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In the Midst of Routine

Second Semester is going strong and your students are fully engaged in their college routines again.  The campus is always buzzing and full of life, even in the midst of bad weather and cold, dreary days. I'm sure you enjoyed spending time with your AU student(s) over the holidays as much as I enjoyed spending time with my AU student, Levi.  Because I know our son won't always have "breaks" like this in his life, I treasure the times he is home with us . . . as I imagine you do as well.
It's always fun to have a change in our routines, isn't it?  New experiences and the opportunity to gain new perspectives makes life interesting.  One such time on our campus is "Impact Your World" Week, where students are challenged to think and dream beyond themselves and find ways to impact the lives of those in their community and beyond.  I ask that you pray for your student and all Anderson University students as our speaker, Chris Heuertz, challenges them during four services next week.  
A notable weekend on our campus each year is Lil' Sibs Weekend, which the students really enjoy and look forward to.  Hosting their younger siblings or cousins helps our students see the campus and their college routines through fresh eyes, sometimes giving them a new perspective on their college life.  Our College Activities Board (CAB) works hard to plan a great line-up of activities for your child to do with their siblings or cousins, making it a really fun weekend for them all.  I hope you'll encourage your student to participate in Lil' Sibs Weekend, February 15-17.
I hope that we, as parents, are not only looking for ways to inspire and challenge our children, but ourselves as well.  Enjoying new experiences and broadening our perspectives is important . . . especially in the midst of routine and the long, dark days of winter.


Blessings to all parents who love their children.


Associate Director
of Alumni & Parent Programming 

AU History & Political Science Department

The Department of History and Political Science offers personal attention while preparing students for careers in government service, law, journalism, and teaching. It not only provides students with a solid foundation for graduate studies or law school, but also for a life of active citizenship.


In addition to the in-depth courses offered in history and political science, hands-on learning is highly encouraged. Depending on students' professional career goals, internship experiences at all levels of government or in the legal profession provide invaluable opportunities to learn and become involved in the daily operations of these organizations. Many students complete government, legal, or public service internships, with some students having traveled as far as Ireland and Hong Kong. Potential experiences do not end there, though.


Students have significant opportunities with a wide range
of internship possibilities like international experiences through
, public service with The
Center for Public Service (CPS)
, and through numerous other on-campus organizations.



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Applying for FAFSA
  • Indiana Residents: The FAFSA must be received by the Federal Processing Center no later than midnight, Central Time, on March 10. The State of Indiana's  Division of Student Financial Aid requires that all critical errors and missing information be resolved by May 15 of the upcoming academic year to be considered for Indiana state grant programs. Register for eStudent to monitor your eligibility for Indiana financial aid.
  • Other-state Residents: You may file the FAFSA after March 1. Refer to the  FAFSA Application (PDF) for your applicable state aid deadline. While most states do not allow for the transfer of state aid to out-of-state schools, it is best to keep your options open by meeting your state aid filing deadline.
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