April 2016  e-Newsletter

With our continuous efforts to improve the APPNA Membership Benefits Program to provide more value and easy access to benefits information, we are excited to announce our new benefits program and new web site section on www.appna.org

APPNA Members will have special room rates (up to 30% off) at all the major hotels at 28 different locations of Pearl Continental Hotels, Marriott Hotels, Avari Hotels, Ramada Hotel and Hotel One across Pakistan.

Topic1APPNA Spring Meeting 2016 in Miami
The APPNA Spring Meeting is around the corner and things are very busy in South Florida.  We were all very greatly honored when Dr. Nasar Qureshi chose us to host this auspicious event. At that time we promised him that we would do everything in our control to put up a spectacular show.  Over the course of the last many months we have been working very hard to keep up this promise.
Florida is a vast region which extends from Palm Beach all the way to Miami.  A lot of people of Pakistani descent live here.  Many of them are doctors, others are successful professionals in various careers.  This event gave us an opportunity for the entire community to get together and has fostered a spirit of unprecedented camaraderie. 
Topic2APPNA Committee for Women & Children Affairs Activities
APPNA Committee for Women and Children's Affairs is a platform for exclusively highlighting enormous, neglected and concerning issues of women and children.
APPNA's Childhood Obesity Awareness Campaign:
Childhood obesity being a national and global epidemic causing many health risks and immense cost to our economy, APPNA launched a national educational awareness campaign. Our goal is to partner with communities improving quality of health by promoting importance of healthy eating and exercise. Our hope is that by partnering with schools, parents, teachers, health care providers, policy makers and faith based Organizations, we can work together to promote healthy choices and fight this national and global epidemic.

Topic3Tackling Neonatal Mortality in Pakistan
Worldwide, an estimated 2.76 million neonatal deaths occurred in 2013, accounting for 44% of all the deaths of children under 5 years old. While global newborn mortality is declining, the achievements among neonates (0 - 28 days of life) have been dismal compared to the reductions in post-neonatal deaths for both infants (1-11 months of age) and children (1 to 4 years of age). Dr. Shaun Morris, a Clinician-Scientist at The Hospital for Sick Children's Centre for Global Child Health in Toronto, Canada, is working toward reducing newborn mortality in Pakistan.
Topic4Little angel Eman Haris battle with cancer
3 year old Eman Haris has been fighting Acute lymphocytic leukemia for past 1 year. About 1 month ago Eman was diagnosed with Chronic myeloid leukemia. After discussion at  Pakistan society of Peds oncologist bone marrow transplant has been suggested the only cure.
Eman does not have a matched sibling donor. She could undergo matched unrelated donor or haploidentical transplant the facilities of which are minimal if nonexistent in Pakistan.

APPNA Participated in Hunger Walk in Atlanta, GA

On March 13, Atlanta Community Food Bank organized it's 32th annual 5 Kilometers  Hunger walk. This " Fun walk/run " unites the community to raise awareness and funds for local hunger relief.  Proceeds from the event benefit the Atlanta Community Food Bank and other local nonprofit organizations that support food pantries, community kitchens, shelters and other programs for people in need of food assistance. The unique thing is that it unites people from all religions, ethnicities and demographics who come to walk, or run, and take thousands of step towards ending hunger for poverty stricken people. 

Upcoming Events

OCTOBER 20-23, 2016
San Antonio, Texas

DECEMBER 22-24, 2016
Karachi, Pakistan

If you want to highlight an APPNA Project you have been doing, please write to us at appna@appna.org