December 2015  e-Newsletter

Dear APPNA members,

Assalaam-Alaikum. It has been an incredible and extremely rewarding experience to serve APPNA as its 36th President.  The President is frequently called upon to make difficult decisions. I have tried to serve and base all my decisions with a single focus of keeping the best interest of APPNA foremost in my mind. I have also tried to bring everyone together on a single platform so we can serve APPNA with a common goal and clear perspective. Whatever we have achieved this year is due to incredible efforts and commitment of APPNA members. I thank you for your support throughout the year. I also want to thank the Alumni and chapters who continue to work extremely hard to carry on several of their own projects.

I wish you all and APPNA a Very successful 2016.

Mubasher Rana

These are the initiatives accomplished in 2015. Please click on the topics below to read more:
  1. APPNA Telemedicine 
  2. Centralized electives, observerships and research program
  3. APPNA Medical Corps
  4. Increased the number of Specialty Based Networks
  5. Revitalized Long Term Strategic Planning committee and initiated work to establish improved APPNA Governance
  6. Helping Young Physicians
  7. APPNA Charities
  8. Advocacy
  9. Election Reform and Electronic balloting
  10. Increased number of Free Clinics
  11. APPNA Institution of Higher Learning
  12. APPNA Qatra Fund
  13. Improved Financials
  14. Membership Benefit package/WorldPay agreement
  15. National Health Care Day
  16. NEW Website
  17. APPNA Qissa 2
  18. Office Reorganization
heading4 Why 48 Cases Matter In the Race to End Polio
The APPNA and Rotary Partnership:
Today, we stand at the threshold of a polio-free world with only TWO countries remaining endemic to this disease: Pakistan and Afghanistan. In our daily lives, as physicians practicing in USA, we do not encounter polio cases. USA was declared polio free in 1979.  Most recently Nigeria and India were declared polio-free.
 Lahore, Pakistan
What is happening in LAHORE ?
The 36th Annual meeting took place in Lahore. For those of you who were not able to go to Pakistan, you can get a taste of how the meeting must be going by browsing through the attached PDF File of the three day program.

This project has been completed with the help of Liaqat Medical University Alumni in North America. It extends clean water supply to another 8 Km. It provides 3 additional water supply centers in 3 separate villages in Thar. The villages have a combined population of 3500 residents who will benefit from the clean water. In addition, we anticipate that equal number of people from adjoining villages will also benefit.

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