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American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians News  | December 21, 2016
  1. ABIPP Certification Made Simple: June Dates Set
  2. Mark Your Calendars: ASIPP Annual Meeting in Vegas in April
  3. The Children of the Opioid Crisis 
  4. Start Planning NOW! ASIPP to Begin Accepting Abstracts for 2017 Annual Meeting
  5. Opinion: Major Surgery Needed for Health-Care Reform Enough with tweaks; time to be bold
  6. FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA review results in new warnings about using general anesthetics and sedation drugs in young children and pregnant women
  7. Opioid Deaths Up, Illicit Fentanyl to Blame
  8. FDA Drops Black Box Requirement on Varenicline, Zyban Labels
  9. Psychosocial Factors That May Predict Opioid Analgesia
  10. Comparing Oxycodone/Naloxone to Tapentadol for Chronic Low Back Pain
  11. State Society News 
Important News From ASIPP - National IPM-Qualified Clinical Data Registry
ASIPP recently brought you exciting news for interventional pain management in announcing the National IPM-Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) in collaboration with ArborMetrix. Nearly 200 ASIPP members have already expressed interest in joining the QCDR, and registration is underway. If you have already signed up, please pass along this information to anyone else who could benefit from this opportunity.   
Participating in the QCDR is a valuable opportunity not only to meet reporting requirements, but also to provide outcome data and compare yourself with others in ASIPP and nationwide. We encourage you to sign up for the QCDR before the end of the year, while ASIPP completes the approval process with CMS.
To sign up for the National IPM QCDR, you can respond to this email or send an email to ASIPPQCDR@arbormetrix.com. We will then send you registration forms to complete. There is no commitment or cost to you until we are approved for the QCDR for 2017 reporting. 
As you are well aware, CMS has issued the final rule on its value-based care entitled, "Merit-Based Incentive Payment System Combining Quality Measures, Meaningful Use or Advancing Care Information, Clinical Improvement Activities and Costs." Because of our efforts, CMS has made substantial changes to enable us to avoid penalties. The QCDR reporting mechanism and specifically the NIPM-QCDR will complete the collection and submission of MIPS requirements.
This unique registry developed only for interventional pain physicians by ASIPP will:
  • Offer as many as 30 new non-MIPS QCDR measures specially designed by ASIPP for interventional pain management in addition
  • Manage submission of both MIPS and non-MIPS QCDR measures  
  • Support both individual physicians and physician group practices in meeting MIPS requirements.
  • Provide documentation and assistance with compiling the needed data for quality improvement
  • Provide easily accessible reports and performance updates to registry participants on an ongoing basis as new data is available from your practice
  • Allow physicians to review and select measures to report prior to submission
Now the pathway is clear. We can not only avoid the penalties, but also be exceptional performers and earn high level bonuses. We will also have the data to present in the future.
If you have any further questions, we can arrange for you to talk to one of the representatives from ArborMetrix with whose collaboration we are preparing the registry, or you can also attend one of the webinars we will be starting soon.


REGISTER TODAY! Only a limited number of spots. Competency Exam will be in June.


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Will administer in June

The American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians (ABIPP) has developed certification programs that recognize accepted levels of knowledge and expertise in the interventional pain management profession, with the goal of improved patient care. Hundreds of qualified physicians have made the commitment to become ABIPP certified. ABIPP is recognized in 11 states. Ten states have no statutes governing specialty boards. Approval is pending in remaining states.
ABIPP is a Specialty Board providing certifications in the following areas:
Board Certification in Interventional Pain Management
Either with ABMS pain medicine board certification or ABMS primary certification only
Competency Certification in:
  • Interventional Pain Management
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Controlled Substance Management
  • Coding, Compliance, and Practice Management
  • Fluoroscopic Interpretation and Radiological Safety
  • Endoscopic Spinal Decompression

More information: www.abipp.org

BROCHURE                 REGISTRATION                    HOTEL
childrenThe Children of the Opioid Crisis
he police officer who entered Mikaya Feucht's Ohio apartment found it littered with trash, dirty dishes and plastic milk jugs full of the opioid addict's vomit.
He also found two toddlers, aged 3 and 2, who watched as the officer uncovered the track marks on their mother's arms and looked in vain for any food to feed them.
That was three years ago. By the time Mikaya overdosed and died from the elephant tranquilizer carfentanil this summer, her sons were living with their grandparents. But the chaos of watching their mother descend into addiction will burden them for years. They were often hungry and dirty in her care, and spoke of being hit with a belt by her boyfriend, according to their grandparents.

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Start Planning NOW!
ASIPPĀ® Abstracts Submission for 2017 Annual Meeting OPEN
Registration will be open for Abstract Submissions is now available.
The American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians will hold its 19th Annual Meeting April 20-22 in Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace.
This year, we will be making significant changes to the Abstract and Poster Sessions. Submissions will be in two categories: Resident/Fellow and Physician.  Selected posters will be on display forall meeting participants during all breaks and meal times.
The Abstract Committee will select the top 25 for publication in Pain Physician and of those 10 will be selected for Abstract presentation and judging during the Annual Meeting. The top 3 will receive cash prizes.

opinionOpinion: Major Surgery Needed for Health-Care Reform Enough with tweaks; time to be bold
The proposal of James C. Capretta and Scott Gottlieb does little more than tweak the current market for individual coverage ("The Four Legs of a New Health-Care System," op-ed, Dec. 1). No one has been bold enough to address the fundamental failure-the exchanges aren't markets in any meaningful sense. They function more like regulated utilities with severe limits on price and product differentiation. If insurance is priced based on the expected average cost of all potential applicants (i.e., community rated), only those who are less healthy than average will be willing to purchase insurance. Behavior termed "adverse selection" lies at the heart of the rapidly deteriorating Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges.

Perhaps there is a big-data approach to address the incomplete information problem. Unlike the rigid community rating in the exchanges, each policy could be priced to reflect its expected costs. This would largely eliminate the incentives underlying adverse selection and could increase voluntary participation by healthier individuals.

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State Society News

OHSIPP Meeting
August 25-27, 2017
The Ohio Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (OHSIPP) has set the dates for its 2017 meeting.
Dates are Friday Aug 25 thru Sunday Aug 27, 2017.
The meeting will be held in Cincinnati at the Westin Hotel, 21 E 5th St , at Fountain Square .
Contact Michelle Byers for more information MichelleHByers@gmail.com

FSIPP Meeting
August 27 - 30, 2017
The Florida Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (FSIPP) has set the dates for its 2017 meeting
Dates are April 27-30, 2107
The meeting will be held in Orlando, FL at the Orlando World Center Marriott
Click Here for more information and to make reservation

Please send your State Society meetings and news to: Holly Long at hlong@asipp.org



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