Volume 4 | April 30 2018
April 2018 Review
Welcome From the ASA Chair
Plan Your Conferences for 2019!
Dear Colleagues:
2019 will be a rich year for conference opportunities!  In the first half of the year alone, our industry will have the choice of attending three major North American conferences:  The inaugural  ASA conference in Washington, D.C., “The State of Our Union: U.S. Acupuncturists in American Healthcare” ; the  Society for Acupuncture Research (SAR) conference in Burlington Vermont, “Health Care Policy, Acupuncture Research, and Community Health...
Closing the Loop” ; and  the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture (AAMA) academic conference  in Phoenix, Arizona (theme to be announced).   For the first time ever, the AAMA will be making special outreach to Licensed Acupuncturists and offering NCCAOM PDA’s at its 2019 meeting!
All of these conferences will be phenomenal!  If you are a Licensed Acupuncturist and interested in the growth of your profession, from state to national to international, if you are a state or national leader in your professional associations, a school leader, or just care about the crafting of the shape of your industry, you must be at the ASA meeting.  If you have a passion for research and want to understand the impact research has on moving health care policy forward and how it shapes clinical practice, do not miss the SAR conference.  If you want a rich, academic, high level program exploring many schools of practice, the AAMA conference should be on your calendar.  Particularly, if you are an MD or DO practicing acupuncture, this conference should be your top priority for 2019!
This year of the Earth Dog offers us the inspiration to highlight loyalty, abundance, companionship, and level-headed relationship building.  Consider attending all three of these fantastic events and bring this energy into manifestation!

Dr. David Miller, MD, L.Ac
ASA Chair
Acupuncture News
Air Force Chief of Staff,
4-Star Gen. Goldfein
Promotes Use of Acupuncture for Bell's Palsy
ORLANDO, Florida — During a Friday morning speech to airmen,  the Air Force’s top general revealed he has a recoverable condition called Bell’s palsy, but will receive treatment and continue on as chief of staff. He credits acupuncture...

ASA Council Member Elizabeth Ropp, Board Member of New Hampshire Acupuncture & Asian Medicine Association (NHAAMA) created the image featured here to honor not only Gen. David Goldfein for his promotion of acupuncture for his condition, but also the 40,000 people diagnosed with Bell's palsy every year.
"Getting To The Point"
Documentary Series
Episode 1
The Acupuncture Now Foundation, together with award winning director Doug Dearth, are excited to be releasing the first episode of our “Getting to the Point” documentary series for free viewing to the public starting May 1, 2018.

In order to reach the greatest audience possible, we are asking every acupuncturist we can reach to both watch the film on the ANF website and then tell everybody they know to do the same – watch and share.
This is a free, high quality documentary that shows a Licensed Acupuncturist as a caring, highly professional member of a hospital staff providing critical care to very sick children. Every acupuncturist should want as many people as possible to see this film. I urge your organization to please take the time to share this widely.

Contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns and thank you for helping to promote the acupuncture/TCM profession. 

Matthew Bauer, L.Ac.
The Acupuncture Now Foundation
Calling All Acupuncturists
by Viktor Krystufek, Dipl. OM, L.Ac
ASA Council Member Viktor Krystufek, Board Member for Acupuncture Society of New York (ASNY) issued a call to action for all acupuncturists nation-wide.

Viktor stresses the importance of utilizing both your state and national association to work together for policy change and industry advancement.

At ASA, we recognize that many of us come to this industry with skill sets that are useful in more than just our treatment rooms. We encourage all of you to find ways to get involved with ASA and its state member organizations and see what we can all do. WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER!
In Their Own Words
The results of the first ASA Survey of Acupuncturists In Their Own Words revealed how important associations are to the industry on a state and national level and what we can do to improve our outreach to better represent you. We've compiled a presentation showing a sample of the feedback, both good and bad. We heard you loud and clear: on every level you want unity, consistency, and advocacy. We take this very seriously and hold your words to us at heart as we continue to try and be the best state and national representatives for this industry.

ASA Chair Dr. David Miller, MD, L.Ac at the 30th AAMA Annual Symposium. The 31st Annual AAMA Symposium will be held April 12-14, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Miller serves as co-chair of the Symposium. This will be the first year CEUs will be offered to Licensed Acupuncturists who are not MDs.
ASA Vice Chair Amy Mager, representing at the 2018 Integrative Fertility Symposium in Vancouver. Amy is displaying the new ASA-branded DVPRS Pain Scale being used to determine the efficacy of all therapies, including acupuncture, for pain.

States In Action
California Acupuncture and
Traditional Medicine Association
CalATMA: A United California!
There is a mission to form a statewide acupuncture association, 14 steering committee members, among them 8 representing major acupuncture organizations in Southern and Northern California were sworn in by State Assembly member Evan Low on April 8 in the State Capitol during the inaugural meeting.

The steering committee went on to elect Michael Fox, current President of the California Acupuncture Association, as chair; Anyork Lee of United Acupuncture Association as vice-chair; and Jung Eun Seo of American Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine Association as Secretary/Treasurer. Also appointed to organizational seats on the steering committee were: Yong Ping Chen of California Acupuncture United Association, Francisco Kim, Association of Korean Asian Medicine and Acupuncture of California, Michelle Lau of Council of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Associations, Victoria Tuan of American Society of Chinese Midicine, Tiffany Tuftee of California State Oriental Medicine Association, and Chulong Xue of American Association of Chinese Medine and Acupuncture. The five at-large appointees were Angela Lee, Pyengsoo Jeong, Neal Miller, Chang Sok Suh, and Joyce Wu.

It is hoped that a unified statewide association will take acupuncture profession to new heights. Currently there are about 25 to 30 acupuncture associations in California. This tends to dilute the voice of the profession, often leaving policymakers to sort through issues on their own. With the vision of unifying the community, Low held three very successful acupuncture stakeholder meetings in February in Los Angeles, San Jose, and Sacramento respectively, in which more than 100 leaders of acupuncture community attended. These meetings helped build momentum for unification, which subsequently lead to the establishment of the steering committee.
The Steering Committee for CalATMA will be meeting again May 6 in San Francisco, working for a unified voice in the acupuncture trade for the CA legislation. 

On tap will be basic governance issues as we wait for incorporation approval: 
Mission statement, legal filings, staffing, subcommittees, future meeting dates.  
Acupuncture Society of New York
ASNY Annual Meeting & Fundraising Gala
What a Night! April 14, 2018 marked a hugely successful, sold-out fundraising gala hosted by the Acupuncture Society of New York (ASNY) after its annual meeting earlier that afternoon. With over 250 in attendance, acupuncturists, sponsors, and supporters from all over the state came together for food, friends, dancing, recognition of accomplishments, and fun. 

ASNY members had the opportunity to participate in ASNY’s Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors earlier in the afternoon where 2017 activities were reported, including the passage of the Acupuncture Herbal Bill, attendance at the American Society of Acupuncturists (ASA) conferences in Philadelphia in 2017 & recently in Denver in 2018, and updates on important issues such as Dry Needling in NY, Workers Compensation and Insurance inclusion status, and the role of acupuncture on the Opioid Crisis front. Also, the slate for Board of Directors was unanimously elected by those who participated in the online election process. 

After the meeting, the party commenced with a cocktail hour, awards presentations, dinner and dancing. Highlights of the evening included words of support from Honorable NYS Senator Kemp Hannon and Honorable NYS Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, a smile-cracking sword demonstration by our much loved Steve Schram, and fun glamour shots at the photo booth provided by local Chinese Medicine shop Kamwo, Inc. Dancing and good times lasted until midnight. It was a tremendously inspiring and affirming night for all who attended. 

Now that the party is over, ASNY is back at working hard organizing its annual Albany Lobby Day May 15, 2018 where we have multiple meetings arranged with key legislators to increase their awareness of acupuncture and its important role in NYS healthcare.

Connecticut Association of Acupuncturists
CSAOM Testimony to
Committee on Children
On Monday the 23, 2018, LAcs Maggie Barili and Jody Eisemann, (President and VP of the CT Association of Acupuncturists gave testimony to the Committee on Children informational Forum in at the state capital in Hartford concerning alternative treatments to deal with the current opioid addiction epidemic. 

Maggie gave a comprehensive fifteen minute presentation on the proven mechanisms of acupuncture, and the essential role it plays in the treatment and prevention of opioid addiction. She included a plug for acupuncture to be added into the DPH statute, section 20-1 Healing Arts definition, and for acupuncture to be made an essential care benefit in the state of CT. 

Among many questions about acupuncture, the ranking members were very interested in Vermont’s Medicaid pilot study on Acupuncture For Chronic Pain.
Wisconsin Society of Certified Acupuncturists
Wisconsin DHS Recommends Acupuncture Pilot Program

  • WI Act 59 (2017-2019 budget bill) proposed the DHS assess and report on the necessity for a physical medicine pilot program to expand the WI Medicaid coverage for the treatment of low back pain using physical therapy and chiropractics.

  • On March 14, 2018 WISCA provided comment on the evidence base for acupuncture to treat low back pain, and a recommendation that such a physical medicine pilot include acupuncture.

  • On April 2, 2018 the DHS released their report to the Legislature recommending against the need for a physical medicine pilot to expand physical therapy and chiropractic services, since such services are "generously covered by Wisconsin Medicaid. However, the report stated, "Of the series analyzed for this report, acupuncture had the strongest evidence base.”

  • The report goes on to say that since acupuncture is not currently covered by Wisconsin Medicaid, acupuncture could present an option to pilot a new coverage benefit. The benefit change would need legislative approval.

  • WISCA Invited To Present On Acupuncture To WI Governor's Task Force on Opioid Abuse
Michigan Association of
Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
MAAOM Annual Meetings
MAAOM Held the first of its three annual membership meetings in Grand Rapids on March 31st. 

About 20 area acupuncturists got updates from the board on finances, new members, creation of a governance committee, the progress of the acupuncture licensure bill, SB 683, the recent annual ASA meeting, and the upcoming Jeffrey Yuen seminar: " The Journey Through Fertility and Pregnancy ."

MAAOM Legislative Chair Henry Buchtel presented at the NADA regional meeting in Lansing, MI, on April 21.

The panel discussion was titled "NADA's Legacy in Michigan," and the two other speakers were Marilyn Miller, retired administrator of the Michigan Bureau of Substance Abuse and Addiction Services, and Angie Butterwick-Smith, women's treatment specialist at the Office of Recovery Oriented Systems of Care.

In attendance were members Mark Ashmun, Craig Houchen, Levi Conley, David Krofcheck, Irv Marcus, Lorinda Lumbert, Arkadiy Sarkisov, Vikki Nestico, and Stephen Durrell, MAAOM Board/Chair members Meagan Bretz, Kristin Swann, Melea Alexander, Henry Buchtel, and Andrew Crapo, and special guest Raymond Wan.
Vermont Acupuncture Association
VTAA Co-Sponsors
Inaugural Integrative
Pain Management Conference
On April 7, 2018, University of Vermont Larnar College of Medicine hosted its inaugural Integrative  Pain Management Conference: National Experts, Local Focus , presented by UVM Integrative Health. The Vermont Acupuncture Association was a co-sponsor of this event. Over 200 participants were in attendance at this sold out conference, including health professionals and students from many disciplines including acupuncturists, chiropractors, medical physicians and nurses, naturopathic physicians, physical therapists and many others.

Janet Kahn gave welcoming statements. Kathryn Van Haste, Director of Health Policy and Health, Veterans & Business Outreach for Senator Bernie Sanders, gave opening remarks with a “homework assignment” to change our fragmented healthcare system. Access to integrative healthcare should be available for all Americans. Keynote speaker, Bob Twillman, Executive Director of the Academy of Integrative Pain Management, presented the three major public health problems: prescription opioid abuse, chronic pain and mental disorders. It takes a team to treat pain, with the patient at the core of that team.

Morning plenary speakers included discussions on “Integrative Medical Group Visit” with Paula Gardiner, MD, MPH, and “Strategies to Addressing Trauma in Chronic Pain Population: with Katy Hansen. Morning breakout sessions included the work of Dr. Helene Langevin and Dr. Michael Kanevsky, on “Fascia, Stretching, Inflammation and Musculoskeletal Pain”, “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” with Ginger Cloud, information on medical cannabis for chronic pain and a discussion on the anti-inflammatory diet.

Afternoon plenary speakers Colonel “Trip” Buckenmaier III, MD (DoD & DVCIPM) and Ben Kligler, MD, MPH (VA), spoke of Integrative Approaches to Pain Measurement and Management. Dr. Buckenmaier discussed integrative pain management treatments used by the DVCIPM. He introduced the  DVPRS . Copies of the DVPRS was distributed to most attendees by VTAA/ASA. He also emphasized the importance of using Western medicine language in showing the data for integrative medicine. Dr. Kligler presented on the Integrative Healthcare at the Veteran’s Administration, with the Whole Health System, whereby there is change in focus from “what’s the matter with you” to “what matters to you.” S.524, Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 (CARA), was discussed. The VA has stepped forward in delivering acupuncture, not just as a substitute for opioids, but its use as an integrative therapy within the whole health models.

Afternoon breakout sessions included  Robert Davis’ presentation  on “New Data on Acupuncture for Medicaid Patients with Chronic Pain.” Arthur Makaris and Richard Pinckney, MD, discussed the Integration of allopathic and Chinese Medicine approaches in the treatment of lower back pain. A panel discussion of payment for integrative care in Vermont was moderated by Janet Kahn with Joshua Plavin of BCBSVT, Scott Strenio, Medicaid Medical Director and Beth Tanzman, Director of VT Blueprint for Health.

The closing panel moderated by Janet Kahn, who discussed creating and sustaining good integrative referral relationships.

The members of the Vermont Acupuncture Association provided acupuncture demonstrations and made many connections local and national. This UVM Integrative Pain Conference was very informational and successful!
Vermont Logo
VT IPM Conference 3
VTAA IPM Conference
VT IPM Conference 2
Acupuncture Association of Colorado
The Acupunture Association of Colorado hosted our 35th annual Conference in Denver with Jeff Nagel, LAc on April 21st- 22nd, 2018. It was a successful event for our association with about 100 attendees and 20 vendors.

At our conference we had out annual meeting where we had a bylaws vote creating a National Liaison position to represent CO in the American Society of Acupuncturists (ASA).
Lonny Jarret
Save the date for next year: We are Hosting Lonny Jarrett April 13-14, 2019 in Denver.
CEU Corner
Upcoming State Association Events
Kansas Association of Oriental Medicine
Acupuncturists Without Borders Training  
Sponsored by KsAOM

Date : May 19 & 20, 2018
Time : 9am to 5:30pm
Cost: $379 by check, $390.82 by cc
Place: Best Western Plus
Kansas City Airport - KCI East
11130 N. Ambassador Dr. 
Kansas City, MO 64153

Lorie Wilson 

The California State Oriental Medical Association (CSOMA) is excited to offer on May 17-18 its 2018 Conference & Expo titled, "The Acupuncture Solution to Pain Management at the Opioid Epidemic." 

The event also includes CSOMA's 2018 General Membership Meeting and a Q&A session with NCCAOM representative Gene London. 

Conference highlights include: onsite catered lunch, multiple prize raffles and a "Mentor Match-Up" for interested students and professionals.
ASA Special 20% Discount on New TCMCeuticals line through May 18, 2018 
Legislative Landscape
Opioids & Chronic Pain
As many of the state associations have gathered, one of the driving influences behind much of the legislation this year has been in response to the nation's opioid misuse epidemic. This is no different on the federal side of things. ASA joined a coalition of organizations in an effort to inform policy makers of the nondrug treatment options available for both pain and addiction that are currently inaccessible due to a lack of reimbursement or a scarcity of available options.

ASA also responded to the Call for Comments by the Senate Finance Committee regarding Opioids in August along with the NCCAOM and ANF.
New Congressional Integrative Health & Wellness Caucus holds Inaugural Meeting
Representatives Jared Polis (D-CO-2nd) and Mike Coffman (R-CO-6th) opened the inaugural meeting of the new Caucus they founded last year. The Integrative Health Policy Consortium hosted the event sponsored by the co-chairs and presented an all-star speaker lineup that included segments on integrative practices within our military and Department of Veterans Affairs along with a session featuring practitioners of integrative modalities that included chiropractic care, naturopathy and acupuncture.

In the midst of the largest health crisis in recent history, the Integrative Health and Wellness Caucus will provide legislators and other policy and regulatory officials the opportunity to understand how shifting the focus in healthcare from reaction to prevention, health creation and promotion can result in considerable cost savings while improving health outcomes for Americans.

Speakers included IHPC Chairman Leonard Wisneski, MD; Margaret Chesney, PhD; Eric Schoomaker, MD, PhD, (Ret) Lt. Gen, US Army; Ben Kligler, MD, MPH; Gerald W. Clum, DC; Emily Telfair, ND; and Bill Reddy, L.Ac. Dipl. Ac.

The videos include opening remarks by Congressman Polis and Congressman Coffman, along with each segment from the event. The full program is also included.

The Integrative Health and Wellness Caucus will serve as a non-partisan educational forum for legislators to receive the latest information from experts on best practices and new research and identify legislative and administrative opportunities across federally funded health programs to bring solutions to the American people.
Opioid/Acupuncture Legislation
Around the Nation
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