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ATS Web Portal (NetClient) - An Online Tool to Make Your Busy Life Easier
ATS makes finding and accessing tax information quick and easy. ATS Web Portal (NetClient) provides quick 24/7 access to tax documents and a method to provide all your tax data to your tax preparer through the Tax Organizer feature in the web portal.  Much like online banking, accessing your tax documents should also be as easily accessible and user friendly.   An ATS Web portal provides private, encrypted access at   If you currently don't have a web portal and would like one set up, please contact your tax preparer.

The link to the Video Tutorial for the ATS Web Portal (NetClient) tool is listed below:  It provides information to refresh existing clients and a good start guide for those who have never used the ATS Web Portal:

Please let us know (Chantel or Dory) if we may be of any assistance with your ATS Web Portal. 
Have questions?? Contact us now at (303) 232-8300 or  

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