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American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians News  | January 27, 2016
  1. Controlled Substance Management Course Scheduled for February in Orlando
  2. Register Today for Regenerative Medicine Course
  3. Missed your Chance at February  Lumbar Endoscopic Course? No Problem, Register for June Course Today
  4. Registration Open for 2016 ASIPP Annual Meeting in Dallas
  5. Call for Abstracts for ASIPP Annual Meeting 
  6. In case you missed it: Pain Physician January issue all Electronic 
  7. Less than 20% of nurses comply with standard precautions for infection prevention 
  8. Low Back Pain: First-Line Opioids Increase Risk for Long-term Use
  9. Could Patient Satisfaction With Clinicians Be on the Rise? 
  10. Vicodin Scripts Down After Tighter Controls 
  11. How Effective Are Opioids in Neuropathic Pain? 
  12. Calmare: A Potential Option for Neuropathic Cancer Pain 
  13. State Society News 
  14. Physician Wanted 

Controlled Substance Management Course and Competency Exam 

This course is intended to present interventional pain management specialists, nurses, and other healthcare providers an in-depth review of multiple areas of controlled substance management.

* Review basic science and core concepts
* Discuss pharmacology for IPM
* Identify clinical use and effectiveness
* Identify substance abuse in IPM
* Discuss topics with documentation, regulatory issues,
legal issues, and ethical issues
In addition to the review course, the American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians (for physicians) and the American Association of Allied Pain Management Professionals (for non-physicians) offers the opportunity for examination in order for physicians to obtain competency certification and non-physicians to obtain associate certificates in Controlled Substance Management 
February 26-28, 2016 | The Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, Florida  

Alternate hotel for rooms:
6001 Destination Parkway
Orlando , FL 32819
(407) 313-4700
9801 International Drive
Orlando , Florida, 32819
 The property is within walking distance and the guest can use the skywalk to both the Hilton and Rosen Centre.

regenerativeThis Regenerative Medicine Review Course and Hands-on Workshop includes 1 day of didactics and 1.5 days of cadaver workshop. Participants will experience a comprehensive and intense learning opportunity, focusing on interventional pain management techniques.

  • Gain understanding of regenerative medicine.
  • Attain eligibility for ABIPP competency certification.
  • Incorporate regenerative medicine in treating your patients so that patients have better outcomes and reduced side effects.
  • Provide high-quality, competent, safe, accessible, and cost-efficient services to your patients.
  • Fluoroscopic interpretation. 
These comprehensive review courses in interventional techniques are targeted to interventional pain physicians seeking CME credit hours and introduction or review of proven interventional techniques, as well as skills improvement and/or to fulfill CME hours.  
February 26-28, 2016 | The Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, Florida  

Alternate hotel for rooms:
6001 Destination Parkway
Orlando , FL 32819
(407) 313-4700

9801 International Drive
Orlando , Florida, 32819
 The property is within walking distance and the guest can use the skywalk to both the Hilton and Rosen Centre.


The February ASIPP Lumbar Endoscopic Spinal Decompression Review Course and Hands-on Cadaver Workshop
is now filled. But, don't worry! You can take this course in June in Memphis.

Join us on June 11-12, 2016 in Memphis, TN for the next available course.

The ASIPP Lumbar Endoscopic Spinal Decompression Hands-on 2-day Cadaver Workshop is the most comprehensive Lumbar Endoscopic Spinal Decompression Course available in the United States. 

The course will include the following:
     - Online Review Course
    - Technical considerations of disc decompression
    - Manipulation and placement of needle and scope
    - Technical considerations of disc decompression
    - Indications and efficacy of endoscopic discectomy
    - Cadaver lab space limited to 4 physicians per station and maximum of 6 stations

Register Today to save your spot in this limited course.




"Application of Regenerative Medicine in Spinal Pain"
Kenneth Pettine, MD, to be a Keynote Speaker on Saturday
Dr. Kenneth Pettine, trademarked the phrase, "Friends don't let friends get fused," founded The Spine Institute in 2011 to ensure his patients have non-fusion surgical options. The principal investigator for 15 FDA studies involving non-fusion implants, biologics, and stem cells, he is a pioneer in spinal stem cell therapy. He is featured as one of the top 50 Spine and Specialist Surgeons to Know in America, and is the recipient of numerous honors, a distinguished speaker at national and international symposiums, and the author of more than 20 research publications. 

"The Cu rrent Landscape of Regenerative Medicine"
William D Murrell, MD, to be a Keynote Speaker on Saturday  
William D. Murrell, Jr. M.D., M.Sc., is a specialist orthopaedic surgeon sub-specialized in orthopaedic sports medicine and surgery of the shoulder, elbow, and knee. He is the President of the American Musculoskeletal Wellness Institute, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, and formerly served as the Director of Sports Medicine at the Dubai Bone and Joint Center, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, UAE. Currently is Specialist Orthopaedic Sports Medicine at Dr. Humeira Badsha Medical Center, Dubai, UAE. He is an Author, Innovator, International Lecturer, Stem Cell Pioneer, and Biologic Treatment Expert.

'Doctor Devi' to be an ASIPPĀ® 2016 Annual Meeting Featured Speaker 
ASIPPĀ® board member Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil, 'Doctor Devi', is an American physician whose research in developing strategies to prevent and treat chronic pain has been most helpful to the specialty of IPM. She has published numerous articles and comments on medical issues for various platforms. Doctor Devi regularly appears on national TV- on Fox News Channel, MSNBC, CNN and other networks- to discuss the latest medical developments. She also serves as the Fox 5 New York Medical Contributor.

"Interventional Pain Management: The Time of our Lives"
Laxmaiah Manchikanti, MD, Featured Speaker for the Raj-Racz 
Distinguished Lecture Series
Laxmaiah Manchikanti, MD, is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and the Society of Interventional Pain Management Surgery Centers. Through his work with various organizations, Manchikanti has been instrumental in the preservation of Interventional Pain Management through specialty designation, mandatory Carrier Advisory Committee (CAC) representation, reimbursement, the passage of NASPER, and more. Dr. Manchikanti is published in over 350 publications. He is also the editor of nine books designed for interventionalists.

"Evolving Concepts of Lumbar Endoscopic Spine Decompression"  
Albert Telfeian, MD, PhD, Eminent Speaker for  
Raj/Racz Distinguished Lecture Series: 2016 Annual Meeting
Albert Telfeian, MD, PhD, is director of pediatric neurosurgery at Hasbro Children's Hospital and Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at Brown University. Telfeian is a graduate of the MD/PhD program at Brown University. Telfeian has published extensively in the areas of endoscopic spine surgery, epilepsy and functional neurosurgery and is currently involved with the research and development of ultra minimally invasive endoscopic technique.

Pathophysiology of Controlled Substance Use, Overuse, Abuse, Dependency Addiction
Susan Blank, MD - Keynote
Dr. Susan Blank Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of the Atlanta Healing Center.  Dr. Susan Blank is a graduate of the Medical College of Georgia, she completed a residency in Psychiatry and Neurology at Sheppard Pratt Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  She recently completed a Fellowship and Advance Fellowship training in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Blank can be heard nationwide every Tuesday on her weekly radio show "Detailing Addiction" on America's Web Radio. 


Make your plans now to participate in the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians abstract and poster presentation at the 18th Annual Meeting, April 15-17 in Dallas, Texas.
The abstract submission deadline will be February 9, 2016.
The annual meeting is a great opportunity to share your abstract with hundreds of physicians who specialize in interventional pain management.
In case you missed it: Pain Physician January issue all Electronic
Pain Physician journal is adding two additional issues in 2016. These issues are a direct result of the increased popularity of Pain Physician. The added issues will be in addition to the 6 print/electronic journals.
The first all electronic issue was released in January. Click HERE to view contents and access article abstracts and pdfs.

The February issue is now posted online as the current issue of the journal. You will receive your print issue in just a couple of weeks.
Click HERE to view February issue online.

Less than 20% of nurses comply with standard precautions for infection prevention
Just 17.4 percent of ambulatory care nurses reported that they comply with all nine standard precautions for infection prevention, according to a study in the American Journal of Infection Control.

Researchers from Northwell Health in Great Neck, N.Y., surveyed 116 registered nurses working in ambulatory care settings about their compliance with standard precautions, knowledge of hepatitis C virus and behavioral factors that influence compliance.
The nine standard precautions are listed below.

1.  Provide care considering all patients as potentially contagious

2  Wash hands after removing gloves

3. Avoid placing foreign objects on my hands

4. Wear gloves when exposure of my hands to bodily fluids is anticipated

5. Avoid needle recapping

6. Avoid disassembling a used needle from a syringe

7. Use a face mask when anticipating exposure to air-transmitted pathogens

8. Wash hands after providing care

9. Discard used sharp materials into sharp containers


Low Back Pain: First-Line Opioids Increase Risk for Long-term Use
Early receipt of opioids for acute occupational low back pain (AOLBP) in the emergency department (ED) is linked to an increased risk for long-term use and higher medical costs, according to a retrospective cohort study published online in theJournal of Emergency Medicine. 1

In line with other recent studies, 2   the findings also indicated increased clinical adherence to guidelines intended to limit first-line use of opioids for AOLBP.
Could Patient Satisfaction With Clinicians Be on the Rise?
HealthDay News -- More Americans than ever are satisfied with their visits to the doctor, according to a new survey conducted by The Harris Poll.
The online poll of over 3000 people aged 18 and older found that 88% of those who visited a doctor's office in the past year were satisfied with their last visit -- a 5% increase from 2012. And 53% said they were very satisfied with their last doctor's visit.

Vicodin Scripts Down After Tighter Controls
A billion fewer hydrocodone combination pills on the market after policy change
Putting tighter regulations on hydrocodone combination products like Vicodin has flushed more than a billion pills from the market, federal researchers reported.

In an analysis of data from IMS Health, moving Vicodin and similar products from schedule III to the more restrictive schedule II on the federal controlled substances list was associated with 1.1 billion fewer tablets and 26.3 million fewer prescriptions for the drugs in the first year following the change, according toChristopher Jones, PharmD, of the Department of Health and Human Services.

How Effective Are Opioids in Neuropathic Pain?
A new study suggests that opioid prescriptions for patients with neuropathic pain, may not improve their physical function or disability. In fact, results from the study - conducted by the University of Alberta and published in Pain Medicine - indicate that opioid use could be harmful when it comes to physical recovery for patients with neuropathic pain.

"We studied patients with neuropathic pain from nerve injuries such as diabetic neuropathy and pinched nerves, and the ones who weren't prescribed any opioids had statistically lower disability and higher physical functioning scores," said Geoff Bostick, PhD, lead author of the study.

Calmare: A Potential Option for Neuropathic Cancer Pain
Calmare therapy (CT) may be an effective option for treating cancer-related neuropathic pain (CNP), according to a pilot study published in issue of theEuropean Journal of Oncology Nursing. 1

Also known as scrambler therapy, the novel, noninvasive approach consists of applying surface electrodes around the surface of painful areas to 'scramble' afferent pain signals and replace them with synthetic 'non-pain' information.

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State Society News

Mark your calendar: GSIPP 12th Annual Pain Summit meeting set.
The Georgia Society of Interventional Pain Physician have set their meeting dates for 2016.
GSIPP 12th Annual Pain Summit
April 22-24, 2016
The Ritz Carlton Lodge Reynolds Plantation
Greensboro, Georgia

FSIPP Meeting May 20-22, 2016
The Florida Society of Interventional Pain Physicians will hold its annual meeting in 2016 on May 20-22. 
The 2016 Annual Meeting, Conference and Trade Show Interventional Pain Management: 
A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Pathway to Restoration of Function
 will be held at the  Orlando World Center Marriott,
8701 World Center Drive, Orlando, FL 32821
FSIPP is also offering 2 concurrent programs:
  • Safe Opiate Prescribing Course - no charge, but you need to be registered for the annual meeting.
  • The Business of Pain Course on Saturday, May 21 - $150.00
To register online, please select from the choices below.
2016 FSIPP Members
Early Registration Rate: $449.00 through 4/1/2016

(Late Registration Rate: $525.00 after 4/1/2016)

Please send your State Society meetings and news to: Holly Long at hlong@asipp.org


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