January 2016
Play the Recorder Month is March 2016!  
by Nancy Gorbman, ARS Board Member

2014 PtRM Rochester Recorder players from across North America celebrate March as "Play-the-Recorder Month" (PtRM). Many ARS chapters, consorts and recorder orchestras plan special concerts and presentations to illustrate the versatility and beauty of this wonderful instrument. Read on for some suggestions, and for how your group can enter the PtRM contest! 
Recorder Day! 

The third Saturday in March, March 19, 2016, is designated "Recorder Day." ARS members around the world are encouraged to play the new composition written especially for this occasion entitled "Steamed Bass and Fischmaul" by Matthias Maute, an internationally renowned composer, conductor and musician. Matthias comments about his music: 
The title of the piece "Steamed Bass and Fischmaul" was born after a conversation with a witty friend who was - rightly so! -bemused by the word Fischmaul-technique. This technique, as far as I know officially launched by Hans-Martin Linde in the 60s, helps to keep notes short by briefly opening the mouth in between notes. It goes without saying that a simple movement with the tongue at the end of a note will result in the same staccato effect, albeit with much less effort. This more refined technique has put the "Fischmaul" out of business. Here is to its memory! 
You will find the music score in the centerfold of the Winter 2015 issue of American Recorder magazine or as an ARS website download. Not a member? Join now and download it immediately. Your first year of membership is only $25 (50% discount)!  You can also access a press release and planning guide online
Last year the Seattle Recorder Society Chapter performed a program titled "Music from Around the World." Local groups participating included the Recorder Orchestra of Puget Sound, Maple Forest Duo (recorder duet), a recorder trio and ensembles that included guitar, voice and drums. The event included a "Play-In" where music for a Turkish March was distributed in advance, but music was also available for anyone who wanted to play at the event.  There was a free drawing for plastic recorders and an activities table for young children.  
A number of years ago, then SRS Director Peter Seibert led a group of recorder players for an informal concert on the Bainbridge Island Ferry sailing from Seattle and back again playing - you guessed it - Handel's Water Music, which he had arranged for recorders. 
Share your enthusiasm for the recorder!  During the month of March, pick up a recorder and just play for the fun of it - or participate in a concert whether at a local retirement home, a school, community center, cafe or on a concert stage.  One shared musical experience can go a long way toward the enrichment of many lives!

Play-the-Recorder Month Contest 

Chapters, consorts and recorder orchestras are eligible to enter the "Play-the-Recorder Month Contest." Entry forms are available on the ARS website.  Prizes will include various gift certificates to recorder instrument and music vendors. The deadline for completed entries is April 15. 
Entries are based on the following criteria:
●      Number of Events.
●      Where did the events take place?
●      How many Performers were involved?
●      Were Outside Groups or Players involved?
●      Did any event occur on Play-The-Recorder Day, March 15, 2016?
●      Did you perform "Steamed Bass and Fischmaul" in your program? 
●      Were children involved? 
●      Were Beginners/Novices involved?
●      How did you publicize your event?
●      Uniqueness Factor
●      Other information about your event(s) you would like to share.

Prizes will be awarded for the most imaginative chapter events, the largest percentage increase in new members of a chapter, consort or recorder orchestra, and the most new members in a chapter.
New this year!  Early Music America has designated March as "Early Music Month."  See the EMA website for related activities. 
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