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American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians News  | February 17, 2016
  1. ASIPP 2016 Annual Meeting has an impressive group of faculty. April 15-17, 2016. Meeting Website Now Available
  2. ICD-10-CM Pocket Book now available for pre-order 
  3. Abstract Submission Deadline Extended to February 22
  4. Listen to February ASIPP® Podcast 
  5. Should Presidential Candidates Be Vilifying Physicians For The High Cost Of Medical Care? 
  6. Relieving Chronic Pain With Drugs Developed to Treat Mood Disorders 
  7. Bundled Payments and the Road Ahead 
  8. HHS Proposes Rule to Ease Some Substance Abuse Disclosures 
  9. CMS issues final rule on Medicare overpayments 
  10. Are Opioids Linked to Higher Risk of Infections in RA? 
  11. Five Healthcare-Related Cases Scalia Left Behind
  12. State Society News 
  13. Physician Wanted 
ASIPP® 2016 Annual Meeting has an impressive group of faculty. April 15-17, 2016. Meeting Website Now Available

Click HERE to see Annual Meeting Brochure
Featured Speakers:
Salahadin Abdi, MD, PhD
Nick Autry
Steve Aydin, DO
Ramsin M. Benyamin, MD
Susan Blank, MD, MRO, FACFE
Mark Boswell, MD, PhD
Kenneth Candido, MD
George ChangChien, DO
Harold Cordner, MD
Ray H. D'Amours, MD
Sukdeb Datta, MD 
Timothy Deer, MD 
Sudhir Diwan, MD
Bradley Duhon, MD
Frank Falco, MD
Christopher G. Gharibo, MD
Scott Glaser, MD
Arik Hananel, MD, MBA, BsCs
Marvel Hammer, RN, CPC
Standiford Helm, II, MD
Joshua Hirsch, MD
Senator Tim Hutchison
Gary Janko, MD
Neal Kassell, MD
Alan Kaye, MD, PhD
Lakshmi Koyyalagunta, MD
Nick Knezevic, MD, PhD
Robert Laszewski
Mikiko Murakami, DO
William D Murrell, MD
Vicki Myckowiak, Esq.
Devi E. Nampiaparampil, MD
Kenneth Pettine, MD
Gabor Racz, MD
Francis Riegler, MD
David Schultz, MD 
Sanford Silverman, MD 
Amol Soin, MD
Peter Staats, MD
Albert Telfeian, MD, PhD
Andrea Trescot, MD
Les Zuckerman, MD

ICD-10-CM Pocket Book now available for pre-order
To make life easy and promote seamless navigation with ICD-10-CM,ASIPP® has developed a comprehensive, practical, pocket guide for ICD-10-CM coding for interventional pain physicians. Designed for interventional pain physicians and their staff, this pocket guide goes beyond basic ICD-10-CM coding and helps to promote seamless navigation through 2016 and beyond.

This book clearly provides direction for clinical coding with assessment and provides guidance on specific coding for each procedure showing the intricacies and steps to avoid rejections.

The book is a 5.25" x 8.25" size which can be placed in your jacket or any carrying case. The price is highly reasonable. You can recover the cost of the book by avoiding mistakes in one single case.

abstracts  Abstract Submission Deadline Extended to February 22

It's not too late to make your plans to participate in the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians abstract and poster presentation at the 18th Annual Meeting, April 15-17 in Dallas, Texas.
The abstract submission deadline has been extended to  February 22, 2016.
The annual meeting is a great opportunity to share your abstract with hundreds of physicians who specialize in interventional pain management.
Listen to February ASIPP® Podcast

In this edition of the ASIPP Podcast we'll have part 2 of our conversation with Dr. Hans Hansen about handling difficult patients. In the news segment we'll hear about a painkiller more potent than morphine, but much safer; we'll find out which medical specialty pays the most; a new study that hopes to answer the question if there is a  relationship between pain and the weather and much more; and we'll discover what singer-songwriter Bob Dylan has to do with medical publishing.
Click Here for Podcast

Should Presidential Candidates Be Vilifying Physicians For The High Cost Of Medical Care?
When asked what enemies she was proud to have made during her political career, Hillary Clinton mentioned, in order, "the NRA, the health insurance companies, the drug companies [and] the Iranians." Pretty villainous company to place healthcare industries into. But Clinton is not alone among presidential candidates in vilifying pharmaceutical and insurance industries for, as Bernie Sanders puts it, "ripping off the people." Donald Trump called pharmaceutical profiteering "disgusting" and claimed that "insurance companies are making a fortune because they have control of the politicians." Marco Rubio blamed high drug prices as "pure profiteering" by pharmaceutical companies. It is a strange world when Republicans join Democrats in vilifying people and companies who pursue profits through the marketplace.

Even stranger, neither party is taking aim at a group of people in the healthcare industry who have been making a fortune by exerting enormous influence over healthcare spending. No one seems to be vilifying physicians.

Relieving Chronic Pain With Drugs Developed to Treat Mood Disorders
New research suggests that a group of drugs being developed to treat patients with mood disorders could also relieve chronic pain.

Published in Science Translational Medicine, the report outlines how inhibiting FKBP51, a protein that shapes the body's response to stress, can block pain from injury without affecting normal pain response. Scientists believe this new finding offers new targets for future pain medications
Bundled Payments and the Road Ahead

n the move towards value-based care, CMS has been trying out various payment models, one of which is bundled payments. The latest headlines on bundled payments revolve around the announcement by CMS earlier this year that it intends to begin mandatory bundled payments for hip and knee replacements. This proposed rule will be part of the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) initiative beginning in April of 2016. Under this program, hospitals that are engaged in providing this service will be financially accountable for all the cost and quality related to these joint replacement procedures during one's hospitalization during a stay and up to 90 days afterwards. This incentivizes providers and hospitals to be ever more cognizant of cost in order to keep costs for the entire process under what is provided by the bundled payment. -

HHS Proposes Rule to Ease Some Substance Abuse Disclosures
Consent requirements would be eased for providers releasing their patients' substance abuse diagnosis and treatment records under a proposed rule released earlier this week by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
The proposed rule seeks to "modernize the [current federal law on substance abuse confidentiality] by facilitating the electronic exchange of substance use disorder information for treatment and other legitimate health care purposes, while ensuring appropriate confidentiality protections for records that might identify an individual, directly or indirectly, as having or having had a substance use disorder," according to the text of the regulation.

CMS issues final rule on Medicare overpayments
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on February 11 released its final rule for reporting and repaying Medicare overpayments, as required by the Affordable Care Act.

The rule requires providers and suppliers to report and return any overpayments they identify within 6 years of receipt, down from 10 years that was in the proposed rule.

Once overpayments are identified, providers have 60 days to return them. Failing to report overpayments can result in liability under the False Claims Act, which means the provider could face financial penalties or be excluded from billing CMS programs.
Are Opioids Linked to Higher Risk of Infections in RA?
The use of opioid analgesics may increase the risk of serious infection in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), according to research published in Arthritis & Rheumatology.

Andrew D. Wiese, MD, of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn., and colleagues conducted a self-controlled case series analysis of data for a retrospective cohort of 13 796 patients with RA who were enrolled in Tennessee Medicaid from 1995 to 2009. Within-person comparisons were performed to examine risk of hospitalization for serious infection during periods of opioid use and non-use.

Five Healthcare-Related Cases Scalia Left Behind

WASHINGTON -- The death of stridently conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia creates a challenge for the eight-member court he leaves behind.

During the tenure of Scalia, 79, who died over the weekend of "natural causes," there were five conservatives and four liberals on the court. Scalia's death thus leaves the court evenly divided between left and right, with deadlocks possible if not likely on some pending cases.

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State Society News

Mark your calendar: GSIPP 12th Annual Pain Summit meeting set.
The Georgia Society of Interventional Pain Physician have set their meeting dates for 2016.
GSIPP 12th Annual Pain Summit
April 22-24, 2016
The Ritz Carlton Lodge Reynolds Plantation
Greensboro, Georgia

FSIPP Meeting May 20-22, 2016
The Florida Society of Interventional Pain Physicians will hold its annual meeting in 2016 on May 20-22. 
The 2016 Annual Meeting, Conference and Trade Show Interventional Pain Management: 
A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Pathway to Restoration of Function
 will be held at the  Orlando World Center Marriott,
8701 World Center Drive, Orlando, FL 32821
FSIPP is also offering 2 concurrent programs:
  • Safe Opiate Prescribing Course - no charge, but you need to be registered for the annual meeting.
  • The Business of Pain Course on Saturday, May 21 - $150.00
To register online, please select from the choices below.
2016 FSIPP Members
Early Registration Rate: $449.00 through 4/1/2016

(Late Registration Rate: $525.00 after 4/1/2016)

Please send your State Society meetings and news to: Holly Long at hlong@asipp.org


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