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American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians News  | August 31, 2016
  1. Registration now Open for October Spinal Cord Stimulation Course
  2. ASIPP to hold one-day Interventional Pain Management Cadaver Workshop in Orlando
  3. ABIPP Certification Made Simple
  4. Are You Ready for October 2016: Honeymoon is Coming to a End. Order Your Pocket Guide Today! 
  5. Listen to August ASIPP Podcast 
  6. Start Planning NOW! ASIPP to Begin Accepting Abstracts for 2017 Annual Meeting 
  7. MACRA Brings Big Concerns for Small Practice 
  8. FDA Approves Nerve Ablation Device for Low Back Pain
  9. Neuroimaging: Applications in Chronic Pain Management
  10. Factors Predictive of Early Spondyloarthritis-Associated Lower Back Pain
  11. Medication-Assisted Therapy for Opioid Dependence: the Betty Ford Model
  12. Non-Opioid Alternatives for the Management of Chronic Pain 
  13. FDA OKs Concussion Screening App
  14. State Society News 
  15. Physicians Wanted
octoberRegistration now Open for October Spinal Cord Stimulation Course
Register today to attend the Spinal Cord Stimulation Comprehensive Review Course and Cadaver Workshop, Oct. 21, 22 in Orlando. Florida.

The hotel for this meeting will be the Caribe Royale. More information on the ASIPP Room Block and meeting brochure will be available soon!
Caribe Royale
8101 World Center Drive ,
Orlando FL 32821

407-238-8000 Direct
800-823-8300 Reservation

Click HERE to Register for the Course



ipmRegister today for the ASIPP Interventional Pain Management Hands-on Cadaver Workshop set for Oct. 22 in Orlando, FL
This one-day hands-on cadaver workshop will be for Basic, Intermediate and ABIPP Exam Preparation (Advanced). The course includes video lectures and PDF copies of the video presentations.
The host hotel will be the Caribe Royale.
Click HERE to register.
abippABIPP Certification Made Simple
The American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians (ABIPP) has developed certification programs that recognize accepted levels of knowledge and expertise in the interventional pain management profession, with the goal of improved patient care. Hundreds of qualified physicians have made the commitment to become ABIPP certified. ABIPP is recognized in 11 states. Ten states have no statutes governing specialty boards. Approval is pending in remaining states.
ABIPP is a Specialty Board providing certifications in the following areas:
Board Certification in Interventional Pain Management
Either with ABMS pain medicine board certification or  ABMS primary certification only

Competency Certification in:
* Interventional Pain Management
Regenerative Medicine
Controlled Substance Management
Coding, Compliance, and Practice Management
Fluoroscopic Interpretation and Radiological Safety
Endoscopic Spinal Decompression
Click HERE to view Pathway to ABIPP Certification

More information  www.abipp.org
Are You Ready for October 2016: Honeymoon is Coming to an End
Order Your Pocket Guide Today!

October 1, 2016, is coming. Along with it comes the end of the honeymoon period for ICD-10-CM is also coming. It essentially means you have to get ready for proper coding for the upcoming years.
Starting October 1, 2016, you must have a specific diagnosis for each condition you treat and for each procedure you perform.
You don't need to hit the panic button; there is help for preparation. But you should act now!
You can be prepared for the challenges of ICD-10-CM by purchasing the most definitive ICD-10-CM resource for interventional pain physicians.
If you have not already purchased and reviewed the ICD-10-CM for Interventional Pain Management: A Practical Guide, a pocket guide which will fit nicely in your pocket, you should order it immediately, not only for yourself, but for your staff, electronic and hard copy versions.
This exhaustive guide for interventional pain physicians will assist you with numerous intricacies of coding for interventional pain management. If you are not immediately ordering this practice guide, answer the following questions:
1. If you perform caudal epidural injection and cervical interlaminar epidural injection in a cervical and lumbar post surgery syndrome patient, can you use the same code for both procedures and get paid?
2. Can you perform lumbar transforaminal epidural injections at L5 and S1 in a patient with lumbar radiculitis at L5 only?
3. Can you use disc herniation and radiculopathy codes in the same patient in the same region?
If you answer "yes" for any of the above questions, you urgently need to prepare yourself and review these guidance.
Please prepare for your future.by ordering immediately at a 25% discount. Go to http://www.asipppublishing.com/ and make your purchase today!

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podListen to August ASIPP Podcast


In the August ASIPP podcast we'll be talking with Christy Davies of Apex Biologix about the business potential of adding regenerative medicine procedures to your practice. Our news segment has a story about a pain medication showing promise as a treatment for Alzheimer disease, new hope for eliminating opioid tolerance, the pay gap between male and female doctors, and much more. Plus, the health hazards of bagpipes.

Click HERE to listen!
abstractStart Planning NOW! ASIPP to Begin Accepting Abstracts for 2017 Annual Meeting
Registration will be open for Abstract Submissions beginning September 13, 2016.
The American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians will hold its 19th Annual Meeting April 20-22 in Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace.
This year, we will be making significant changes to the Abstract and Poster Sessions. Submissions will be in two categories: Resident/Fellow and Physician.  Selected posters will be on display forall meeting participants during all breaks and meal times.
The Abstract Committee will select the top 25 for publication in Pain Physician and of those 10 will be selected for Abstract presentation and judging during the Annual Meeting. The top 3 will receive cash prizes.
macraMACRA brings big concerns for small practices
Lee Gross, MD, is worried. He has practiced family medicine in North Port, Florida, near Sarasota, for 14 years. But he and two partners are the last small, independent practice in the town of 62,000. Everyone else has moved away, joined larger groups, or become salaried employees of hospitals or health companies.

"We're struggling to survive," Gross, 47, said. "Our kind of practice is dying in this country, and medicine itself is changing so rapidly that doctors everywhere seem to be burning out."

Indeed, in their professional journals, at conferences, on social media and health care blogs, and in comments to federal regulators, the nation's doctors are expressing growing anger and frustration.

Medical Practice Insider


nerveFDA Approves Nerve Ablation Device for Low Back Pain
Low back pain has a lifetime prevalence of up to 84%, with an estimated 23% of cases characterized as chronic.1 It is the top cause of disability worldwide and the second leading cause of disability among US adults.2,3 Opioid prescribing for low back pain has increased despite associated risks and a lack of evidence supporting long-term efficacy.4 There is a clear need for effective, low-risk treatment alternatives, and a new device may provide relief for some patients.

In July 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a radiofrequency ablation device* that targets the basivertebral nerve for the treatment of chronic low back pain.5 The INTRACEPT® Intraosseous Nerve Ablation System from Relievant Medsystems, Inc. is intended for patients who have not responded to conservative treatment approaches for pain that has persisted for a minimum of 6 months. 
neuroimagingNeuroimaging: Applications in Chronic Pain Management
Pain is a complex emotion with a wide spectrum of sensations spanning from extreme acute physical pain to emotional psychological pain. Chronic pain, in particular, is a significant global burden; misuse and abuse of opioid analgesics have made headlines, and continue to plague America and its healthcare system at astronomical cost.1-3

Less publicized are the individuals who cannot express or feel pain, but also need effective management of pain. These include infants, patients in coma, those with dementia, and those withrare genetic mutations that prevent pain sensation.

Clinical Pain Advisor
therapyMedication-Assisted Therapy for Opioid Dependence: the Betty Ford Model
The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, an organization that uses outreach, advocacy and treatment centers to provide hope and recovery to addicts and their families, has developed a Comprehensive Opioid Response with the Twelve Steps (COR-12â„¢), a medication-assisted treatment program for individuals with a dependency to opioids.1

"COR-12 is a treatment path that includes group therapy and lectures that focus on opioid addiction, as well as 2 extended medication assistance options," Bruce Kaplan, MD, Director of the Pain Management Program at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California, told Clinical Pain Advisor.

nonNon-Opioid Alternatives for the Management of Chronic Pain
Nearly 1 billion people worldwide, or 1 in 5 adults, suffer from chronic pain that interferes with daily function.1,2 Because few effective options exist for treating chronic pain, physicians frequently prescribe strong opioids, which in the United States has resulted in an opioid abuse epidemic.1,3

Although opioids may provide short-term pain relief, they are poorly effective in the long run. Opioids block neurotransmitter release at on nociceptors.1 Tolerance develops over time, leading to dose escalation; higher doses trigger the release of inflammatory cytokines from glial cells, inducing hyperalgesia.4

A review article recently published in Nature discusses several different non-opioid drugs and methods for pain control that are currently being investigated.1

concussionFDA OKs Concussion Screening App
The FDA announced last week that it had approved the ImPACT software and medical app, designed to help clinicians test cognitive skills after a head injury.

Concussions and other head injuries, particularly related to sports, have garnered a lot of attention in recent years. We've covered a number of medical apps designed to help clinicians assess for concussions at the point of care. NYU Langone also recently launched the Concussion Tracker ResearchKit app to better characterize symptom evaluation after a concussion, which is critical to designing medical apps aimed at diagnosing concussions.


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State Society News

Connecticut Society of Interventional Pain Physicians
Sept 23-24, 2016
2016 Fall Meeting - Pain & Addiction: A Collective Response to a State Crisis Friday & Saturday, September 23 & 24, 2016
Mystic Hilton, 20 Coogan Blvd., Mystic * 860-572-0328

NYSIPP Meeting
November 4 - 7, 2016
The New York Society of Interventional Pain Physicians will hold a meeting November 4-7, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, NJ - registration link is:   www.NYSIPP.org
Fellows / Residents Workshop, Thursday: November 3, 2016
NYNJSIPP PA/NP Meeting: Thursday and Friday Nov. 3, 4
Saturday Nov. 5: The Good, Bad and Ugly Sides of Opiate Utilization
CASIPP Annual Meeting
November 11-13, 2016
Early Bird Registration is Open for the California Society of Interventional Pain Physicians annual meeting. T he meeting is set for Friday, November 11 - Sunday, November 13, 2016  at the exquisite Bacara Resort & Spa,  Santa Barbara , California. 

Nov 12-13, 2016
The Kentucky Society of Interventional Pain Physicans and the Indiana Society of Interventional Pain Physicians will hold a joint meting Nov. 12-13, 2016 at the Hyatt in Louisville, KY

OHSIPP Meeting
August 25-27, 2017
The Ohio Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (OHSIPP) has set the dates for it
S 2017 meeting. Dates are Friday Aug 25 thru Sunday Aug 27, 2017. The meeting will be held in Cincinnati at the Westin Hotel, 21 E 5th St , at Fountain Square .
Contact Michelle Byers for more information MichelleHByers@gmail.com

Please send your State Society meetings and news to: Holly Long at hlong@asipp.org


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