An ARM Update
September 2012
Greetings Friends of Africa Renewal Ministries,

This month's newsletter is focused on our Next Generation Leadership Program (NGLP).

NGLP is our university level sponsorship program which offers leadership training and a bachelor's degree education to some of ARM's most exceptional students. At this time we have 48 students in the program, studying in fields of law, medicine, social sciences, education, mass communication & much more.

Join us as we take time to reflect on just a few of the success stories we have seen in NGLP, as we continue on the journey of raising generations of transformational Christian leaders.

Many Blessings,

Ps. Peter Kasirivu
Founder & CEO 
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NGLP Testimonial Video nglpvideo                       

We asked some of our university students to tell us about their experience with Africa Renewal Ministries & the NGLP program.  Here is what they had to say.
NGLP Highlights  nglphighlights   
NGLP Leadership Workshop
In August, our NGLP students from 6 different universities came together for a 3-day leadership conference led by Dave Tippit.  
The conference featured video seminar sessions by Louie Giglio and focused on the importance of complete reliance on God in all aspects of life. The group participated in several team building activities and were able to use the time for reflection and spiritual renewal. 
Conferences like these are a very special part of the NGLP program and allow students to enhance what they learn in their university courses with practical life application strategies and opportunities.
NGLP Coordinator, Henry Muguluma
We asked Henry why he works with NGLP, this is what he had to say:

"Few people get to do what they love & even fewer get paid for it, so I am a blessed man.  Over the years, I have seen 58 students graduate from University.  Some become managers & directors of companies and others become social activists for change.  They are serving in their churches  and empowering their communities.  

God is rising up Godly women & men to shine like stars in the universe and I am simply honored to be a part of what He is doing!"

For more information about NGLP, email: Henry
NGLP Mission Outreach Project
In August, a group of NGLP students traveled to Buloba for a 3 day mission outreach project in partnership with Set Free Life Church.

The students participated in preaching, evangelism and community service projects to serve both the community and the church. For the students, this was a time to learn practical servant leadership skills and teamwork. 
Missions Projects like these are a core component of the NGLP Program as they expose students to the opportunities for service around Uganda and give students practical hands on skills to enhance what they are learning in their university courses.  
NGLP Fun Facts      nglpfunfacts   

Did you know that NGLP has graduated 58 students from its program??

In 2006 - We had 2 Graduates                  In 2010 - We had 23 Graduates
In 2008 - We had 7 Graduates                      In 2011 - We had 26 Graduates

And, as our 2012-13 NGLP group completes university, we expect to graduate 20 additional students from the program. Glory be to God for all the great things He has done!
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Next Generation Leadership Sponsors Needed!
Currently, only half of our NGLP students have full sponsorships. It costs $200 per month to fully sponsor one student.  If you are unable to fully sponsor a student, we accept one-time gifts & partial monthly sponsorship. 
Sign up online by clicking here now!

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