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CTTC Schedule

ASHRAE Toronto Meetings 2016/2017

Please  click here  to see ASHRAE Toronto's 2016/2017 Program Schedule. Please note that the schedule can change. 

Members will be prompted via email to register for upcoming events
 at  TorontoASHRAE.com

President's Message

Welcome to ASHRAE Toronto Chapter's 2016-17 Year!

After an eventful summer in Toronto, it's time for our membership to reconvene and begin another exciting new ASHRAE year. As this year's Chapter President, I am inspired by the volunteerism and passion of our Board of Governors and Committee Chairs who have generously volunteered their time to serve our Chapter and the HVAC/R industry in the Greater Toronto Area.

Before diving into this year's ASHRAE Toronto theme, I want to take a moment to recognize the achievements of an inspirational Toronto Chapter member - David Underwood - who has dedicated his life's work to benefiting ASHRAE Society.

David Underwood, a Toronto Chapter Life Member, has recently completed his term as ASHRAE Society President, the fourth ever Society President from Canada. During his year as President, David served 54,000 ASHRAE members and traveled globally to communicate our Society's mission to industry professionals, students, faculty members and government associations. David's presidential theme, Making Connections, was one that encouraged social network building across our industry with the ultimate goal of advancing our world through viable, affordable, green technology.

David is a role model, not only to ASHRAE members, but to all engineers and professionals out there that want to lead by example and make positive change in this world. On behalf of the Toronto Chapter, I would like to personally thank David for his contributions to our Society and for representing Toronto on the global stage.

While David was leading our Society last year, our local Toronto Chapter was making great strides of our own. Under the leadership of last year's Toronto Chapter President Alan Porter, we successfully launched new program initiatives, developed additional industry partnerships (with CIBSE and SMACNA) and achieved a record high research promotion contribution. We are fortunate to have Alan Porter remain on the Board of Governors as our Research Promotion Chair and Past-President in 2016-17.

Building upon the success of Alan Porter, my Toronto Chapter presidential theme for this year is Engineering Innovation through Design. Our program will be focused on engineering design, where innovative engineering projects will be showcased from across the GTA, along with the evolving technologies, policies and partnerships that have enable HVAC/R innovation within our industry. To align with this theme, our Chapter has established a set of goals for this year.

ASHRAE Toronto Chapter - 2016-17 Goals
  • Increase the enrollment of design engineers within our membership
  • Enhance our Chapter Program by strengthening our value and broadening our reach within the HVAC/R industry. Program enhancements will include the following:
    • Introduce a technical breakfast seminar series into our yearly program.
    • Introduce a Women in ASHRAE (WIA) event.
    • Expand our annual ASHRAE Toronto Career Fair
  • Increase the number of networking opportunities to enable our members to Make Connections
  • Increase the number of ASHRAE Technology Awards submitted by Toronto Chapter members
  • Recognize ASHRAE Toronto member contributions to our Society and the HVAC/R industry
We are well ahead of planning for our 2016-17 program and our schedule will be published on the Toronto ASHRAE website in the coming weeks. It's an exciting program with newly added seminars, tours and networking opportunities. Our Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) and Student Activities (SA) programs are in motion, with the Toronto Chapter leading the way globally in the number of active Student Branches. Our chapter will continue to engage in government and policy discussions through our Grassroots Government Advocacy (GGA) committee. As always, our Chapter will continue to raise funds for ASHRAE Research Canada where all donations are reinvested into Canadian HVAC/R research initiatives.

You will learn more about ASHRAE Toronto's progress through email communications, including event announcements and our monthly Toronto Chapter Gazette. We will be kicking off our dinner meeting program at Ryerson University with our first dinner meeting on Monday October 3rd, 2016 (details below).

I feel honoured and privileged to serve as your ASHRAE Toronto Chapter President this year and will work closely with our Board of Governors, Committee Chairs and volunteers to serve you, our members, by fulfilling our Chapter's mission and achieving the goals we have established for this year.

Thank you for your continued support of ASHRAE Toronto and I look forward to meeting you at our upcoming events.

Marco Ottavino, P.Eng., MBA
ASHRAE Toronto President
Notice of Meeting

October Dinner Meeting

Monday, October 3rd, 2015

Facility Tour: 4 pm - 5 pm ( register)
Ryerson University Student Learning Centre ( map)
341 Yonge Street,  Toronto, ON,  M5B 1S1

Networking and Dinner: 5 pm - 9 pm ( register)
Bond Place Hotel Toronto ( map)
65 Dundas Street East,  Toronto, ON,  M5B 2G8

Ryerson University Student Learning Centre
The Five Year Follow-up

5 years ago, during the first dinner meeting of 2011, we showcased Ryerson University's new Student Learning Centre (Pre-Construction).

5 years later, now that the building has been occupied for over a year - ASHRAE Toronto's first dinner meeting of 2016 will beshowcasing the project Post-Construction accompanied by a facility tour. 

The speaker (see "Guest Speaker" section below) will touch base on the following topics during the presentation:

- Evolution of the design from Pre-Construction to Post-Construction
* Design challenges
* Cost analysis
* How changes to programmes were dealt
- How the use of REVIT was vital during Construction 
- Achievements! 

Guest Speaker:
Hossain Khoee, P.Eng, LEED AP
Principal, Crossey Engineering Limited

Crossey Engineering Limited has completed the mechanical design for the new Student Learning Centre. Crossey is a multi-disciplined consulting engineering firm, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, and has been providing professional engineering services since 1963. They have worked on projects across Canada and around the world, in various industries and sectors, including: Public, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Peforming Arts, Gaming and Education.

Hossain Khoee, P.Eng & LEED AP, is a Principal at Crossey and will be providing ASHRAE members and guests with an overview of the Mechanical and HVAC design characteristics of this facility.


Need Assistance?
Feel free to contact the following members for further details:

Abhishek Khurana
ASHRAE Toronto Chapter Technology Transfer Committee Chair

Gazette Sponsors

ASHRAE Toronto Chapter thanks the following
companies for their support of the Gazette

Contact Emma Wildeman to post your business card here!

Special Announcement

ASHRAE Toronto Chapter and SMACNA have partnered to sponsor our 2nd Industry Exposition & Seminar

Take this opportunity to display a sampling of your product lines at the upcoming ASHRAE / SMACNA Toronto Exposition & Seminar.

This is also an excellent opportunity for contractors to get their name in front of the engineering community by taking a table to display literature promoting their firm and its capabilities.

The exposition is scheduled for Monday, November 7, 2016 at the Sheraton Parkway North Hotel situated a Hwy 7 and Leslie street. Expo times will be 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm with the opportunity to commence set-up after 1:00 pm on the day of the expo.

If you are interested in registering as a Vendor for this event, please proceed to the following link:  http://torontoashrae.com/event-2278595
We look forward to seeing you there!
Toronto Chapter CTTC Chair 2016-2017

May Meeting Summary

May 2016 Dinner Meeting Summary

Air Curtains 101

The presentation for the final ASHRAE meeting of the 2015/2016 year was delivered by Frank Cuaderno, VP of Engineering at Mars Air Systems, based out of California. Mr. Cuaderno has over 20 years of experience with HVAC and air curtain systems design. He is also a respected ASHRAE member who has served as a voting member of ASHRAE TC 5.3, as well as various ASHRAE sub-committees and AMCA committees. He is also the first, and current chair of the newly formed ASHRAE TC 5.3 Air Curtain Engineering Sub-committee and also chairs the AMCA 222 committee.
Mr. Cuaderno delivered an informative presentation of the effectiveness of air curtains and the large strides that he and his colleagues have taken towards making them a common and effective system in any building.

Air curtains have several positive impacts, from reducing infiltration and air transfer to inhibiting flying insects, dust and debris, all while maintaining an open passageway for people, vehicles and other applications to pass through. This can be especially useful in applications with high traffic such as the food and hospitality industry (drive-thru windows, walk-in freezers) or Industrial and Distribution Centers (clean rooms, loading dock doors, and refrigerated warehouses).

Frank explained that air curtain applications can be split into seven main categories:
  • Exterior Environmental Separation
  • Interior Environmental Separation
  • Flying Insect Control
  • Coolers/Chill Rooms and Freezers/ Cold Stores
  • Ovens
  • Negative Building Pressure
  • Special/Custom
Mr. Cuaderno then delved into the operation of these systems, stating that they can be classified by two types of construction.

The first is a non-recirculating system which draws air into the unit directly from the surrounding environment and discharges it at a concentrated, high velocity to maintain the barrier. The second system is a recirculating system which draws air through ductwork that primarily collects and returns the discharge air back to the inlet, creating a constant loop.

Figure 1: Schematic of a non-recirculating and recirculating air curtain.

Installing an air curtain can create several benefits to a building including energy savings, reduction to the heat and cooling load and potential rebates from local utility companies. In fact, the continued development and testing of air curtains has even led to them being accepted as an alternative to vestibules which can be expensive and take up valuable floor space. Under the IGCC (2012) and the IECC (2015), AMCA air curtains have been included as an acceptable alternative to vestibules. ASHRAE is also planning to add air curtains under ASHRAE 90.1 as part of their next edition.

Air curtain research has even shown that air curtains are more effective than a vestibule in some cases, citing a 0.2%-2.6% savings on a building's entire energy consumption.

Having air curtains recognized as a viable option was not an easy task, which Mr. Cuaderno explained. There were several rounds of testing, modules and submissions before it began receiving recognition. The presentation moved on to discuss the testing and results that were found with the use of air curtains for environment separation.

One test that was described included the use of an air curtain installed between neighbouring rooms to determine its effectiveness at mitigating heat loss/gains. The diagram below shows a room that was divided into two using an air curtain. On one side the room was air conditioned, while the other side was heated.  The test results shows that the cool side of the room rose a maximum of six degrees Celsius, while the warm side cooled by a maximum of six degrees Celsius. The ability of the air curtain to maintain the cool temperature on the left side of the room and the warm temperature on the right side of the room with minimal heat transfer can be seen as time progresses below. 

Figure 2: Computational fluid dynamics test of an air curtain's effectiveness.

A second test displayed how an air curtain can be effective in an application such as a warehouse, where loading doors are open for long periods of time, causing unmitigated heat loss. The diagram below shows the difference in heat gain with an air curtain vs. without. The test results show an evident advantage when an air curtain is in place. The rate of heat loss with an air curtain is lower after 10 minutes with an air curtain than after thirty seconds without one present.

Figure 3: Heat gain without an air curtain.

Figure 4: Heat gain with an air curtain.

From here, the presentation moved on to discuss the different types of air curtain products available for various applications including different sizes and additional heating options. It also discussed the various sizes and strengths of air curtains and the appropriate installation heights for different applications (i.e. temperature control vs. insect control). There were also various styles including recessed ceiling mounted curtains for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Frank summarized by stating that while there are several standard air curtains available for use, it is important to recognize that there is no perfect solution for all situations. The air curtain needs to be sized for each job.

As air curtains continue to improve and become more commonly used in the industry, it will be exciting to see how they alter the design and layout of buildings. It is certainly an interesting time to be involved in this developing industry.

Written by,
Michael Peterson, B.Eng.
Project Associate
WSP Canada Inc.

May Meeting Photos

Brendan McDermott (Toronto Chapter CTTC Chair 2015-2016) thanking Frank R. Cuaderno
on behalf of the chapter for the presentation

Frank R. Cuaderno, Vice President of Engineering for Mars Air Systems,
presenting on Air Curtains 101

Induction of the 2016-2017 Toronto Chapter Executives and Board of Goveners.
Left to right: Peter Turk, Mike Genin, Emma Wildeman, Dragos Paraschiv,
David Sinclair, Kurt Monteiro, Marco Ottavino, Al Porter, Abhishek Khurana,
Brendan McDermott, and Anne Marie Bundgard

June Golf Tournament and Cycling Tour

Every June our chapter gathers with its members and non-members for a relaxing day on the green with dinner to follow. 2016's golf tournament was held on Monday June 13th at Nobleton Lakes Golf Course.

The golfers headed out in groups of 4 for a full day of shotgun/scramble format with lunch included. Those who did not golf had the pleasure of enjoying a cycling tour in the rolling country side surrounding the golf course or simply attended the dinner only.

Various companies generously sponsored ASHRAE research for the opportunity of table displays, special mention at dinner, signage posted of logos, and green flags with logos.

Highlight of the biking tour was the fully functional bike circa 1800s, the bike rode
the full course with no breaks or gears!


Summer Social

August 18th the ASHRAE Toronto Chapter held its first summer social! It was a chance for members and non-members alike to relax and network over a drink. The event was a blow-out hit and attracted over 50 people.

Our chapter hopes that the tradition continues as a mechanism to engage the industry over the summer. ASHRAE typically takes a break from scheduled chapter events from June to September with the regular programming commencing in October. We thought the summer social was a great way to offer a chapter activity over the summer.

Brendan McDermott (CTTC Chair 2015-2016), Abhishek Khurana (CTTC Chair 2016-2017)
and Marco Ottavino (Chapter President 2016-2017) trading ASHRAE tips over a pint.

2016 Career Fair

ASHRAE Toronto- 6th Annual  Career  Fair
On March 9th, 2016, ASHRAE Toronto hosted our 6th Annual  Career Fair at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto. This event is one of the only  career fairs in Ontario dedicated to promoting opportunities within the building sciences and HVAC industry. The event was a tremendous success with over 500+ job seekers passing through the event space to meet with 14 employers actively hiring within this industry. ASHRAE Toronto introduced two  careerworkshop sessions to this year's event. Sibby Dunlop, Director at PMC Specialty Recruitment Solutions, provided job seekers with insights on job searching and interviewing fundamentals, while Kurt Monteiro, Principal at Smith+Andersen, provided a detailed overview on the roles and responsibilities of consulting engineers. Both presentations were informative and added tremendous value to job seekers exploring the engineering job market and preparing for upcoming opportunity pursuits.
Employers - Thank you for supporting the 6th Annual ASHRAE Toronto  Career Fair!
  • Armstrong Fluid Technology
  • Trane Canada ULC
  • SPX Cooling Technologies
  • Victaulic
  • Airex
  • Labworks International Inc.
  • AIRON Group
  • Carrier Enterprise Canada, L.P.
  • Ambient Mechanical Ltd.
  • Engineered Air
  • Crossey Engineering Ltd.
  • EH Price
  • Smith + Andersen Consulting Engineering
  • Environmental System Corporation
Thank you to all the employers listed above for supporting this event and to Sibby and Kurt for their contributions to assisting the motivated and ambitious job seekers that attended this year's event. Special thanks to the Ryerson University ASHRAE Student Branch for organizing and managing the onsite logistics.

Research Promotion

I look forward to facilitating   the ASHRAE Toronto Chapter Research Promotion campaign for the upcoming year.

The Toronto Chapter goal for 2016-2017 is $36,500. Last year we exceeded our goal of $35,000 by $2,580. Thanks to those that supported last year's campaign. I hope you all will contribute to funding research in Canada again this year.

Research develops technical information and creates standards and guidelines used as the basis for testing and design practises in Canada and around the world. This information is the backbone for Handbooks, the Journal, Standards and Certification/other programs.

Donations can be made on line as well as by mailing to ASHRAE HQ in Atlanta.

50/50 draws are back again this year at the dinner meetings and at golf/special events.

100% of contributions made to ASHRAE Research Canada fund research projects in Canada

Alan J. Porter, P. Eng.
Toronto Chapter Research Promotion Committee Chair 2016-2017

Chapter Committee Updates

Chapter Technology Transfer Committee (CTTC)

Dear Membership - Welcome to 2016-2017!
This ASHRAE year will focus on our lovely city of Toronto and the surrounding GTA - Members can look forward to recent projects in the city, participating in facility/technical tours, networking events, educational breakfast seminars and much more.
The programs committee has worked hard over the summer to ensure an action packed year, just for you!
Please stay tuned for upcoming event invitations. The schedule will be posted on the website soon.
Looking forward to a great year ahead!

Abhishek Khurana
CTTC Committee Chair 2016-2017

Grassroots and Government Affairs Committee (GGAC)

CRC, Moncton, NB - August 25-27, 2016

It was apparent from the report at our GGAC session that ASHRAE now understands the initial marketing approach wasn't well thought out. ASHRAE is in the process of hiring a marketing consultant to lay out a better approach as to how we should conduct our GGAC activities. This is a major shift and is a good start. 
"The devil is in the details", and that's where I believe all the Canadian Chapters should advocate for a "Made in Canada" marketing approach. Whoever it is that undertakes the marketing responsibility at ASHRAE needs to understand that a U.S.-centric approach will weaken what we hope to initiate in Canada. I believe the ASHRAE consultant should be made aware of the differences between the U.S. and Canada.
I'll cite as an example, references that were made in Moncton to the "International Code Council (ICC)". The ICC is U.S. based and is not "international":
ISO5001 is the international reference:
The Canadian reference point is NRCan and the National Energy Code for Buildings. We need to dialogue with ASHRAE on these very points.

Steve Clayman
Toronto Chapter GGAC Committee Chair 2016-2017

Membership Committee

Thank you members, new and old, for another year of ASHRAE in Toronto! I hope the 2016-2017 schedule brings value and insight, and helps with developing tools for your career. Whether you intend to gain networking and industry connections, or technical resources, our chapter is here to assist.

Looking forward to meeting and reconnecting with members at the first dinner meeting on October 3rd, and at the many dinner meetings to come.

Emma Wildeman
Toronto Chapter Membership Committee Chair 2016-2017

Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Committee

Calling all Young Engineers in ASHRAE! We have an exciting year ahead with our Toronto Chapter. Our first informal pub night of the year will be after the dinner meeting on Monday October 3rd. We will be ambling over to a local bar to network and chat. Details to be announced at the dinner meeting

Also to be announced at the October dinner meeting is our first scheduled YEA event.  It will be a combined event with our Student Activities members. We will be discussing social events for the coming year too, make sure you attend and give your input!
Toronto Chapter YEA Committee Chair 2016-2017

Student Activities Committee

Welcome back to another year of events and ASHRAE excitement. The first dinner meeting being held on Oct 3rd at Ryerson is student night! So students, remember to register and attend! 
If you are interested in volunteering with ASHRAE or have any questions regarding scholarships, projects or ASHRAE in general. Feel free to reach out to me.

Toronto Chapter Student Activities Committee Chair 2016-2017


PAOE or Presidents Award Of Excellence, provides the chapters in Region II with a means of measuring success across a wide range of chapter operations. It is meant as a tool to guide the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs towards their goals. Below is a summary of PAOE Points for all of the Chapters in Region II so far this year.

Toronto Chapter President 2016-2017


2016 Region II CRC
Moncton, NB (NB/PEI Chapter Host)

Chapter activities and events across all ASHRAE chapters take a break during the summer months - but that's not to say the volunteers of each chapter aren't hard at work during that time. Summer allows time for the chapter volunteers to come together and plan the activities for the "ASHRAE year" (October to May).
Each year the pinnacle of this chapter planning is the Chapter Regional Conference (CRC). Each region in ASHRAE hosts an event where all the chapters across the region meet to trade ideas, best practices, and affirm how chapters should be run.
Toronto's region is Region II...did you know it is the only all Canadian region in ASHRAE society?
Region II's CRC for 2016 was hosted by the NB/PEI Chapter and held in Moncton New Brunswick. Toronto was very grateful for their hospitality and Toronto chapter volunteers enjoyed the weekend away from home doing all things ASHRAE.
Here are some highlights from Region II's 2016 CRC:

Regional business meeting

Al Porter (Toronto Chapter President 2015-2016, now 2016-2017 Toronto Chapter
Research  Promotion Chair)  accepting the Presidential award

Marco and Daniel Ottavino accepting the Toronto Chapter award for achieving
Toronto Chapter's Research fundraising goal on behalf of
Glenn Kilmer (Toronto Chapter Research Promotion Chair 2016-2017)

Chapter banners for all the Region II chapters

Membership promotion committee workshop underway

Toronto chapter mingling and relaxing with other chapters at the hospitality suit
after a day of ASHRAE

Bay of Fundy companions tour, an activity for family members of ASHRAE volunteers

Teresa Jiang (Toronto Chapter YEA Chair 2016-2017) on the lobster cruise

Social Media

We have grown our base of followers since we started our incursion in social media. We have been in Twitter and Facebook since 2011 and just last year launched our official LinkedIn page (check it out!).

Thank you to our 285 followers on Twitter, our 441 likers on Facebook and our new 187 followers on LinkedIn.

Do you want to know about what is happening with our chapter? Join the conversation!