Happy Easter! It's no surprise that many people are gearing up to relax and enjoy a refreshing mini holiday. 
Helene taught a beautiful flow class this morning to make sure good friday was a good day indeed.

Thank you to everyone that has shared in the March fun - what a warm and sunny month it has been! We are forever grateful for the smiles and outdoorsy community fun we have been invited to share! 

And as always we appreciate everyone that has shared a yoga smile, or healthy tear, in the studio with us this month. Namaste x ~

18th April    Good Friday  ~   9.30am Align & Flow (with Helene)
19th April    Saturday       ~    Normal Schedule - please see our online timetable.
20th April    Sunday         ~     9.15am Kundalini Yoga (with Erin)
           11am Pregnancy Yoga (with Erin)
21st April    Monday        ~     5pm Meditation (with Erin)
 5.30pm Kundalini Yoga (with Erin) 
 7pm Yin Yoga (with Stella)

SUNRISE YOGA ~ Morning of April 23rd
7am - 8.15am   Kundalini Yoga ~ with Erin ~ at the Viaduct (see flyer below)
6am - 7am        Align & Flow ~ with Helene ~ at Golden Yogi studio

ANZAC DAY ~ 25th April
9.30am Align & Flow with Helene
Please  CLICK HERE to view our Timetable online. This is always live and up-to-date.
Erin has been invited to teach the final Sunrise Yoga Event at Queen's Wharf, on April 23rd. 
Come and enjoy a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class as the sun rises. Bring on the bliss!

~ FUN ~
YOGA 101 : 6 WEEK
Intro Course 
~ with Erin O'Hara ~ 

DATE:  23rd April 
TIME:   7 - 8.15 PM


Are you new to meditation and want to learn how to meditate effectively to bring calmness to your mind? This intro course will explore meditation tools like breathe awareness, chanting mantra, bandhas (body locks), and mudras (hand gestures).


We will establish a meditation to practice for the next 40 days. 

Simply by practicing 20 minutes of meditation a day it can cause deep transformation and change in your life. Come and be curious.


COST : $20 (Casual), 
Ages 5 to 12 years 
~ with Erin O'Hara ~ 

DATE:  Mon 28th & Wed 30th April 
TIME:   3.45 - 4.45pm


The perfect way to increase fun and giggles - adding some extra bliss, peace and calm to your holidays.


In children's classes the focus is on play. The children use their imaginations and animal yoga postures to learn: new vocabulary, develop motor and movement skills, and to understand balance and relaxation through meditation and breath. 


Please note 
: there are no Kid's Yoga classes in the first week of the holidays.


COST : $12 (Casual), 
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
~ with Erin O'Hara ~
DATE: 30th April - 4th June
TIME: Wednesday's: 7 - 8.15 PM 
Are you Curious about Kundalini Yoga but nervous to give it a go? 
Or so you want to explore meditation and breath techniques?

This Yoga 101 course will allow you to learn the basics of Kundalini Yoga postures, breathe techniques, chanting mantra, using the bandhas (body locks), and meditation techniques. 

Sign up today ~ Booking essential.

COST: $130 


On March 23rd over 3500 New Zealanders enjoyed an array of yoga and healthy fun at Western Springs Park in Auckland. Erin was incredibly grateful to teach alongside a team of inspiring and world class international teachers. For those of you that were there, you will agree that Erin's Kundalini class was pure magic - with everyone coming together for the 'Elevate your Energy' class. With yoga, meditation, hula hooping, music, dancing, organic treats and more - there really was something for everyone. To Jacque and Jonnie Halstead, and their amazing team - thank you for inviting us to be a part of the festival fun! It really was amazing! We can't wait to share even more yoga fun at Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo in 2015 (watch this space for more information).



" This was the best class of the day for me - beautiful Kundalini, 
big breaths, only just coming down from the energy high now! " 



~ Sunrise meditation with Duncan Peak was pure bliss. Feeling the warm sun shining on your face while connecting with breath and chanting some mantra was a great start to the day.


~  The Lululemon tent fun:  face painting, beautiful hair braiding, henna tattoos, and special edition Wanderlust clothing ... a fun place to hang out and get beautified!!


~  Teaching on the main stage at the Festival. It was awesome to share my love for Kundalini Yoga and see hundreds of people embracing the practice and coming together to raise consciousness.


~  Seeing the Auckland Community come together to share a special day embracing all styles of yoga, healthy conscious living, and connecting with liked minded beautiful people!


Thank you for being a part of our heart warming Golden Yogi community. We look forward to sharing yoga fun in the studio soon! Sending you smiles and bliss wishes on the wind ...


Love & Golden Light x ~
The Golden Yogi Team
All Golden Yogi Events have Limited Spaces. Please book online to secure your place. 
Events and Workshops are not included in standard Golden Yogi Membership Pricing Plans.
* Newbie Unlimited Passes are a special package for first time visitors to the studio. Please tell your family and friends so that they can come and find the yoga style that best suits their lifestyle.