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Summer & Beyond 

It's hard to believe we're already talking about summer, but we are. This school year is going by so quickly, that it's amazing to think about having only six weeks left in this semester. There are quite a few things your student should be thinking about for this summer and beyond to maximize their planning, their schedules, and their future opportunities.


First ~ a Note for August Grads:
August prospective graduates must be enrolled in their summer courses by April 15th in order to take part in commencement this May.


Second ~ Summer Classes Available:
Summer enrollment is now open to all students. Summer courses are offered at a reduced tuition rate so this is a great opportunity for students to earn a few extra hours toward graduation. A variety of Liberal Arts, electives, and major classes are offered in various formats such as "in class," online, or a combination of both. Reading courses or independent studies can be arranged with individual professors.


Here is the link to the Summer 2012 Schedule of Classes. 


*Please note: Students cannot enroll in summer courses online and must go to the Registrar's Office to enroll.

Third ~ Raven CareerLink Resources:

There are many things students can be doing over the summer to further their future opportunities in networking, internships, and job searches. Most of our students are enrolled in RavenCareerLink . . . but not everyone is utilizing the many resources available. Here are a few ideas of ways to take advantage of RavenCareerLink:

  • Resume and Cover Letter building program ~ Get ahead of the game and work on polishing your resume.
  • Career Exploration and Assessments ~ Unsure of major, unsure of what to do with their major, want to know about who you are, ie... strengths, gifts, talents.
  • 3 minute job search videos ~ The how-to's of interviewing, dress, etc.
  • Job/Internship resources ~ Many resources are available.
  • Be watching for Career Fairs to attend. These will help you gain valuable networking/interviewing skills.
  • Other resources ~ Check out information on various industries.
*Students may email the career center over the summer and someone will respond to their needs -

Fourth ~ Fall Classes
Fall enrollment is now underway for next year as well. Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores have already had their appointments with advisors and now enrollment is open to Freshmen.


Here is the Master Schedule of Classes for next year.



Blessings to all parents who love their children.

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AU's Fastest Growing Program

Spring Into DanceAnderson University's Dance Program is currently the fastest growing program on our campus. With two majors, a complimentary major, and a minor, the program offers unique, specialized experiences for students looking to further their skills, experience, and future careers in a number of aspects of dance.

Each year AU's Dance Program showcases two performances-one in the spring and one in the fall. The spring performance, Spring Into Dance, takes place this Friday and Saturday in Reardon Auditorium. This is another great opportunity to see AU students in action. We encourage you to come and see for yourself how the dance program impacts our students in such a positive way.

For more information on the program click here. 

 Parent Resources

Advice for Students: How to Talk to Professors 

Professor with student

Sometimes students find it difficult to talk with their professors. Maybe they feel a little intimidated. Perhaps they're behind in class and not sure how to approach their professor.

The faculty at AU strive to not only teach your child, but to build a relationship with them . . . if your child allows them. Professors can be helpful as personal mentors, caring friends, and valuable resources in areas like building resumes, personal references, internships, and job leads.

Encourage your child to not only read this article, but to ask their professors for help when needed. The sooner they understand their professor wants them to succeed in their class-and in life-the sooner they can begin to build important, and hopefully, lasting relationships with their professors.

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