Summer 2017 issue

Space Closing: June 5, 2017
Materials Due: June 15, 2017
COVER FEATURE: Advances in corneal inlays
The Age of Inlays? 
History of inlays, the current market, and what's yet to come
What's available now and what's coming down the pipeline with these presbyopia-correcting implants
Weighing the pros and cons of inlays
They provide another option for presbyopic patients, but careful patient selection is crucial
Choosing a corneal inlay candidate
Experts reveal the right and the wrong patient criteria for corneal inlay implantation
Testing corneal inlays
Strategies for predicting success
Roles vary for inlays among presbyopia treatments
Surgeons' experience with corneal inlays have shown which patients can benefit and how the devices interact with other treatments
Implanting corneal inlays
Experts discuss considerations when implanting different corneal inlays
SECONDARY FEATURE: Controversies in anterior segment surgery
Is it time to move to intracameral antibiotics?
Although evidence of the benefits of intracameral antibiotics continues to mount, some say additional steps are needed before widespread adoption
Going dropless
Experts discuss the pros and cons of "dropless" cataract surgery
Weighing in on NSAID use during cataract surgery
Surgeons share differing views on NSAID effectiveness
Vancomycin-associated HORV: What do we know now?
The latest data on vancomycin-associated HORV and where to go from here
Timing cataract surgery around anti-VEGF injections may be a good idea
Better visual outcomes after phacoemulsification noted in wet AMD patients with more frequent injections and longer exudation-free periods
Era of multifocality
New adds offer new options
Top 10 recommendations for preventing complications in corneal refractive surgery
José Antonio Claros Bernal, MD, shares tips to avoid complications
Prepping the ocular surface for cataract surgery
What to look for, how to treat it, and how to counsel these patients
Preop corneal irregularity approaches for cataract patients
Surgeons discuss the use of topographic or wavefront ablations, Intacs, and CXL to treat corneal irregular astigmatism or stable keratoconus patients before cataract surgery
Tips to diagnose corneal lumps and bumps
Physicians share some of their methods to diagnose and address corneal lumps and bumps prior to cataract surgery
Optimizing the ocular surface with amniotic membrane therapy
Amniotic membrane is known to contain healing properties
Primer for dry eye diagnosis and treatment before dry eye
For better surgical outcomes, don't miss this all-too-common ocular surface problem
MIGS: Understanding the options
Jason Bacharach, MD, adds to the growing discussion around MIGS
Trabeculectomy: Still relevant in the wake of MIGS
While recognizing its advantages, a German specialist explains why MIGS devices cannot entirely replace trabeculectomy
Where extended depth of focus IOLs fit
Surgeons shared what their experiences with EDOF lenses have taught them about patient selection, refractive targets, and mixing EDOF lenses with other types of IOLs
'Tis the season for allergies
Gearing up for springtime ocular allergies
PLUS: Reports from the 2017 ASCRS-ASOA Symposium and Congress, Los Angeles, and the 30th APACRS annual meeting, Hangzhou

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