, MD
President, APPNA 2017
feb3 APPNA Day on the Hill, May 16th.

APPNA is having a Day on The Hill on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 in Washington, DC. 
Recently, one of our own, Dr. Javed Akhter a respectable member of our physician community and past president of APPNA was detained at the New York Airport upon his return from an international trip. Not only was he interrogated but was also denied his basic civil rights during the hours that he was detained. He and his family went through an ordeal that none of the law abiding, respectable citizens of our country should have to go through. We need to make every effort to talk to our legislators
about protection of our civil rights as well as other visa and immigration issues and concerns of Pakistani Americans in general and Pakistani American physicians.
J-1 and H1-B visa clearance is another very important issue pertaining to our young physicians from Pakistan. In order to assure the timely security clearance of the young Pakistani physicians who are due to join their residency training programs come July 1st, APPNA has been advocating for an expedited process for this specific period of time and we will take up this issue again.
Given the current political environment with the rights of immigrants under intense risk, this year may be the most important advocacy day to attend.
Here is the schedule for Day on the Hill 2017:
  • 10:30 AM
    *Arrival: Meet in Longworth House Office Building Room 1310; Introduction of the day's events and briefing on logistics; Coffee will be served.
  • 11:30 AM
    *Policy Panel: Muslim Ban & Civil Liberties - ACLU National Political Director Faiz Shakir; Visas - Former Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Michele Bond.
  • 12:30 PM
    *Lunch: Key Members of Congress will come and speak to the group.
  • 1:30 PM
    *Prep for Congressional Office Visits.
  • 2:00 PM
    * Congressional Office Visits: Visits to District Representatives and Members from the Key Committees.
  • 4:00 PM
    *Day Concludes.

If you wish to attend, please email appnajennifer@gmail.com by Wednesday, May 10, 2017. 

For information, contact 630-968-8585 ext. 105.


APPNA has been sued in two separate lawsuits by a candidate regarding 2016 election for President Elect.  Both lawsuits have been filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois (Chicago).

One lawsuit is a petition for "discovery" with seeking information about matters surrounding the election in which he claims he was defamed.
The other lawsuit is for injunctive relief in which he requests that the court:
Find and Declare that APPNA did not properly conduct its 2016 Election; and that APPNA did not abide by its own rules and regulations and applicable common law in conducting its 2016 Election and that as a result, the 2016 Election should be held to be null and void; and require APPNA to conduct a new election for the 2016 under the supervision of the court.

APPNA takes such matters very seriously and is vigorously defending both matters, having filed motions to dismiss both lawsuits. We expect rulings on those motions within the next 60-90 days and will keep you informed.

Please Click on the link below:

APPNA International Trip to Bosnia and Croatia

Submitted by:
Haroon Durrani, MD,
Chair, International Meetings 2017

APNA had its 6th International trip this year. We just returned from the APPNA international meeting to Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro. There were 110 APPNA members who travelled in 3 groups and each had their own bus, guide and a captain. There was an optional trip to Spilt (Croatia) for couple of days before the start of the official trip. Croatia is a beautiful country with vast coast line, wonderful historic places and remarkable hospitality. The official trip started in Zagreb (capital of Croatia) on Saturday April 8th as members started arriving from all over USA. We stayed in Westin hotel which was very close to the old town. Saturday evening was left open for meet and greet and relax after the long flight. A sumptuous dinner was arranged at the hotel and guests retired early. The hallmark of first day on Sunday, April 9th was a full day trip to beautiful Plitivice park which offered a glorious trail among lakes and waterfalls. The nearly 6 mile walking tour offered a challenge but everyone said that it was totally worth the effort as the natural beauty of the park, the fauna and Flora and singing streams and, water falls was blissful. Monday morning was the guided tour of old city and a walk through the market. In early evening we took local flight to .... Read More


July 5-9, 2017
Orlando, Florida

July 27 - August 4, 2017

October 26-28, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio

DECEMBER 21-23, 2016
Lahore, Pakistan

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