September 2015
Fund your next project with an ARS Chapter Grant!
West Hawaii Recorders workshop with Rotem Gilbert
West Hawaii Recorders workshop, "New to Recorder" class with Rotem Gilbert

For many of us, our local chapters are resuming their monthly playing sessions after a summer hiatus. We're eager to return to regular playing sessions and perhaps our chapters have special events planned. Let the ARS help you! Does your chapter desire to host a professional concert or workshop? Is the chapter saving to purchase any instruments or musical equipment? Does your chapter have a project involving ensembles playing in local schools that needs funding assistance? ARS Chapter Grants can help your chapter obtain a number of goals including:

1.    hiring a professional recorderist to provide lessons, give a workshop, or conduct a chapter session; 
2.    advertising workshops or concerts put on by the chapter; 
3.    providing special services (e.g. for impaired players);  
4.    purchasing or repairing chapter-owned instruments; 
5.    purchasing music or hardware such as music stands; 
6.    any other innovative idea that will benefit your members!

Rotem Gilbert, Professional Recorderist
Rotem Gilbert, Professional Recorderist
Last year, West Hawaii Recorders, an American Recorder Society Chapter, received an ARS Chapter Grant to bring Rotem Gilbert to the Big Island to teach a local workshop. Their workshop was a great success with attendees responding, "Rotem is a delightful, energetic and positive instructor...everyone left with helpful hints on how to be a better recorder player no matter what level." The enthusiasm and benefits from their experience carried far beyond the workshop itself as the chapter retained a number of new recorder players who continue to participate in the chapter sessions long after the workshop ended.

We want to help you succeed in meeting your chapter's goals and projects and enrich your recorder-playing experiences. The ARS Chapter Grants are available to any 10-member or larger ARS-affiliated chapter. To apply, download the application from the ARS website. In any one year, an individual chapter may obtain up to $500 in grant money. Applications are assessed on a competitive basis by the Chapters, Consorts, and Recorder Orchestra committee.

Upcoming Deadline: November 15, 2015 for any project starting after January 1, 2016. For summer/fall projects you may apply by
May 15, 2016 for any project beginning after July 1, 2016.

The ARS looks forward to helping you fund your chapter's projects and we want to hear of and share in your successes!   
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