November 2015  e-Newsletter
 National Health Care Day 2015
APPNA National Health Care Day 2015 was a great success on Saturday, October 24, 2015. Overall APPNA members, APPNA leadership and local communities arranged wide range of activities for this APPNA National Health Care Day 2015 including but not limited to Media involvement, marketing and advertising the services to the communities, providing free services like flu shots, specialist consultations, labs and diagnostics. APPNA central office provided flu shots for those who completed paper work requirements and T-shirts for this event as well. 

heading4New World Pay Membership Benefit
APPNA is very pleased to introduce our new partnership with WorldPay, a world-class credit card processor. WorldPay is the second largest direct credit card processor in the world, providing industry leading resources for the best merchant account services in the market.

Through this new partnership WorldPay will donate a portion of the monthly profits to APPNA from all merchant accounts of .....
God gave us the most beautiful and sunny days on Friday and Saturday for our APPNA fall meeting functions.
Thursday night we had a small get together for dinner at local restaurant. On way back some people took cable car to Fairmont hotel as it is located on top of Nobhill in San Francisco.

On Friday we were blessed with beautiful sunny weather well known for the Golden state of California. 

heading4 APPNA Election 2015
This year, APPNA made history by holding its first ever electronic election.
With an 80% voter response rate and with 100% of those votes counted, Election 2015 was the most successful election in APPNA's 37 year history. In recent years, APPNA's average cost for election has been over $20,000 annually. This year APPNA spent just under $9000 to bring us its most successful elections. 97.6% of voters were satisfied to very satisfied with the electronic voting.
With new website launch user experience will be enhance with one major improvement which is ability to visit the web site from any device with RESPONSIVE feature.
RESPONSIVE feature change the web site design based on the device the viewer open i.e. Smartphone, laptop or desktop. This help to view the web site properly and with proper content.
Easy to use backend Content Management System has been implemented which will be easy to manage and maintain the web site on regular basis.

Meet Zubair. It was the devastating floods of 2010 that opened school doors for 12 year old Zubair. His family lost their house and all their possessions. Then came APPNA, which built his one room house and established a primary school in his village that transformed his life.

Zubair's father is a "Tandoorchi". He expected his son to follow the same path, but his son had dreams. He wanted to attend school and make his own path. When APPNA school opened in Munirabad, this dream became a reality for Zubair. Our volunteers saw his drive and convinced his father to send him to school. He excelled in school and covered five grades in three years. He recently stood first in his district for fifth grade exams. This was all made possible by your generosity and now we need your help to further Zubair's dream of getting secondary education. 

Upcoming Events

DEC 28, 2015 - JAN 02, 2016
Makkah & Madinah
MARCH 31 - APRIL 09, 2016
Spain & Morocco

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