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I'm not sure how it's "finals week" already ... but it is.  I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that we were moving our son, Levi, into Dunn Hall, but somehow sixteen weeks have passed and he'll be home for winter break in two days.  I have mixed thoughts and emotions about his return to our home for four weeks, but mostly I just can't wait to have him back.  I love all the activity that Levi and his friends bring to our house.  I love cooking and baking for them, and listening to them playing ping-pong and laughing down in our basement.

However, I also know this won't be the same as when he lived in our house full-time.  It can't be.  Too much has changed for both Levi, and for my husband and me ... but we'll find ways to adapt to this new way of living as a family unit.  I thought it might be helpful to read what others have written about this transition.  I believe some of these things will be helpful to all AU parents, even if this is not your first time welcoming your child back into your home during a school break.  Please check out the Parent Resource section below for some helpful ideas that might allow for more harmony and "peace on earth" in your home during winter break.
As we all continue to change and grow along with our children, we can't help but have mixed thoughts and emotions, no matter where our student is in their college career.  I invite you to read the following short essay by our own Deborah Miller Fox, who is on the faculty of the English department here at Anderson University.  She wrote this just a few days after moving her daughter to AU, and captured so well on paper what so many parents struggle with as we watch our children grow ... and gradually learn to let go.  (but not completely)

Blessings to all parents who love their children.


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Getting Connected

With a Local Church

Written by Kristyn Rhynard,
Senior intern with the Alumni Office

Park Place Church of God   

When many students arrive at Anderson University they are leaving behind a church family they have grown with. Finding a new church home can be a difficult but important part of a student's growth at AU. There are many churches to choose from in the Anderson area.


Senior Rachael Huddy attends East Side Church of God located 2 minutes from campus. Huddy says about it, "I think East Side has a lot of great programs in place that specifically target college students, which is one of the things that makes them different from other churches. They offer things such as Sunday school classes for college students and college meals, and they offer to connect students with families in the community. There are also many ways that college students can get involved through volunteering with the youth, children's program and choir."


East Side is a...To continue reading the article, click here. 

Parent ResourcesCircle Center - Indianapolis  

Welcoming Your College Student Home for Break:
What You Can Do To Prepare

Your college student is coming home for his first real visit since he headed off to college. You're excited - but also a bit nervous about what to expect. You know that he has changed - increased independence and responsibility are goals of the college experience. But you may not be sure how this increased independence will affect your relationship. Your college student is probably nervous, too. He can't wait to come home to show off his new found independence, but he's not sure how he will fit in with the family now.

Merry Christmas from the AU Alumni Staff.
- Ben Davis, Director
- Elyse Cromer, Associate Director
- George Nalywaiko, Networking Director
- Kasey Kohlmorgen, Teletouch Coordinator
- Pam Anderson, Traffic Controller


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