February 2017   e-Newsletter
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President's Message: 

Dear APPNA Members, This is the Era of collaboration, building bridges and creating alliances. It is time for APPNA to harvest its potential and explore partnership ventures with other organization which would be mutually beneficial. APPNA needs a stronger foundation in order to expand its work in the communities and make a greater impact.
 I am very happy to report that things look optimistic and promising. Selfless volunteers of APPNA are networking with potential partners which could bring financial resources and allow us to expand on some of the new and ongoing projects. I am grateful to Dr. Atique Mirza, who led first such initiative. Our meeting with CEO, Vice president and senior staff at Medtronic's head office in Minnesota on Feb 16-17 was a step towards mutual & meaningful collaboration.
I will be giving more details in the Spring meeting which is barely 3 weeks away. I urge you to come to Philadelphia and join us in the meeting. The Council meeting, CME activity, women empowerment seminar, cultural programs and, Alumni association Retreats will be some of the highlight of the event. As usual the host committee has gone out of its way to create a marvelous program to keep our members engaged and entertained. We have invited prominent legislators to discuss current immigration issues which can affect our members. 
There will be something for everyone.  I hope that you will spend the weekend of March 24-26 with us in Philadelphia. APPNA needs your volunteerism and I request your feedback and participation. 
Sajid Chaudhary, MD
President APPNA 2017
Civic Engagement Through Community Services
This year  "Civic Engagement Through Community Service" is the theme of APPNA. We are facing uncertain times and this calling is very timely to secure the place of our future generations in community at large. APPNA civic engagement committee would like to encourage members across the country to actively take part in community service projects. Therefore we request you to be part of this journey of compassion by sharing your valid input with us. Please feel free to email us about
Existing Projects in your community or contact us if you need assistance in  initiating a community service project.  
Dr. Babar Cheema, MD
Email: mbcheema@gmail.com
First success story of APPNA SWDR Committee's Muskan Project

SWDRC's new project was initiated last month Cleft lip and/or palate Repair Project (Muskan). The incidence of cleft lip/palate in Pakistan is 1 in 500 live births thus it is very common. Unfortunately, because of widespread poverty and lack of resources, access to surgery and rehabilitation especially for poor is nonexistent. Some NGO do try to help but local resources are limited. Early detection and timely surgery is the key and while one surgery can change life of a child, is hardly possible for parents with limited finances. We hope to change it by helping those who cannot afford it. The cost of a single surgery is $200.....
APPNA & APCNA Leadership Visits Medtronic Operational Headquarters to Explore Joint Ventures in Healthcare Sector.


A delegation of APPNA & APCNA leadership visited the operational headquarters of Medtronic in Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 16-17, 2017. Medtronic Vice President Mr. Vipul Seth had invited the Key Opinion Leaders to meet with Mr. Omar Ishrak, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Medtronic and Michael J. Coyle, Executive Vice President and Group President for Medtronic Cardiovascular Division, which is the largest division within Medtronic. Medtronic is the world's leading medical technology company, with more than $27 billion in annual revenue, and operations reaching more than 160 countries worldwide with 90,000 employees. Medtronic offers technologies, solutions and therapies to treat a wide range of medical conditions, including cardiac and vascular diseases, respiratory, neurological and spinal conditions, diabetes, and various other disease conditions.... r ead more

feb5a Update from Advocacy Committee

The 2017 APPNA Advocacy Committee is charged with a great responsibility of ensuring that the Physicians of Pakistani descent is recognized as community leaders and an integral part of the fabric of the American identity. The current US administration is taking several measures that will directly and indirectly affect the lives of immigrants in the country. Advocacy Committee of APPNA has been very proactive in mobilizing membership leaders from various State Chapters in order to engage the local and state politicians. 
To this end, the first teleconference was held in January 2017 to discuss the overall strategy and approach. Based on the input from all Committee members, a letter was created that can be shared with respective Senators and House Representatives (download from APPNA website, at  Sample letter). Many Committee members have already reached out and met with their congressional leadership. 

Moving forward, the Committee is planning to orchestrate a 'Day on the Hill' and also liaising with other organizations. The Association of Muslim American Lawyers ("AMAL") announced that AMAL board members are offering legal representations and their respective firms are offering pro bono services to the community. They are present at various airports in New York and New Jersey in case travelers need assistance due to any immigration hurdles.
1. May Mansour has had her firm Simpson and Thacher & Bartlett dispatch attorneys to New York airports. Her contact number is 917 756-4136
2. Ally Hack's firm, Cozen & O'connor is offering services to members of the community. (212) 453-3813
3. Omar Mohammedi at OTMLAW, (212) 725-3846
4. Iman Boukadoum at 703 424-8463.
5. Tariq Hussain at Hussain & Khan, 201 893-5498.
6. Jennifer Ismat at (917) 704 3912
APPNA will do everything to safe guard the civil rights of its members and their families in this critical time. We have to remain united and be more active so that our voice is heard in the chambers of Capitol Hill. If you would like to participate in the advocacy committee please contact APPNA Secretary Dr. Rizwan Khalid at 203-892-5140 or email at rizwan_khalid@yahoo.com.
Please send your contribution to APPNA Office & memo to Advocacy fund. 
Mailing Address: 6414 South Cass Ave
Westmont, IL 60559-3209

Rashid Piracha, MD
Chair Advocacy Committee.
Email: arpiracha@yahoo.com

The Association of Pakistani-American Physicians of North America invites you to a fun filled weekend in the beautiful city of Philadelphia from 24-26 March, 2017 which will includes:
  • Keynote Speakers including Senator Bob Casey (D) of Pennsylvania on Friday, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R) and Attorney General Josh Shapiro on Saturday
  • State of the art CME on Friday - Village Style Dinner with Folk Music on Friday Night
  • Farshi Style Mehfil-e-Moseequi by Taranam Naaz on Friday Night
  • Innovative Women's Empowerment Summit with internationally known Valerie Biden Owens
  • Retreats for Nishtar, Khyber, Dental, Allama Iqbal Alumni associations.
  • Council Meeting on Saturday
  • Saturday Banquet & entertainment by Nadeem Abbas Lune Wala
  • Young Professional Network
  • Philadelphia City Tours (arranged on request)
Haroon Durrani, MD
Chair Host Committee


March 24-26, 2017
Philadelphia, PA

April 7-16, 2017

July 5-9, 2017
Orlando, Florida

July 27 - August 4, 2017

October 26-28, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio

DECEMBER 21-23, 2016
Lahore, Pakistan

If you want to highlight an APPNA Project you have been doing, please write to us at appna@appna.org

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