A Holiday Reminder 


Hi Friends,
The winter season is here and the view from my office window of the snow-filled Valley is serene and peaceful.  Your students will be with you all soon, and the campus will be quiet and still.  After New Year's, faculty and staff will be preparing for . . . and looking forward to . . . another successful semester here at Anderson University.  

I hope you enjoy the time you're able to spend with your family and friends during the Christmas season and in the celebration of the birth of Jesus, especially any time you'll have with your AU student. I'm really looking forward to having our son Levi home for the holidays, and enjoying on of our annual traditions of going to the movies on Christmas day.

Whether this is the first time or sixth time that you've welcomed your student back after a semester at school, I hope the article in the Parent Resource section is helpful as you navigate the parent/child relationship during this holiday break.  As our children mature and grow, it sometimes becomes difficult for us to modify our parenting role.  I keep going back to a plaque on our wall that says, "The greatest things you can give your children are roots and wings."  Probably a good reminder for us all.

Blessings to all parents who love their children.


Associate Director
of Alumni & Parent Programming 

    Campus Ministries


If you asked the average student about their experiences at college many would talk about homework, roommates, social clubs, classes and sports events. You would hear many stories about the college community, but what about the greater community? What about the people who work and live outside the college walls?
Campus Ministries
Campus Ministries


 Your college student is coming home for their first real visit since they headed off to college. You're excited - but also a bit nervous about what to expect. You know that they have changed - increased independence and responsibility are goals of the college experience. But you may not be sure how this increased independence will affect your relationship. Your college student is probably nervous, too. They can't wait to come home to show off their new found independence, but they not sure how they will fit in with the family now.


Merry Christmas from the AU Alumni Staff 
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