May 2017   e-Newsletter
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President's Message: 

Dear APPNA Members, 

This year is posing a very tough challenge for our incoming young physicians. We have heard from 26 young doctors who should be starting their residency in 3-4 weeks but their career has suddenly been halted because their request for a J-1 visa was rejected in Pakistan. This is a very serious problem and we as an organization took this issue to our legislators on May 16th. A delegation of APPNA leaders also met with officials at the State Department and discussed the serious concern about the visa refusals and delays.

 The work is in progress but a lot more needs to be done and we are continuing our efforts in full force. We have established communication with ECFMG, the legislators who are sympathetic to our cause and the officials at the State department. We have obtained legal opinion and will do our utmost to rectify the decision of J-1 refusal.

APPNA is not new to this problem and has been advocating for our young Pakistani doctors since 2003. We strive to find a solution to this issue but as always we need your active participation in our struggle. Please contact your local Senate and Congress representative and talk to them about this matter. 

Please use the sample letter from APPNA's Website and educates them about how J-1 refusal will direly affect the healthcare system in our country. Request them to write to the State Department on your behalf and raise their concern.

Kindly, also sign the petition which has been created for the State Department. We have reached 1500 signature and need just 500 more. Please, scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter to sign.

APPNA has always tried to help young physicians and will continue to do so.

Sajid Chaudhary, MD
President APPNA, 2017
Submitted by Dr. Shahzad Iqbal, Chair CYP.

APPNA CYP has created an online form to collect relevant data of the young physician with visa issues. A link ( Visa Issues Helpline) has been placed on APPNA website ( and Facebook page. The online data is shared with The State Department. We directly communicate with The State Department representative on bi-weekly basis and update the visa status. 

APPNA CYP has adopted a 'multi-prong approach' to handle current situation over the next 6 weeks. We are working at multiple levels at the same time in-order to raise our voice and mount pressure at the administrative, legislative, and media levels. We have formulated a 'Visa Task Force', and each task has been assigned to 1-2 members. The work is being done in collaboration with Advocacy and Legislative Affairs Committee. 

The following was approved by the committee:
1. Petition-signed by all APPNA members (at least 2000). It will be sent to The State Department, ECFMG, US Embassy in Pakistan, Pakistan Embassy in USA, and US Secretary of State.

2. Letters of support from Congressmen in different states (states where the J-1 applicant is supposed to start residency; two letters per state)

3. Contacting program directors as needed in next few weeks on behalf of young physicians who still couldn't get J-1.

4. ECFMG has been contacted. We aim to establish frequent communication channel. It will help to mobilize State Department. 
ECFMG has refused to sponsor one Pakistani young physician.

5. Contact Pakistani and US media (publish articles)- paper and electronic: Plan to publish in Pakistani English newspapers, US Media, and social media. We will also create a short video to highlight the current situation. 

6. Contact Pakistani Ambassador in USA as well as US Ambassador in Pakistan: Establish direct communication channel.

7. Post updates and efforts on at least bi-weekly basis on CYP Facebook page. Will post pertinent information.

8. A  'Financial Assistance Loan Program' to provide legal assistance for J-1 refusals is being launched by CYP. A loan of up to $500 will be provided per person on 'first come first served and as long as the funds last basis'. We already have $2000 in donations. All APPNA members are requested to donate by sending their checks t:
Central APPNA office:
6414 South Cass Avenue
Westmont, IL 60559-3209

may3headingAPPNA Day on the Hill, May 16th, 2017

APPNA held a highly successful Lobby Day in Washington, DC on May 16, 2017 organized by the Advocacy/Legislative Affairs Committee. Nearly 50 APPNA members directly engaged more than 30 Members of Congress and their staff, and met with senior Consular Affairs officials from the State Department. The day also resulted in concrete legislative and media achievements that helped to educate Washington policymakers about the visa challenges and civil liberty issues that are central to APPNA's advocacy efforts, as well as provide them with a legislative vehicle to address the issue..... Read More

APPNA Host Committee is delighted to announce an exciting program over 4 days of the Convention.

1. Opening Ceremony and Chapter Night; Honor Guard and our chief guests will start the festivities on Wednesday at 6 p.m. Don't miss "APPNA IDOL" and GHAZAL NIGHT.

2. Stephen Colbert famed comedian MO-Amer will entertain Alliance night followed by a Grand Fashion Show all the way from Pakistan. 

3. Speaker Karen Armstrong, is a world renowned British author and commentator known for her books on comparative religion. She will be the main speaker, at the Social forum on Friday presented by DOGANA & AIMCANA.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will be mesmerizing the audience with a memorable performance for the first time at APPNA.

4. On Saturday: Our Chief guests for the evening will include famous personalities who will inspire and motivate you.
Vassey Chaudhry and his team (Mazak Raat fame) will amuse all with his comedy gig; along with a tribute to Pakistani film Divas that will entertain & bring nostalgic memories.
Grand Finale for the night will be Atif Aslam who will rock the stage!

5. CME: Leading experts will present cutting edge information on topics relevant to their respective fields during 12 Category 1 AMA credit hours.

6. CYP: Scientific seminar for young physicians.

7. YPN: Event for young professionals to find their life partner.

8. APPNA BAZAR: Shop till you drop! There will something for everyone.

All this and more including sumptuous cuisine, reunions, chapter and alumni meetings, SAYA events, cricket and Golf, various presentations by thought leaders and over view of ongoing APPNA projects.

Dear APPNA Members, 

It is a tough year for our incoming young physicians. We have observed a significant rise in the number of visa refusals for incoming matched applicants. We are aware of twenty-six J-1 refusals which is very alarming. APPNA leadership, Advocacy and Young Physicians committees have adopted a multi-prong approach to work simultaneously at different levels including legislative, administrative, and media. APPNA held a "Day on the Hill" and a meeting with State department on May, 16 to address this issue. Our efforts are ongoing and we are in touch with the State department and legislators.

Now, a petition has been created for the State Department and our goal is to get it signed by at least 2000 APPNA members today. Your support is crucial at this point. Please sign this petition and forward to your APPNA friends. 

We request all the APPNA members to sign and
support this cause urgently.


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