June 2015  e-Newsletter

heading1APPNA Responds to Karachi Heat Wave Tragedy

Recent Karachi heat wave deaths now in excess of 1000 has caused a great deal of concern among our membership. Since the past two days individual members have been contacting  APPNA to respond and offering funds for the unfortunate victims of this public health disaster. An appeal to the membership was sent out on June 23rd, 2015.  As medical doctors we bring a special understanding of the need of the hour to the relief efforts.

The situation is very grim and resources in Pakistan are limited. These poor unfortunate people are in dire state in this holy month of Ramadan and it is imperative we do whatever we can to relieve their suffering and illness. APPNA membership has always been very generous and I am confident we will rise to the occasion and donate generously. 





APPNA MERIT program's mission is to educate and train doctors and medical students in Pakistan. APPNA MERIT Program telecasts weekly live lectures to a number of medical schools, hospitals and institutions in Pakistan.  
- About 30 Medical Schools are currently participating in hooking up regularly for these lectures and this number is increasing on a weekly basis.

- For last couple of years, about 40 high quality lectures were delivered through MERIT Program each year.

- The lectures are video recorded and are available on APPNA Web site.


- For the first time MERIT has hooked up a hospital in Middle East with APPNA MERIT Program.

heading3Electronic Elections coming

In the January 2015 strategic meeting in Orlando, APPNA's Nomination & Election Committee (NEC) presented electronic elections as one of its major goals for 2015. Since then, NEC has been meticulously working on the transition from paper ballots. In order to have a focused work-group, an Electronic Elections subcommittee was formed, in March. This subcommittee comprised of Drs. M. Sohail Khan, Raheel Khan and Sajjad Savul.

NEC spent weeks in exploring five different election companies experienced in conducting electronic elections. In its May 2015 meeting, NEC decided to use Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) as APPNA's new election company. SBS is a U.S. based company being in business for over 25 years.


heading4APPNA Specialty Networks

 After successful creation of APPNA Chest and Gastroenterology last year, more specialty networks are being formed this year. 


Objectives of Networks  
1-Coordinated approach to launch APPNA projects related to the different specialties. e.g. 
APPNA Chest is leading the campaign for Tobacco cessation in Pakistan.  
2-Coordinated and organized presence in national and international meetings related to the specialty.




heading5APPNA Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

As the leading cancer in women, our goal is to empower women by providing educational resources and opportunities for screening and early detection in collaboration with joint community initiatives. 

The campaign also promotes educational and screening workshops, seminars, distribution of educational resources at local community fairs and participation with other organizations such as Susan G Komen Race for the Cure events.


Upcoming Events

OCT 30 - NOV 1, 2015
San Francisco, CA

If you want to highlight an APPNA Project you have been doing, please write to us at appna@appna.org