July 2017   e-Newsletter
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President's Message: 

Dear APPNA Members,
It has been over a week since APPNA's 40th Summer Convention ended on Sunday, July 9th. I want to reiterate that it was an absolute pleasure for me personally to host this year's convention in my own home town. Not many presidents get that privilege and I am also blessed that I had a wonderful team of friends and colleagues in my host committee who worked relentlessly to put together a fabulous event. I hope that you enjoyed your stay in Orlando and had a good time at the Convention.

We made an all-out effort to entertain you, keep you comfortable and apprise you of different projects and work that APPNA has been doing. I am very grateful to Ms. Karen Armstrong for participating in the Social Forum on Friday afternoon and giving her keynote address at the Saturday's banquet. Her leadership and compassion is an inspiration, as the world needs more of empathy and benevolence these trying times of divisiveness. 

One of the highlights of Saturday evening was the tribute to the founding president of APPNA Dr. Zaheer Ahmad and all the past presidents with a cake cutting ceremony. A video produced by Mr. Ajmal Zaheer was showcased on the occasion and can be viewed at the following link:

We hope to see you again in Cincinnati for the fall meeting in October 26-28th, 2017 and then at the winter meeting in Lahore in December 2017. 

Pictures and videos of different events have been posted on APPNA'S Facebook page at:
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Sajid Chaudhary, MD
President APPNA, 2017
APPNA Free Clinics Committee has successfully arranged a seminar during recent APPNA Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida. The seminar was moderated by Dr. Sajid Mehmood, Chair Free Clinics Committee. It was intended to provide step-wise education and guidance to set up new clinics or manage existing clinics in a more effective manner. It was well attended by APPNA members as well as Office-bearers of various component chapters. President APPNA, Dr. Sajid Chaudhary in his opening remarks emphasized the need to expand the network of clinics working APPNA administration in order to promote civic engagement. Dr. Imtiaz Arain shared his vast experience of initiating and managing the first-ever clinic started by APPNA in Westmont, Illinois as well as providing details about various services added in recent years including labs/imaging studies, specialty referrals, etc. Dr. Aurangzeb Nagy spoke extensively about Federally Qualified Health Center FQHC program highlighting the eligibility criteria, application process and the associated benefits. Dr. Muhammad Akhtar, President of Muslim Council of America also presented his point of view about more than ever the need for American Muslims especially physicians to engage with and serve the local community regardless of faith, ethnicity or color. 

Attendees heard the panelists with interest and asked practical questions which were satisfactorily addressed. They also exchanged their contact information in order to stay connected with Free Clinics Committee for future guidance. 
J3Social Forum with Karen Armstrong
APPNA Social Forum 2017 was held in collaboration with AIMCAANA, DOGANA and NANA on "Can compassion heal our world?" on Friday, July 7, 2017. It was a huge success. Panelists included Amin Hashwani (Founder Compassionate Karachi), Tori McClure Murden (President Spalding University) and Karen Armstrong (British author and commentator). Dr. Abdul Jabbar moderated the panel discussion and Dr. Talha Siddiqui moderated Q&A session. It was a thought provoking discussion highlighting key issues facing our world. Panelists and audience pondered on how compassion can be a tool in addressing these challenges. APPNA Social Forum Committee Chair Dr. Babar Cheema cited Social Forum collaboration among three major alumni associations of APPNA in arranging this program and heartfelt active participation of membership in the program as a shining example of APPNA spirit at display. 

J4CYP (Committee on Young Physicians)  Report on Coaching Seminar in Orlando
"The CYP (Committee on Young Physicians) Coaching Seminar"
was held on 07/07/17 as a part of the APPNA 40th annual convention. There were over 50 attendees. It was streamed live via the internet and viewed by our young physicians in USA and Pakistan.

The seminar was moderated by Dr. Sana Waheed and speakers included Dr. Faiz Bhora, Dr. Amin Nadeem, Dr. Aftab Ahmad and Dr. Saad Usmani who gave great advice to our young physicians regarding maximizing their chances of matching in a competitive residency program and how to make the most of years of residency training. Dr. Rizwan Khalid discussed career options for physicians for training outside the United States. Dr. Piracha, Ms. Elizabeth Ingraham, Attorney Shahzad Ahmed and Attorney Naveen Bhora discussed the recent pitfalls faced by Pakistani nationals applying of J-1 visas and advised showing strong ties to Pakistan at the time of the J-1 interview. We are confident that the talks and the question and answer session in the end benefited our young physicians.

CYP Research Seminar:
The research seminar was organized by Dr. Faisal Latif, and held on 07/08/17. Forty four abstracts were submitted by brilliant young physicians. While many abstracts were based on work in the United States, it was heartening to see that a significant number of studies were completed in Pakistan! An august panel of 5 judges from academic medicine adjudicated the abstracts and the top 4 were selected for oral presentation while 10 were selected for poster competition. The remaining was presented as honorary posters.

We are also thankful to the on-site judges' panel including Dr. Rehan, Dr. Sadiq, Dr. Iqbal, and Dr. Waheed, who judged the oral and poster presentations.

Oral Presentation: Dr. Sabahat Javaid
Poster Presentation: Dr. Summer Niazi and Dr. Mehrin Sadiq.

Dr. Sajid Chaudhary (President APPNA) presented the awards to the winners. He remarked that the young physicians are the future of APPNA!

APPNA's Compassionate Movement:
APPNA is the largest professional organization that has so far affirmed Charter of Compassion. APPNA Executive Council passed a resolution at the request of APPNA Civic Engagement Committee Chair Muhammad Babar Cheema on July 6, 2017 during its summer meeting to join Compassionate movement by affirming Charter of Compassion. Acclaimed British author and commentator Karen Armstrong who is the leading force behind Charter of Compassion attended APPNA meeting to witness this historic moment for APPNA membership. She was also keynote speaker of APPNA Saturday Night Banquet. APPNA Civic Engagement Committee is hoping that APPNA members will play an instrumental role in encouraging their local communities and institutions to join Charter of Compassion. 

Please contact Dr. Babar Cheema at mbcheema@gmail.com for further info.

J6Aliance Night at APPNA Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida

APPNA Alliance arranged an excellent event on Thursday, July 6, 2017 including a spectacular fashion show with prominent designers from Pakistan. Opening remarks from Chair local Alliance Mrs. Maliha Shaikh followed by recitation of Quran and National anthems of USA, Canada & Pakistan. President Alliance Mrs. Saba Mehmood addressed the attendees highlighting various welfare projects both locally and in Pakistan.

She has also provided details about future initiatives that Alliance has been planning for the remaining year like financial contribution to 'GET BEHIND THE VEST' campaign for Chicago Police officers and 'Bottle of Change ' drive for Edhi Foundation. President APPNA 2017 Dr. Sajid Chaudhary congratulated APPNA Alliance President & Executive Committee on a successful year. Keynote speaker Mr. Javaid Anwar, Chief Executive Officer of Midland Energy Inc. gave an inspirational & motivational speech sharing his life experience from a humble background to a successful businessman of oil and gas industry. He urged assimilation with the local community and to contribute our fair share. He announced a generous donation of $50,000.00 from the Alliance platform, with $25,000.00 each for Edhi charity and APPNA Foundation. APPNA Alliance is also grateful to Wall Street Alliance as a paid-speaker for the evening. The awards were distributed by chief guest Dr. Rubina Inayat, Dr. Sajid Chaudhary and Alliance president. 

The attendees were entertained by renowned comedian Mo Amer who was highly appreciated by everyone. Then came the hallmark of the Alliance night, fashion show with designers like Elan, Nickie Nina, Saira Shakira, Ali Xeshan, Lajwanti & others showcasing their new trends, styles & collections. It's was a fun night that was appreciated by all the attendees.

Saba Mehmood
Alliance President 2017


July 27 - August 4, 2017

October 26-28, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio

DECEMBER 21-23, 2017
Lahore, Pakistan

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