With a Little Help
from My Friends

Hi Parents,

By this point in our lives, we've learned that there are times we need
to rely on others . . . sometimes our friends and neighbors, sometimes our co-workers, many times our family members, and once in a while complete strangers.  We've all had times in our lives when people have invested in us without wanting anything in return.  In my own life, I find it especially humbling when I realize how readily others are willing to help me . . . when I ask for help and even when I don't.

Alumni and friends of Anderson University give generously to support AU in many ways.  Some of this support comes in the form of mentoring and in sharing experiences with students in the classroom, at special events, and through Alumni Chapel.  Other support comes in the form of networking . . . helping students find internships while they're in school, find jobs when they graduate, and even find apartments or church homes when they relocate.

However, much of their support comes in the form of monetary gifts. Without the support of our alumni and friends, tuition would cost 25% more than it does.  And . . . if your student receives any financial aid from Anderson University (grants, matching church scholarships, endowed scholarships, etc.), these funds also come from the generosity of our alumni and friends.  Be sure to check out the featured video at the bottom of this newsletter to see how our students are thanking people for their gifts.

I find it gratifying and humbling to know that so many people are willing to invest in the lives of our students . . . in your child and mine.  I'm grateful for this help from friends . . . and from strangers. To quote four famous Englishmen, sometimes it's really nice knowing that "I get by with a little help from my friends."

Blessings to all parents who love their children.


Associate Director
of Alumni & Parent Programming 

Studying Abroad as a Foreign Language Major

The study of foreign languages is a growing field in the area of humanities as well as business and social work fields. The need for individuals with foreign language skills and cultural knowledge is growing daily. The Department of Modern Foreign Language at Anderson University is focused on giving students a holistic view of language, culture, and literature. As part of their education, students spend a minimum of six credit hours or an entire semester studying abroad. The experiences the students have through these opportunities are invaluable.

Senior double major in global business and Spanish Ashley Ledford studied abroad last summer in Sevilla, Spain,through the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). Ledford spent two months in Spain while taking classes at the University of Sevilla and working an internship at Visual Clinic Optics. She was immersed in Sevillan culture and lived with a host family giving her a taste of a typical Sevillan lifestyle. By the final weeks of her time in Sevilla, she could navigate her way around the city, taking metros from class to her internship and feeling at ease conversing with local residents.

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Life After College! AU Pin Board   


Anderson University is now on Pinterest! We have numerous boards to help students including how to apply at AU, a visitor's guide, student life, how to stay fit, and even some helpful advice for parents. Below is a useful Pin Board to help prepare students for their senior year and beyond. You can also view our Parents Board here


Life After College  



Tuition Freedom Day
Tuition Freedom Day

Thursday, March 7th was Tuition Freedom Day at AU,

a symbolic day where students' dollars run out

and the gifts of alumni and friends pay the rest of the year.

Without these gifts, tuition would be 25% higher.

Students came to show their thanks to donors for "chipping in."

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