Read all the way to the bottom
for all the details.
Are you in Need of any
ATA Registered Targets ??

We are throwing all you can
or want to shoot,
´╗┐October 7, 2017

Starting with 400 Singles at 8:30 AM
(You must be registered no later than 8PM Friday 10/6 for Singles)
300 Handicap will begin approximately 1:00 PM

300 Doubles will begin approximately 4:00 PM
Not Enough?
We can shoot until 10 PM
Trophies will be Awarded to the
High Gun of Each Discipline

These targets will be thrown in conjunction with the
1000 Target ,
"Ironman Marathon".
To be eligible for trophies you must begin with the 400-16 yard target event.
To be eligible for the Handicap Trophy you must have shot all the Singles.
To be eligible for the Doubles Trophy you must have shot the all the Singles and the Handicap Targets.

A Free Lunch will be provided to those who shoot at least 300 targets.
(You must be registered by 10 AM to get Lunch)