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Keeping the End in Mind

Fellow Parents, I hope this finds you and your student doing well. In the Alumni Office, we often say that for our students, "We begin with the end in mind."

Really, all students should be thinking about and preparing for the end ... GRADUATION ... and what comes after. Unfortunately, some students don't start thinking about it until their senior year ... some of them not until about six weeks before graduation. This is not a good plan.    

Has your child signed up for RavenCareerLink? Are they thinking about and planning for internship and networking opportunities? Are they creating and "building" a well-rounded resume?

In addition to their college degree, they'll need a competitive edge and an impressive resume. Our suggestion to them is to first visit Career Development (2nd floor Decker Hall) and get on RavenCareerLink. There is an excellent program they can follow from their freshman year up through their senior year ... and it's never too late to get started. Please encourage your student to begin preparing for "the end" now if they haven't already.

One more great resource for them is our huge alumni family. As your child is looking for networking opportunities, internships, and job leads, our alumni can help locate and provide wonderful opportunities for their futures. My colleague in the Alumni Office, George Nalywaiko, is the Director of Alumni Networking. He would be happy to meet with your student at any time to help with alumni connections. The Alumni Office is also on the second floor of Decker Hall, and George can be reached by email at

I highly recommend you check out the the four-year plan and checklist your child can utilize for their maximum benefit. And ... best of luck to you all!  
Blessings to all parents who love their children.


Associate Director
of Alumni & Parent Programming

Cheap Entertainment on Campus

Some of you may have heard your student talk about "Cheap Thrills" or "Encore" and have had some questions about what these shows are. Cheap Thrills and Encore are two student-run events put on four times each year by male social clubs. Both shows cost $3 to attend but patrons can buy a combined ticket for $5 to attend both shows.

James Geary Singing at EncoreCheap Thrills, a sketch comedy show dating back to the 70's, is performed largely by members of the men's service and social club, Dativus. Encore, however, showcases the campus' musical talent in an American Idol-type show. Both events have historically been very popular among the student body, with the audience typically ranging from 800 to 1200 people. Upcoming shows are highly anticipated and create quite a buzz around campus.

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Parent Resources

Morrison HallAs a parent we often get the phone calls from our child about the dreaded roommate debacles. Below are three articles with great tips to help resolve those issues while still helping your child mature on his or her own. 
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5 Good Things About A Bad Roommate

-Taken from Jackie Burrell's article "
Heaps of moldy laundry, snarly moods, spontaneous "borrowing"? Everyone's got a bad roommate story to share. But there's a silver lining too. Here are five good things about bad roommates - and thus five reasons to relax and let your child tackle his roommate issues on his own, or with the help of the dorm Resident Assistant, not Mommy:
  1. Terrible roommates help your child build resilience, flexibility and adaptability. No one gets good at the art of compromise and diplomacy without practice.

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--To view the all articles on roommates by Jackie Burell, visit here. 

Life at AU

If your child is looking for a meaningful time of worship and bible study in addition to chapel, suggest they check out "10:07" at AU.  10:07 is completely student-driven and student-led worship, which is held once a week on Tuesday nights (at 10:07) in the Fair Commons lobby.  This video will give and your student a good idea about this special worship time on our campus.

10:07 Student Led Worship 
10:07 Student Led Worship
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 November 4 - Cab Late Nite Basketball


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November 12 -  Upperclassmen Formal Dance 


November 12 - AU Chorale and Alumni Choir Concert at the Palladium in Carmel, IN 


November 10-12 and 17-19 - Anderson University Theatre Production of Anton in Show Business   


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November 18 - First home Women's Basketball game at 6 p.m.  


November 23-27 - Thanksgiving Break  


December 9 - Dativus Christmas Cheap Thrills 

December 10 - Avanti Boosters "Soundtrack" Encore