July 2015  e-Newsletter


APPNA is ready to launch a program which will centralize and streamline the process of securing Electives and Observerships in United States.  It will tremendously help medical students and medical graduates to secure elective positions. The program identifies institutions and preceptors in different states in USA. Applicants can register and choose a state of their choice where they will have an option to be paired with an institution and preceptor to do Elective or Observership. We also plan to provide scholarships for doing electives to some of the needy students.

You can access this program at: http://schedulerotation.com/appna/homepage.html 



 As you know there is a huge water crisis affecting Tharparkar. More than 70% of Tharparkar's population has no access to safe drinking water. Instead, people drink rain water that was collected and stored over time which can become toxic. The lack of clear drinking water is stated to be one of the major causes of disease and health problems in Thar. More than 500 children died as a result of malnutrition last year due to the scarcity of resources and clean drinking water according to the 2011 National Nutritional Survey.  Barely 5% of the population has access to clean and disease-free portable water, according to a study by Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) and the Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) reported by Reuters.  


 This year over 180 young Pakistani physicians who were matched in to various residency programs contacted APPNA YPC. Most of them were delayed for visa issuance, some were delayed issuance of sponsorship from ECFMG, few for delay in change of status with USCIS, one needed a letter of exceptional need from Pakistan Embassey and one needed help for state medical license. During last 2-1/2 months on behalf of APPNA and APPNA YPC, APPNA was continuously working with the state department and other respective departments to resolve the issues of young Pakistani physicians. 

All the young physicians except one, who contacted APPNA YPC, have arrived in USA and have joined their programs. The last person hopefully will be cleared during this week.



heading4 APPNA Foundation Report


APPNA Foundation is organized to create a sustainable endowment fund to support the philanthropic work of the members of APPNA to provide a structured and dedicated  organization committed to fund raising from and for the needy of the Pakistani American Community and exclusively to support those and other charitable and other educational purposes To provide grants to individual and charitable organizations endeavoring to achieve the same purpose through other charitable means.




heading5 APPNA New Web Site - coming soon!

- New Structure with more user friendly layout of menus and sub menus

- Responsive Feature: View website on any device, i.e. smartphone, laptop or desktop with proper view and easily accessible content

- Increased Content:

Compilation of all the available publications in the last 20 years are now part of web site.

- Enhanced Content Management System has been implemented which will make it easier to manage and maintain the web site on regular basis.



APPNA 38th Annual Convention Preparations


We are ready to welcome you to Orlando. We have been working hard to make this a special meeting for you and your family. You will experience an excellent variety of entertainment, which will include comedy by Omar Sharif a well known standup comic from Pakistan to top entertainers like Atif Aslam. A truly world class Mushaira with poets from India and Pakistan as well as throughout the United States.

You will enjoy a variety of options for your dining experience including superb dinner menus during our dinner and entertainment events as well as the food courts and late night food stalls, in addition to multiple options available in the restaurants throughout the convention center and the hotels.


Upcoming Events

OCT 30 - NOV 1, 2015
San Francisco, CA

If you want to highlight an APPNA Project you have been doing, please write to us at appna@appna.org