March 2017   e-Newsletter
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President's Message: 

Dear APPNA Members,
If there is anything which makes me more proud are APPNA volunteers and workers who lead by example. Such an example of leadership and impeccable management was set during the APPNA spring meeting 2017. APPNA-PUN Chapter hosted its first ever APPNA business meeting on March 24-25th at Hilton at Penn's Landing, Philadelphia. President of Chapter Dr. Haroon Durrani and his wonderful team arranged and executed one of the best meetings for APPNA.

Their hard work, dedication and attention to detail were evident in all aspects of the two day event and made it a very enjoyable and delightful experience for all the attendees. Host team's hospitality and labor of love made the guests feel at home and I am very grateful to them for making it a memorable occasion for everyone.

The Council meeting was held on Saturday the 25th and was attended by 23 council members as well as other APPNA members. Presentations were made by Executive Committee members, the Chair of Board of Trustees and, the Chairs or co-chairs of various APPNA committees. Various APPNA Committee chairs presented their reports to the Council and discussed projects of free clinics, local healthcare ventures and educational programs in our communities. APPNA will be opening 3 new free health clinics in Philadelphia, Texas and Chicago and APPNA Houses in Houston & Philadelphia. Civic engagement committee is going to coordinate with food pantries throughout country to provide food for the indigent fellow citizens. It carries a budget of $50,000 which will be raised by our members and sponsors.

In keeping with the spirit of democracy, Council and APPNA members actively participated in debates over various issues pertaining to the organization and important decisions were made. APPNA's financial strength and well being was discussed at length and the budget was approved by the council. 

Other highlights of the spring meeting included the spirited seminar on "Women Empowerment" by Valerie Biden Owens on Saturday afternoon which was very well attended. The Friday and Saturday night banquets included worthy guest speakers like Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania's 8th congressional district and Pennsylvania's Attorney General Josh Shapiro. I and other APPNA leaders had a great opportunity to discuss the current issues pertaining to Healthcare bill and our civil rights with them. It was very reassuring that our representatives understand our concerns and they promised to be a voice of reason at the Capitol when these issues are discussed or brought up for legislation.

No APPNA banquet is complete without music and entertainment and attendees were not disappointed. Both nights ended with a wonderful musical program that guests thoroughly enjoyed.
I look forward to meeting you all in Orlando from July 5-9 during the APPNA Summer Convention. Please contact me if you have any suggestions or feedback.

Sajid Chaudhary, MD
President, APPNA 2017
feb3Parachinar Tragedy; APPNA mourns the loss of innocent lives

Another horrific day in Pakistan today as a car bomb exploded outside a mosque in the city of Parachinar, a mainly Shia Muslim area on the Afghan border. At least 24 people have been killed and more than 70 injured in the blast. It is evident that a car packed with explosives was left near the women's entrance of the mosque as people gathered for Friday prayers. Many shops and vehicles close to the mosque were damaged in the powerful blast. Many among the injured are said to be in a critical state.
A faction of the Pakistani Taliban (TTP), Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (JuA), accepted the responsibility for the attack which is nothing but a barbarian and un-Islamic act of murder. We hold Pakistani government responsible for not providing sufficient security to its citizens and not doing enough to curtail the religious hardliners who operate through Taliban Sanctuaries. This attack was made on the Shia Muslim citizens of the country due to policy of extreme intolerance by a small fraction of Sunni hardliners.
APPNA demands that Pakistani government should not only take a swift action against the perpetrators of this heinous crime but also put an end to the atmosphere of religious intolerance and crimes of terrorism.
Our heartfelt prayers go out to the innocent victims and their families in this very trying time. 

APPNA Medical Corps in collaboration with Syrian American Medical Society conducted a medical mission to Lahore, Pakistan from February 26 to March 4, 2017. 15 physicians consisting of Plastic and cardiothoracic surgeons, Emergency Medicine, Cardiologist, Psychiatrist, Nephrologist, Pediatric specialists and General Pediatricians travelled at their own expanse to Lahore from United States, Canada and Dubai to participate in the mission. The physicians volunteered their time at Shaikh Zayed Medical Complex and Children's Hospital, Lahore. They performed surgeries, direct patient care and hospital rounds. More than a 1000 patients were treated free of charge during the mission. In addition, the physicians conducted teaching rounds with fellows, residents and medical students in the hospital setting. Both hospitals had their medical symposia during the time of the mission and the visiting physicians gave talks at the symposium. These medical services were very well received by both hospitals and they have expressed keen interest in continuing future collaboration.....  read more

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Update on APPNA Spring Meeting 2017, Philadelphia, PA

APPNA's 2017 spring meeting was a wonderfully organized and well-attended event. 

The village theme on Friday night was a great idea which spiked a lot of interest and nostalgia among the attendees. It was attended by more than 350 people. Guest of honor Senator Bob Casey graced the occasion. Children's program of regional dance performances was absolutely charming and heartwarming. The d├ęcor and presentation created an aura of a village from Pakistan. Variety of traditional desi village-style food & beverages was simply splendid. 
Please CLICK HERE to view Friday Night Event Pictures.

On Saturday, council meeting was also a well-org anized and productive occasion where a lot of discussion and debate was held and decisions were made on key issues pertaining to APPNA projects, budget and its future. 
Please CLICK HERE to view Council Meeting Pictures.

Women-empowering workshop by Valerie Biden was a packed event in the afternoon.
Please CLICK HERE to view Women Empowerment Workshop Pictures.

Saturday night's banquet was marked by over 400 people in attendance. The valuable and pertinent dialogues from distinguished guests, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and Congressman Fitzpatrick (Republican) were relevant to current issues and greatly appreciated by everyone. The evening ended with a wonderful and sumptuous Sit-down dinner and a 3 hour musical program featuring Nadeem Abbas Lone Walla.
Please CLICK HERE to view Saturday Night Event Pictures.

The entire host committee led by Dr. Haroon Durrani deserves special appreciation for a magnificent job done by them and arranging first ever APPNA meeting in Philadelphia. 
Please send your suggestions and feedback. 
Thank you!


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