December 2016 issue

Space Closing:  November 25, 2016
Materials Due: December 8, 2016
COVER FEATURE: Challenging and complicated cataract surgery
Stepping up 
What to do when the capsule breaks, in post-vitrectomy eyes, with soft lenses, posterior polar cataracts, IFIS, and small pupils
Have a game plan for capsule rupture
Synopsis: Although such cases are rare, surgeons should have a plan and tools ready to execute it in every cataract surgery
Achieving best outcomes with cataract surgery in the post-vitrectomy eye
Synopsis: Awareness of a few possible complicating factors can lead to successful cataract surgeries
Pearls for soft lenses
Synopsis: Considerations for patients with soft lenses
Warming up to posterior polar cataracts
Synopsis: How to spot the signs of posterior polar cataracts and effectively treat them
Managing IFIS and small pupils
Synopsis: Cataract surgeons advise careful step-by-step evaluation for fewer complications
SECONDARY FEATURE: New/current treatments
Preventing endophthalmitis
Synopsis: Update on retina drug prophylaxis
On the crosslinking cusp
Synopsis: Best practices with riboflavin and other similar agents
New glaucoma treatments in development
Synopsis: Leading experts offer their opinions on some of the compounds now in clinical trials
Moving from divide and conquer to phaco chop
Synopsis: Pearls on this transition for young eye surgeons from an ASCRS webinar
Considerations for cataract surgery in short eyes
Synopsis: Preventing iris prolapse, increasing chamber depth, IOL calculations, and more
Infection following femtosecond AK
Synopsis: A case of early- and late-onset infectious keratitis
Predictable refractive outcomes: The future of keratoconus treatment
Synopsis: Experts say PiXL procedure is promising but still has "a long way to go"
"Real world" outcomes better than clinical trial data, LASIK reviews show
Synopsis: Patient surveys indicate a higher satisfaction rate with better visual outcomes than studies have shown
Practice makes perfect
Synopsis: Going lamellar means overcoming a steep learning curve
Intracorneal ring segment use remains controversial
Synopsis: After 20 years, ICRS use is gaining more ground in the U.S. in conjunction with newer technologies, but controversies remain
Finessing Fuchs'
Synopsis: A novel procedure may reduce the need for transplants
Comparison of methods for performing DSAEK
Synopsis: Exploring the methods practicing ophthalmologists use when performing DSAEK
Getting a feel for MicroPulse laser treatment
Synopsis: Surgeons see a role for the newer technology, but for now its reach appears limited
New tool for surgical IOP reduction
Synopsis: Physicians shared their early experiences with the XEN Gel Stent at the 2016 European Glaucoma Society meeting
Today's corneal topographers
Synopsis: Some skeptics claim tomography has more benefits than topography, but both are needed in anterior segment surgery
New plan to reduce global visual impairment by 25% within 5 years
Synopsis: Global action plan targets avoidable blindness in Europe and around the world
PLUS: Reports from the 2016 ESCRS Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark

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