March 2016  e-Newsletter

Dear APPNA family:

In differential calculus , an inflection point is defined as a point on a curve at which the curve can change to being concave or to convex . There is no doubt in my mind and those of many an APPNA member, that APPNA is at an inflection point. The organization has grown, gathered momentum and achieved a lot. It is up to us, that we use this point in the journey of APPNA, to ensure a vibrant and dynamic growth phase, a convex curve. To achieve that, we will have to, as any organization should, take inventory of our strengths and weaknesses and make a plan for the future. Last year under the stewardship of Dr. Mubasher Rana (President) and Dr. Mahmood Alam (Chair LRPC), some of the thought leaders of the organization, evaluated the strengths and
weaknesses of the organization, and gave some recommendations. We are at a point now, where the membership has to look at these recommendations, and decide how they want to best garner our strengths to launch APPNA on a path of growth and success for the next decade and beyond. 

Dear friends, when you sit back and look at what you as members of APPNA have helped this organization achieve ..........  Read More
APPNA USA College Scholarship Fund
Over the years APPNA has been involved in numerous financial initiatives to support big projects in Pakistan and US. However, we as a group are not giving back enough to the Pakistani descent community in the U.S. The APPNA scholarship is an initial step towards taking responsibility of our community where we live.

A few interesting statistics show that the Pakistani Diaspora has grown from 30,000 in 1980's to 453,000 in 2015.

Improved Governance in APPNA
The most important highlight of the February 6th Strategic Planning Meeting held in Dallas was the presentation on Improved Governance in APPNA. Dr. Nasar Qureshi made a brief introduction on how Ad hoc Committee on Improved Governance in APPNA (CIGA) was initiated. He said, it took a yearlong hard work to put together a new governance structure that needs be incorporated into bylaws.

APPNA and World Pay Partnership
Worldpay, a world class credit card processor &  APPNA members,  by switching your merchant accounts to Worldpay (a World leading processor):
- You will drive more money to your APPNA without any cost to you
- You will receive superior merchant services and significantly reduce the cost of accepting credit card payments at your practice.

APPNA recently sponsored four eye camps in Pakistan through LRBT/Layton Rehmatulla Benevolent Trust. One camp was held in each province and these were held in Arifwala, Punjab; Sibi, Balochistan; Tando Bago in Thar, Sindh and Sawabi in KPK. There were 1,648 patients seen and 207 patients had surgeries done. APPNA remains grateful to its generous donors! Please continue to support these eye camps.

Zulfiqar and other doctors here are members of the local chapter of APPNA, the Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America. They're helping Pathways expand specialty services to Petersburg's uninsured and underinsured. Cardiologist Nadeem Faruqi is president of the Virginia Chapter of APPNA.

Upcoming Events

SEPTEMBER 5-15, 2016
Makkah & Madinah

OCTOBER 20-23, 2016
San Antonio, Texas

DECEMBER 22-24, 2016
Karachi, Pakistan

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