Campus Ministries 

I am amazed at times as to how committed many of our students are to the world around them.  This is evident by the success of our Campus Ministries program.  The following article about these volunteer programs at AU was written by our student intern, Kristyn Rhynard, who is a senior majoring in Mass Communications.

I am constantly inspired by the volunteer work being done by our students ... and I hope you will be, too.  Maybe your child is already involved in one of these wonderful ministries.  If not, maybe this article will inspire them as well.  Please feel free to pass it on to them.

I wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving holiday.  My husband and I are looking forward to spending some time with our son, Levi, when he comes home.
Blessings to all parents who love their children.


Associate Director
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Campus Ministries 

reunions If you asked the average student about their experiences at college many would talk about homework, roommates, social clubs, classes and sports events. You would hear many stories about the college community, but what about the greater community? What about the people who work and live outside the college walls?

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AU sets the stage

for Candles and Carols 2011

Parents, if you live anywhere close to Anderson University, we hope you'll consider kicking off the Christmas season by attending AU's wonderful "Candles and Carols" concert on Friday, December 2nd. The annual program is free and showcases some of the amazing musical talent from our campus, featuring more than 250 students from the School of Music.

For many, Candles and Carols is a must-see performance each year and a tradition not to be missed. If you are unable to attend with your child, encourage your student to take time to see this marvelous performance. It's good for the soul.


Parent Resources 

About this time in the semester as finals, multiple papers, and projects are due, your student might be feeling pretty overwhelmed. Lending a sympathetic ear is definitely one way to help, as sometimes your child may just need someone to validate how busy and overwhelmed they are feeling. You might also forward this article to them and suggest they take one minute to read it. Maybe just one point will resonate with them and help them better manage their time as they finish this semester ... hopefully carrying this skill into the next semester as well.

Anderson University: We Don't Believe
Anderson University: We Don't Believe
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